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Welcome to my profile. Oddly enough, I'm not even really sure when I got interested in writing fanfics (only that it was in my mid-teens). Though it was likely in 2002 as when I first came to the site, and FictionPress were one site and not their own. I'm pretty sure I first found out about this site from a girl on a site called Yesterday Land. Regardless, here we are. I tend to stick with just a few franchises with my fics though. One thing to remember is that, unless otherwise noted, all my fanfics in each category are set in the same timeline and universe (if I write a Punisher fanfic and an X-Men one, both stories are within my own little Marvel world, etc.)

...Come to think of it, you'd think I would have written a lot more fanfics by now, wouldn't you? lol.

If you care enough to read about me, my name is Justin. I live in the US, or Mississippi for those who live here too. As a profile I recently read said, I love getting reviews. Anyway, I do love positive reviews (let's be honest, who doesn't?). But thanks for reviewing if you did the review with genuine suggestive help, thanks as well. The rest, well, I'm sure we all have similar feelings to the other kind of "reviews" so I won't get into that.

Keep in mind that with my one-shots, they are intended to be very simple, sweet, and to the point. Some people seem to completely miss the point of my one-shots. My one shots, I usually write them just with the idea of quick fun reads in mind. Maybe not always, but a lot. They're written with the intention of being simple and whatnot. My "Leap Before You Look" Quantum Leap story is a perfect example. They're not particularly plot heavy, let's say that.

To Date, My Top Three Favorite Fandoms To Write For (In no particular order):

1) Star Wars
-I tend to focus more on the Galactic Civil War, mainly because it's my favorite period of the Star Wars franchise. While I don't mind doing otherwise, I mainly stick to original characters of my own and telling their stories. This USED to be my favorite fan fic fandom. That honor now goes to the following...

2) Quantum Leap
-One of my top three favorite live action TV series ever (with Dead Like Me and Mystery Science Theater 3000). I actually had a story up on here that was in progress back in '05 that was set in Biloxi, MS. However, when Katrina hit, I felt that maybe it was best I took what I had down. Unfortunately, I never got around to rewriting and reuploading what I had. I currently have a story in progress that I'm going to wait until I either finish or get close to finishing before I upload the first chapter though.

I'm currently working on one story that really is just a collection of one-shots. Mainly Sam just leaping into different times and people where something went wrong but is actually a very quick and relatively easy fix. The way I always thought, Sam just HAD to do this off-camera at some point. Surely not every leap he's been on was life threatening or huge.

Well, you know how in the end of the first episode, he leaps into that baseball player for the sole reason of winning the baseball game for his team? I think partially so the coach could retire not at the bottom in the rankings? My "Leap Before You Look" story is basically all about that sort of thing. I'm currently planning on just doing 100 chapters for that particular one.

Random fact is I remember when this show used to air with new episodes. But as a kid, I just hated this show for reasons I'm not sure of. It wasn't until around 2005 that I actually got into it because of the Sci-Fi Channel/Syfy.

3) Dead Like Me

-I first found out about DLM in 2007 due to a marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel. It wasn't long before I became a big fan of the show and it became one of my top three favorite TV series. Fortunately I was able to get the series on DVD in 2008. Whoever thought it was a good idea to cancel such a GREAT show should be slapped. As for the could and should have been way better. I wish they would do a third season of the show as MGM claimed they'd consider if the movie sold well enough (but I don't think most people thought they really would). It'd be nice if that happened.

Though, as not good as the movie was, I admit I can see the very end of it serving as a series finale as nice closure for George. I just love seeing how much she grew between the first episode and what happens to her at the end.

Mason is my favorite character on the show. I imagine whenever I get around to writing more DLM stories, expect him to be a big focus of them.

I recently went back to read the first fanfic I ever wrote almost ten years ago. ...Wow. That's about all I have to say about that lol. Hopefully my fanfic writing quality has improved some since then. Much like my one Ghostbusters fanfic, I do plan on eventually working on it and improving some things with it.

My Profile's Last Update: 6/29/2012

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