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Hey, howdy, hi, hola, bonjour, gutentag, moin moin, privet!

Wow, you look nice today... New haircut?

I'm Maddie :3

(My DP was my face but after a couple days it made me cringe and I changed it back to Eddie because his face makes my life significantly better every time I look at it.)

About the Author:

Ummmm... I like Eddie Redmayne, role-playing, Tumblr, and cows, and one day you'll see my name on the cover of a best-selling book. :)

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Tribute Form for When You Wake (BE DETAILED)





Personality (include things like interests and weird quirks, along with traits and lots of detail):

Background/Home Life (include family and friends):

Strengths (4 or less):

Weaknesses (3 or more):

Weapon of Choice:

Volunteered or Reaped?:

Open to Allies?:

Token (optional):

Reaping Outfit (optional):

Chariot Outfit (optional):

Interview Outfit (optional):

Other (anything I missed or anything you just feel like making apparent to me; just little extra stuff about your character to help me write them better):

Tribute List for When You Wake:

District 1:

Male: Link Driscoll, 18 (shekh ma shieraki anni)

Female: Diamante' "Dia" Verlac, 17 (Vanity's Insanity)

District 2:

Male: Riley Ashwin, 18 (underthesamestars)

Female: -reserved-

District 3:

Male: -reserved-

Female: Lialn Evern, 16 (QueenOfSwordsAndDaggers)

District 4:

Male: -reserved-

Female: Elena "Enna" Ondine, 16 (Katie Franco)

District 5:

Male: Halter Wath, 16 (Zach-and-Lulu347)

Female: Alisette Young, 16 (HappilyEnding)

District 6:

Male: Edric Irons, 18 (Munamana)

Female: Eva Kelley, 17 (vampirevampirevampire)

District 7:

Male: Arron Saring, 17 (Butterfly-flutterbye)

Female: Tayla Winters, 17 (The Lady Cloudy)

District 8:

Male: Pierre "Allure" Malcolm, 17 (Vanity's Insanity)

Female: Rita Clarkstine, 16 (you-are-reading-my-username)

District 9:

Male: Leo Pallant, 13 (PaigeTheMelloHippo)

Female: Nysdane Grell, 17 (QueenOfSwordsAndDaggers)

District 10:

Male: Jesse "Jay" Weft, 17 (TypeWriter'sAreCool)

Female: Synthia Cornelia, 18 (HoldayChild)

District 11:

Male: Ed Delley, 16 (vampirevampirevampire

Female: Jacinta "Jaci" Croft, 13 (Cute Little Mouse)

District 12:

Male: Danny Soot, 16

Female: -reserved-

Now I will leave you with a poem:

What You're Missing

I've never met Michael Angelo
But I know him well
I know that he was able to look at a glacier of marble
And see a face
And that whenever he swung at his chisel
A melody would play
And with every blow
A harmony clung onto the air
Now, I'm no sculptor
But I know
That in every slice of paper,
I see your face
When my led hits the page
I think of the tune of your hair
Lying on my shoulder and together
We can compose more hit singles than Michael Angelo himself
You see, I spend my free time having conversations
With the gum on the bottoms of both my shoes
Just to see if my words stick
And you show me,
No matter how run down my soul is
I fit perfectly
Well, near perfectly
And sometimes I think we're a musical
Except it's unlike any musical I've ever seen before
And when we kiss a symphony plays with our vibrating lips
And the cymbals of my knees crash with every crescent
Our hearts beat to the bloodstream baseline
And you reach out your hand
And ask me to take it
And I'm glad you did
Because I've practiced us being together so many times,
I know the choreography of our shadows
I swear, I want to be that close to you
I want you to be wrapped around my neck
Like the sling that holds my arm in my place after falling for you
You set my bones back into motion
I want to twirl you into me like helicopter seeds
During the peak of autumn
I want to be close to you like the stitching of your skin
I want to watch you like your eyelashes
And see what you see
And cheer you on evenwhen I probably shouldn't
And I want to see you in the morning
Because you still look amazing after you wake up
I want to protect you
Like a trophy in a display case


But everyone can still see just how beautiful you really are
Just know
No matter how many times I rewrite myself
No matter how many times I scribble
In the margins of my soul
No matter how many times I change my title
You are still my story
And when I do,
I hope you lace me into your fingertips
Like hand-me-down gloves
Just too small for your hands
You see, when you blink your eyelashes
On the side of my cheek
It feels as though someone's playing tether ball
Inside my chest
I think I'm still on the playground
When I'm next to you,
I smell my footsteps in your perfume
And I never thought we'd grow so close
And maybe...
Maybe I look at you a little too long sometimes
Maybe I'll begin to notice my reflection
In your face
But underneath all that
I see you
I see you like
Like ball-point pens see dotted lines
Like parking violators see fines
Like the pine trees see the wind on the streets
Like my pajamas see the bed sheets
I see you like your socks see the inside of your shoes
Like bolts see screws
Like half of America that watches the news
Sees headlines
All I see is you
I see you like the clock
Five minutes before class ends
Like fingers see brail
Like pirates see sails
Like shoppers see sales
Like when Weight Watchers watch scales
I see you like the background sees the foreground
Like a deaf person sees sound
Like each blade of grass looks up at the clouds
I see you
The most beautiful girl in the world
I see you


This is what I never got to tell you
This is what you're missing

-Nolan Watts

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