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The Demon I Cling To:

(10/1/11 @ 12:31 am) Still a work in progress. Always thinking about it so as long as there are people who are reading and reviewing I will not stop writing!

(11/18/11 @ 7:36 AM) I already have the outline completed just have to type it all out. Wait patiently!

(12/30/11 @ 8:08 AM) A little part of my brain is surrounded by Derek and Stiles and Chapter Seven. I'll update as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience.

(1/23/12 @ 9:01 PM) Don't worry people, for I am not dead! I got a little stuck on chapter seven, but now I am found! It'll be posted shortly! Sorry for the god awful wait. And THANK YOU for your patience and support!

(2/19/12 @ 1:29 PM) Working on the outline. I'm taking my time because I'd like to get it just right. Thanks for everyone's support. It's much appreciated and keeps me motivated. I'm still very dedicated to chapter 8, I promise :)

(3/17/12 @ 1:30 AM) I'm a horrible person, I know! But I will update, I promise. Thank you for your patience.

(5/14/12 @ 7:03 PM) Started working on chapter nine of TDICT a couple of days ago. My goal will be to finish it before the month is out. As always thanks for you patience :)

(7/9/12 @ 1:18 AM) FINALLY finished chapter nine of TDICT! *rejoices* Even though I have school this morning and a test looming, I just HAD to get this out. The story gettin goooooood. :)

(9/7/12 @ 10:10 PM) Right. So it's taking me FOREVER to finish chapter 10 of TDICT and I wont lie and say I'll have it up soon but I just wanted to inform everyone who stops by my pro that the story still prevails! It's just going to take some time. All of the sudden my life got super busy so STEREK has taken a back seat and are making out while I drive my real life for the moment. But I promise you all that I'll continue to work on the story as much as possible.

(3/10/13 @ 5 32 AM) Hello Fanfiction. These few days past I've been getting reviews/pm asking if I will continue with this story. And they are well justified questions because the last time I updated was in July! I'm truly ashamed. But I shall tell you exactly what I have told a certain PM I answered because I don't think I can word it any better than I already have. "I do plan on continuing it but it is taking me some time to get back into the writing scene. It's good to know that there are those who are still interested in reading it and it helps keep the possibility alive that this story will have a conclusion. I'll try harder to give this plot some love and attention. Sorry for the obscene delay in updating or giving any notice about it's status." Love you guys and all of your support!

(8/12/16 @ 2:04 AM) Hey readers, I just revised chapter 10 to make the story flow more smoothly. And I noticed I put "Daryl" instead of "Derek" at one point and nearly ran out of air I was so amused. I must have had Daryl Dixon on the brain. Anywhoo...I really want to see how this story ends, even though its taking me eons to finish this adventure; so if there are still 2011 readers out there I'm grateful. And to any new readers, thanks for giving my story a chance.

(1/6/17 @2 34 am) Yo! Don't give up hope. I'm working on twelve right now and it is promising. hang in there readers!

(3/4/17 @ 11:38 am) Chapter twelve is officially up. I hope you enjoy it! This chapter is extra long, yay! Chapter thirteen is underway, thanks for your support and patience.

  • (4/9/17 @ 11 09 pm) dutifully working on chapter 13, I assure you. For the few who are remaining from when I first started this story and any new readers, I thank you for your eagerness. it keeps me motivated so don't hesitate to send reviews my way. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar: Couldn't stop myself from drawing my own Avatar pic as my default icon so of course I drew Derek and Stiles in their appropriate animal costumes! So cute! Full version here:

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