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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, and Bleach.

Well, given that the last time I updated my profile was 3 years ago, I think it's about time for a little edit.

What to say... What to say??

I am 23 now, and I have been on for years.

If you read my earlier works I am sure you won't be entirely satisfied. But I hope you'll eventually join me in thinking that the latter works are somewhat better.

Now let me give you some more info about me... I love writing, absolutely love it. It's my favorite form of escapism and God knows how much I love to escape reality. Not because I am not happy, but come on: isn't fleeing to the limitless world of fantasy and anime far better than immersing yourself in the subtle nuances of your daily existence? Much better if you ask me.

Naturally I love reading too. I enjoy the English classics and I deeply and most solemnly enjoy the girly masterpieces of Jane Austen. Although my favorite book will have to be Jane Ayer.

As for my writings, I tend to be most comfortable in writing romantic comedies, even though I highly enjoy action based stories. Not a big fan of drama though. However, at times the mood strikes me, and I find myself tempted to write some hurt/comfort based story.

My dream is to one day write a little novel of my own. I don't think I can think of any greater joy than to hold in my hands my own finished novel that is filled with original characters in a brand new universe. This is a grand undertaking; however, I sincerely wish that one day I would manage it and that some people might find it a good read.

Regardless of what I write, I enjoy nothing better than posting a story and getting some feedback on it. This not only helps me improve, but it also motivates me to keep on writing, which is the biggest favor any one could do me. This is why I almost always solicit reviews at the end of my chapters. And I will always be appreciative of those fine people out there who take the time to post their thoughts on my stories. So please, if you enjoyed a chapter or a story, or even if you have some critique that you are itching to impart, do take the time to jot down your thoughts. I will be very happy to read them.

When it comes to anime, Naruto was the first anime I have ever watched. I started watching it when I was but a mere youngling, and I was hooked ever since. This opened the door for other anime series to come into my life, and soon afterwards I became an addict. My favorite shows are: Naruto, Bleach, Fairy tale, Death note, Ouran, Skip Beat, Loveless, Betrayal Knows my Name, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Inuyasha, HunterxHunter, Slam Dunk...etc. I am also in love with Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian shall always be my dream demon, alongside, of course, Alucard from Hellsing. Another heartthrob who I adore is Takumi Usui from Maid Sama. God he's hot!

However, if we're talking anime boy crushes, Uchiha Itachi would have to take the cake. I am constantly awed by the craftsmanship which went into creating his character. He barely made a couple of appearances in the early beginnings of the show, yet everyone became enthralled with him. The fan girls were enamored. And even the boys were filled with respect. He's a great character, and a tragic hero in his own right. I can't rave about him enough or about the brilliance that went into creating him.

Along the same lines, I adore Gin from Bleach; also the misunderstood tragic hero. And the fact that he did it for love really brings it home for me. However, when it comes to Bleach I have another favorite: Kuchiki Byakuya. This man is so hot it's actually physically painful for him. And to conclude my talk of Bleach, let me just say that I adore Aizen, and am nothing short of in love with the captains of squads 8 and 13, their bromance enthralls me and makes my Yaoi senses tingle.

Given that I am already ranting, and that no one will probably be reading this far in, I will now proceed to give my almost pointless views about some other anime characters.

Now, I am gonna start by death-note, and here I must say that I am on Kira's side. I cried for "L." But so help me God, I will never forgive them for taking Light out. Oh, the humanity!

For Inuyasha, I will have to pick Inu's older Bro Sesshy as my favorite. I guess I like the bad boys. Oh wait, no guesses there, I do like the bad boys.

At this point it is worthy of noting that the first bad boy I have ever liked was Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I named me cat after him. Now isn't that the most important piece of information you've ever read.

Finally, I write of Sakura and Itachi. I write about them a lot. That does not mean that I am in love with the Canon Sakura. I don't hate her either, I just really enjoy how she's represented in some fics. And my Sakura, I think, does not follow in the footsteps of her Canon counterpart.

My favorite pairings are:

Itachi and Sakura... Well, I used to hate Sakura with a passion. But after reading so many awesome fics about the couple, I'm officially addicted to the idea of the amazingly cool Uchiha and the nice yet dangerous pink haired Kunoichi.

Byakuya and Yoruichi... Now this is my favorite pairing of all times. She's incredibly confident and out there. On the other hand, he's all cool and collected and I just love to see her break through his calm facade and make him human again.

My stories:

Once in a Red Moon:

I'm in love with Uchiha Itachi. He's like the best anime' character out there. And even though his time on Naruto wasn't that long, he made a great impact. His tragic hero like past and his poetic ending bring tears to my eyes. I admire the man, which is why I chose to give him a second chance, at life and at love. In love, with none other than my other favorite character, the one and only, his stoic highness; Kuchiki Byakuya. The similarities between the two are just too many to enumerate and the fact that they look kinda alike; is just icing on the cake. So this story, tells of a magical love story between the two most stoic anime' characters to ever grace our imaginations with their existence. And I was dumbstruck when I realized that this is the only ByaIta story out there (Or at least on ). So, glad to be the first to do it. And I hope I do them justice.

If it's not Broken; Smash it into a Wall:

The title just sums up my modus operandi in life. I always break perfectly functioning things, as well as relationships. And in this story, Sakura opts to do the same. She takes her normally functioning life and turns it up side down, just to try and be with her favorite Uchiha. Along the way; the girl learns a lot, about him as well as about herself. She discovers that; the coveted Anbu captain, is human too and she ends up loving said human, which is way more profound than her original fascination with his looks and status. Only problem is: he's engaged to a vile, vile woman. And with him being stoic and emotionally constipated, what will become of the girl, who grew to adore him. This story just draws out the romantic aspects of my personality, and I hope you like it.

The Day Byakuya Got Drunk:

I love the Kuchiki heir. I love him way too much. The only thing I love more than Byakuya, is making Byakuya squirm. And this story is all about that. It gave me a creative outlet for all my randomness. And I adored writing it. I also loved writing about Yoruichi and Bya. Because to me, they just work. The whole Union of opposites thing and all.

A Friendly Chat:

This is but a reflection of the undeniable fact that; I like bad boys. Actually, I love'em. And they don't get any more bad ass than Madara and Aizen. So I decided to sit'em down in a cafe' right in the middle of hell and have them companionably discuss their respective plans. hehe, and then take on Lucifer.

Operation; Sex Shop:

I love the whole dynamic that Byakuya and Renji, have going on. Bya is all stoic and cool, Renji is all admiring him from a distance. This is just my tribute to the two. Where, Yumi and Ran trick a blissfully oblivious Renji, into giving his captain an outrageously inappropriate gift.

Gotei 13th Mental Health Clinic:https:

I'm a psych major, dare I say more. Sitting in class, one day, I though to myself, that if I happen to run into the cast of Bleach as patients I'd be screwed and my career would be over. And so this story came to life, as a humorous way of tapping into the psyches of those extremely dangerous individuals.

Unfortunately, I have discontinued this one after the first 9 chapters. It was just a collection of one shots and I did not feel like I had more to add. I might find something though, so this is not the end of it.

Relationships 101: How to argue with an Iceprince:

Most of my stories up until this point have been about the buildup scenes that led to the union between Itachi and Sakura. Then it struck me that once they're an established couple, the real fun will begin. This is nothing but a small glimpse at what poor Sakura must suffer, paired with a particularly humiliating moment in the girl's life.

Unholy Matrimony:

This story starts off at a completely different point from any of my other stories. Itachi and Sakura are already married. But this is far from happily ever after. Hell, they don't even know each other.

The Road to Uchiha:

This is my favorite story at the moment. I have started it many months ago; I wrote the first two chapters, then I stopped. And from those first two chapters I got the inspiration for "Unholy Matrimony." Yet for a long time I did not have the audacity to continue with the original script. It was something that was written in what I could only describe as a trance. And I was too scared of picking it up again, lest I end up ruining it. But now, I decided to woman up and do it. So wish me luck. Also, I am hoping to make this one short, however, I have no control over this story, so it might actually end up being many chapters long.

Fade to White:

I loved writing this one. It draws upon the similarity between Byakuya and Matsumoto's situations. They both lost their lovers. And it somehow struck me that he might be one of the few people who truly understand what she feels. However, someone like him is likely to distance himself and avoid getting involved. But what if the memory of his pain, reflected in her eyes, makes it way too hard for him to look away? What if he just had to do something? I intended this as a one-shot, but after the encouraging reviews I got, I am hoping to write some more.

Time Off:

Another story that I originally intended as a one shot. However, now I hope to continue it. This one will be all about Byakuya and Yoruichi.

Old Habits:

A fun ByaYoru story, with lots of hilarious appearances and fun situations. Just because I truly feel that deep down inside Byakuya is the same hot headed, fiery tempered, long haired child.

Your Girlfriend, My Girlfriend, Our Girlfriend:

This one is my baby. It took a lot of time and effort to finish it and I can't be happier with the outcome.

An Indecent Proposal (Kind of):

I love Aizen, I love Gin, what else is there to say. This one has Gin throwing both caution and reason to the wind, and proceeding to approach Aizen in a manner that astounds even the overlord himself.

Annoying Orange:

I have no idea what got into me when I wrote this one. But its fun and crackish and I think Gin would so do that.

In Plain Sight:

It is no secret that I am all about ItaSaku. Why I wrote this NaruSaku fic, I have no idea. But I felt like Naruto deserved it and I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback I got. Many thanks.


This one touches upon the pain that Orihime must feel. I stumbled upon the beautiful quote that is at the beginning of the fic, and it was what inspired the entire story. This fic is just stating facts, so if you are a big Ichihime enthusiast then take it somewhere else, cuz, as I said, this is stating facts not creating a world where those two get together. So no more flames please.

General Notes:

I'm a sarcastic person by nature. So expect a lot of that in my fics. I can be a bit angsty from time to time, so that also shows up in my stories.

Finally, I know I ain't perfect, Not even close and so are my fics. Sometimes, they're random, sometimes they have mistakes and sometimes they're flat out crap. But at other times they're AWESOME. So if you happen to stumble upon a crappy piece of writing, let me know and if you happen to enjoy one of my fics, let me know about that too. Cuz it'll make my day.

Bleach Quotes:

"Live to the fullest, Ichigo. Live to the fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to

the fullest… and die long after I do. And if possible, die with a smile. "

- Kurosaki Ishinn.

(He could be so deep and so utterly thoughtful at times)

"If it was me, I would probably give up in a beautiful way…"

-Yumichika. (Yumi, Yumi, Yumi, if you lived on earth, all men would turn gay)

"Be proud to die by my bankai"

-Kuchiki Byakuya. (And the prize for the most humble person in Seireitei goes out to...)

"Don’t use such strong words, it only makes you look weak "

- Aizen Sosuske.

(He talks way too much for an evil guy. I mean, seriously, if he kept on talking for one more second during his fight with Ichigo, I’m sure the boy would’ve destroyed Seireitei, before taking his own life, just to get the evil overlord to shut up.)

"It looks to me like you’ve completely lost your touch."

-Yoruichi Shihounen. (Such a tease)

"This issue doesn’t concern you. Don’t Bother me. Die"

- Hitsugaya Toushirou. (As patient as ever lil captain.)

"I really wish I could’ve been held a little longer. See you, Rangiku. I’m sorry."

-Gin Ichimaru. (ahhhhh, Gin. I love you.)

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