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Dead Echo's being compared to Masses to Masses, Mass Vexations, and the Outsider just four chapters into the story. INSANITY. Oh, you probably want an actual profile description. Right, I forgot that's what this is for. Well, I'm an FF writer(If you couldn't figure that out, there's something wrong with you.) who's polite and kind. I'm frequently told that I'm the nicest person people have ever met, so woohoo! Of course, being so nice and a gamer as well results in mega gamer ragebut don't worry. I rarely lash out at people, and that's only at friends. Strangers, I'll be polite. I think the worst thing I've done is throw my PS3 controller at the wall... Anyway, you can send a PM if you feel like, I'll reply without yelling.

Back to a quick story overview. Dead Echo is about a group of teenagers ripped from their own world on Earth and forced into the Mass Effect universe due to a mysterious object, the Red Marker from the videogame Dead Space. These teenagers have since then become a band of mercenaries that, in the famous words, are kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. Although I haven't had any bubble gum in the story yet... Currently, Dead Echo is in the year 2182, in the month of December. The team is drawing ever closer to 2183 where they will one day join Commander Shepard's squad to assist in the fight against the Reapers. That's only if Shepard accepts their help though. The story extends to Mass Effect 3 and beyond, which is where my other projects come in, Heavy and Final Echo.

My Echoes ideas will show up eventually. The Echoes stories are going to be about any side stories or main stories I didn't address in the main Echo storyline. For example, after completing their first job on Omega, Dead Echo got a call about another job. I never wrote any details about that job, but it's certainly viable for an Echoes. I have MANY side stories planned out, and new ones show up every so often. I'll begin Dead Echoes probably about halfway through Dead Echo, just so you know when it will make an appearance.

iNf3ctioNZ: You're like the Michael Bay of self-insert fanfiction.
Sarge1995: Kicks ass, and has enough plot to sink a dreadnaught.
herrwozzeck: Crazy times are had with that. (Dude, you gotta get me a better quote, that's like your second catchphrase.) If you're saying that now, just WAIT until I get further into my storyline. It gets so crazy...

Update 5/27/14: I'm actually writing it. Slowly. But I am. Thank heavens.

Update 6/9/14: Still working on it.

Update 12/28/14: This is it. I have a friend staying with me right now, he leaves on the 1st of January. If I'm unable to get a chapter out in the week after he leaves, I'm giving up. But that won't happen. Not when I think about this universe I personally built up for myself every day of my life. So, I know my track record sucks for this, and nobody has any reason to believe me(and all my fanfiction mail is placed in my spam folder no matter how hard I try to stop that, so I'm sure you all think I'm dead anyway), but I'm getting this chapter out before January 8th.

Update 1/8/15: Ok, maybe on the 8th. Or the 9th. BUT IT IS COMING OUT. I'm close to halfway done with writing the chapter.

Update 1/12/15: Working on it right now.

Update 12/14/15: You'd think I'd be able do this sometime, but apparently not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am CONSTANTLY going back to earlier chapters and making minor changes, such as fixing the few mistakes there are or adding more to a sentence so it flows better/makes more sense in the situation. Don't be worried if you read something, then come back later and find something changed.

Current projects: Dead Echo-story about a group of friends thrust into the ME universe and becoming mercenaries
Planned projects: Dead Echoes-collection of one-shots, mini-stories, and extra information relevant to the Dead Echo saga
Heavy Echo-the sequal to Dead Echo
Heavy Echoes-collection of one-shots, mini-stories, and extra information relevant to the Heavy Echo saga
Final Echo-the sequal to Heavy Echo and Dead Echo, ending the trilogy
Final Echoes-collection of one-shots, mini-stories, and extra information relevant to the Final Echo saga
Dying Echo-Possible story of [information redacted]

WORK IN PROGRESS: Character sheet, timeline. As a warning, eventually, the timeline will become massive. And so will the character sheet. Jesus, this is becoming something akin to a Warriors Orochi game now...

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