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I'm a nineteen year-old Chinese guy who hails from Ontario, Canada. I think you'll realize this once you begin reading my stories, but yes, I am a Christian. Right now, I'm attending University in New Jersey. I'm a huge anime fan, but regrettably, my room-mate isn't. 6' 6" Californian volleyball players / math and computer fanatics (yes, you heard me right. Volleyball player AND math genius) apparently don't get exposed to the wonderful world of anime much. *grins wickedly* If it's the last thing I do, I'll correct that.

After more than three years of writing for the Digimon category, I feel that it is time to move on. I hope you've enjoyed reading my stories as much as I've enjoyed writing them, because I very highly doubt I will ever write Digimon again. If I ever write again, it will be on , or to be published. Digimon was a great show while it lasted, but let's face it. It's getting old.

For newcomers, here is the rundown on my stories:

The "Out of the Ashes" trilogy:

This is an AU "what if" fic. It also happens to be my very first attempt at writing, so the first chapters are...shaky at best. The premise is this: what if the missiles Diaboromon launched in the second Digimon movie weren't diffused but actually impacted? What if Diaboromon invaded earth in the wake of the mass confusion that results? This fic spans about 4 to 5 years in the destined's lives, and involves all the DD of 01, as well as Willis, the digidestined that appeared in the movie. The correct order to read it is:

1. "Yesterday When the War Began"
2. "The Long Winter"
3. "Out of the Ashes"

The "Seihad" trilogy:

This is a completely AU fic, which has few (if any) ties with the TV show save the names of the characters. For me, I consider this my real work. The "Out of the Ashes" trilogy was merely a warm-up for this, as this is a warm-up for my next project. After 500 years of peace, the Age of Gods, which many had considered eternal, has been shattered beyond any hope of recovery. As dark forces manipulate the kingdoms of Gaea against one another in anger, the only hope of salvation lies with six stand-masters, the first of the six new ruling lines of their land, who must heed the call of something greater than themselves to save their people.

You could classify this story as a fantasy, though it doesn't involve any of the familiar fantasy trademarks, ie. dragons, spells, witches, wizards, orcs, or elves. Instead, the fantastical elements come from entities called "Stands" (confused? Just read and you'll see). It features the Digidestined of Season 02 and spans about 6 to 7 years of their lives. But in the end, it is a story of good vs. evil, of hope and despair, of love and hate, and of guilt and redemption. Reading order is:

1. "The Age of Gods"
2. "Pilgrimage"
3. "Seihad"

With the conclusion of Seihad, I bid this fandom a very fond farewell.

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