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Author has written 19 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII, 07-Ghost, Dynasty Warriors, Castlevania, Samurai Warriors, Etrian Odyssey/世界樹の迷宮, Devil May Cry, Elder Scroll series, Touken Ranbu/刀剣乱舞, Uta no Prince-sama, and Warriors Orochi.

H-Hi... my name's Cecilia (Pen name: Sembiring Kembaren) I'm 13 years old, and I live in Indonesia. I also have a (very) foul mouth for a 13 year-old. I also like wine, and I intend to get drunk by drinking it *weird, right?* Anyway, that's all from me... hehe... I have nothing more to say. Just continiue reading.

translation in Indonesian: H-Hi... nama saya Cecilia (Pen name: Sembiring Kembaren) Saya 13 tahun, dan saya tinggal di Indonesia. Saya juga mempunyai mulut yang (sangat) kotor untuk anak 13 tahun. Saya juga suka wine, dan saya mau mabuk dengan meminumnya *aneh, kan?* yah, hanya itu dari saya... hehe... saya nggak bisa bilang apa-apa lagi. Baca saja terus.

Pen name: Sembiring kembaren (just call me SK or whatever you guys like/ panggil aja aku SK atau apapun yang kalian suka)

Age/umur: 13 years old/ 13 tahun

Birthplace & time/tempat & tanggal lahir: Singapore, 11 March 1998

Currently living in/sekarang tinggal di: Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hobi: Bikin fic (kalau lagi mood/ada ide yang harus dikeluarkan tapi tidak bisa di gambar atau alasan lainnya)

Gambar (pastinya manga, dan pastinya komik, dan kadang doujinshi yaoi)

Dengar lagu (kalau lagi bosen ngapa-ngapain)

Buka internet (seringnya membuka doujinshi yaoi R-18, ya... karena saya fujoshi)

Sorry if I didn't translate a few things I wrote up there.

Boleh minta bikinin sesuatu, nggak?/ Can I ask you to make something for me?

Nggak apa-apa kalau nggak mau, saya cuma minta/ It's okay if you don't want to, I'm only asking.

Can I ask you to make a yaoi fic for me? Any pairing's okay (From Hetalia) and any rating's fine, but if you manage to make an M rating, I will be VERY gratefull for that./ Boleh saya minta Anda membuat fic yaoi untuk saya? Pairing apa saja tidak apa-apa (Dari Hetalia), rating apa saja tidak apa-apa, tapi jika Anda bisa membuat yang rate-M, saya sangat berterima kasih.

This is realy selfish of me, I know, but please do help me./ Ini sangat egois akan saya, saya tahu, tapi tolonglah saya.

Again, if you don't want to , it's fine/ Sekali lagi, kalau Anda tidak mau, tidak apa-apa.

Saya doakan agar Anda sukses, dan Tuhan berkati/ I'll pray for your sucess, and God bless you all.

-SK (sembiring kembaren)-

P.S. Kalau ada yang ingin request fic ke aku, baik yang normal/ crossover, silahkan PM saya/ If you want to request a fic from me, whether it's a normal one/ crossover, please just send me a private message.

HUZZAH!!! I'M ALIVE!!! *BUAGH* *that was random*

Ok... Read on...

why the fuck did I not add this in EARLIER? *fucktard*


-Dynasty & Samurai Warriors Warriors Orochi (yay, I get to actually PARTICIPATE in a battle! *BUAGH* *no, idiota!*

-Hetalia-Axis Powers (hurry the damn fuck up, season 5... *stares*)

-Castlevania (and I'm one of the few who actually LOVES Judgment to DEATH. ...Saint Germain!! Aeon!!! XDDD)


-Trauma Center & Trauma Team (Hospital drama? Yay!)

-Etrian Odyssey (I. CANNOT. WAIT. FOR. 4. HURRYTHEDAMNFUCKUPATLUS. *death-glares*)

-Final Fantasy Series ( I love ALL of them. Now, if only I could find 11...)


-Suikoden (preferably Tierkreis -_-'')

Favorite Characters

-DW, SW & WO: (oh, this'll be long...) *inhales* all of the girls (excluding Bao Sanniang. I like her, but she just... gets rather annoying at times)

The guys (from all 3 including the Mystics from WO 2-3) : Liu Bei, Liu Shan (HOW?!), Guan Yu (I dunno. Kindda like my in-game father figure), Zhuge Liang (damn...) Pang Tong (you adorable old man!!), and some others.

(SW guys) Mitsunari Ishida, Mitsuhide Akechi, Kanetsugu Naoe, Hanbei Takenaka (what was his real name? I forgot), Kanbei Kuroda, Nobunaga Oda (okay, so I kindda like him, just because of his demonic side. What?) Motochika Chosokabe (JAPAN'S FIRST VISUAL-KEI STAR, FUCK YEA *SHOTMINCEDBRICKED*), Yukimura Sanada (*le sigh*), Masamune Date (the One Eyed Dragon, eh?), and some others. This list'll be LONG if I keep going.

(WO Mystics) Taigong Wang (Obviously!), Nu Wa, Fu Xi (he's a total BAMF, after all), Shuten Doji (somehow), Kaguya (time travelers!)

-Hetalia-Axis Powers : England (tsundere!), Prussia (awesome bastard), Japan, Romano & Italy, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Seychells, Vietnam (I just do!), Macau, Romania, Belarus, Canada, America (kindda hate him, though, but not that much), Belgium, Netherlands, and others.

-Castlevania : Aeon (Restraint!!!) and Saint Germain (time travelers!! XDDD), Trevor Belmont (he's awesome, yo), Hector, Issac (that gay-acting bastard?! NO.) Julius Belmont (the last of the Belmonts deserve some love, right?), Sypha Belnades, Shanoa (poor girl lost her memory... and a lot more...), Albus (he turned into a douche for a reason), Death (grr... his art in SoTN made him look so ADORABLE!!), Grant DaNasty (hell yea, he even talks like I do in Judgment!), Alucard & Genya Arikado (stupid disguise, Alucard...), Yoko Belnades, Soma Cruz, Mina Hakuba, Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin (even though she can get annoying at times), Eric Lecarde (all versions (yes, that includes Judgment's version..)), Stella & Loretta Lecarde, Leon Belmont, Cornell (baddas werewolf FTW), Juste Belmont (he's better off being an interior designer, IMO), Johachim Armster, and others.. or this list will go on for MILES, and MILES...

-Assasin's Creed: Altaier Ibn La-Ahad (kindda), Ezio Auditore Da Firenze (goddamit, he's just so fun to be around with, I can tell... if your not a girl), Connor "Kenway" (what was his real name again...?), Desmond Miles and crew (minus Shaun, 'cuz he's a dick IMO), Leonardo Da Vinci (even though he wasn't famous at the time, I still love him!! And his works!) Achilles (y'know... the guy who trained Connor in AC 3), and some others that I will not list or else this list will be LONG AS FUCK.

-Trauma Center and Trauma Team: OBVIOUSLY DEREK STILES AND ANGIE THOMPSON (because they are and AWESOME PAIR! ...And I don't mean that shipping wise), Valerie Blaylock, Markus Vaughn, Elena, Cybil, Victor, Leslie, Tyler, Heather, CR-SO1, Tomoe Tachibana, Naomi Kimishima, the Little Guy (or Naples or whatever his real name is), Gabriel Cunningham. (for once a list I managed to finish!)

-Etrian Odyssey (I'll list the classes): The mage-like classes (especially Alchemists and Hexers! Oh, and Zodiacs! Though Medics do save my ass a lot of times, to.), Gunners, Ronin (or Shoguns), Yggdroids, War Magus.

-Final Fantasy Series : ALL THE SUMMONS (my top favorites are Anima, Bahamut, Leviathan(kawaii), Shiva, the Magus sisters, Odin, Alexander, and that guy in 10 which you have to bribe to get him to do shit), Yuna, Tidus, Noel Creiss, Serah and Claire "Lightning" Farron, Vaan, Kytes, Filo, and that guy you meet in Revenant Wings, Ashe Dalmasca, Basch (that Judge... y'know... forgot his name, but I still love him!), Sazh, Hope Eitsheim (dunno if I wrote his last name right), Luneth, Arc, Cecil Harvey, Kain, Rosa, Rydia, MC from 5, Galuf, Lenna, Cloud Strife (is that how you write his last name...? *NOOB*), Yuffie, Vincent Valentine, Tifa, and others.

-Kingdom Hearts Series: Sora (kindda), Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, Axel, Xion, Zexion, Demyx, Luxord (I don't care what you all say!), and the White Mushroom Heartless (ya can't blame me, 'kay? They are friendly and freaking ADORABLE. 'Nuff said)

-Suikoden (Tierkreis only): Sieg (yes, that's the MC's official name), Marica, Jale, Liu-Shen, Luo-Tao, Len-Lien, Chrodechild, Fredegund, Roberto, Meruvis, Asad, Manaril and her brother (can't seem to remember his name right now), Taj, Zenoa, THE AUSTER FOLK, BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME, Diadora, Sophia, and Nova, Cougar (why... TTTT *le sob*), Diulf, Servilla, Lycia, and more.

man, that was long...*


So, yeah, second semester's going to start next year, so yeah-BE FOREWARNED THAT I WILL BE GONE SOMETIMES, because school is sure to bombard me with a lot of shit, because finals are coming up later in April or so, and I'm in the 9th grade and blablablafuckyouschoolblablabla...

But seriously, though, is that really a good way to prep someone for finals? By making them have a nervous breakdown beforehand? What?

So yeah, that's it from me guys! Bye! v


YAAY, I'M FREE!!! So, I guess I'll be available now, so... *creeps into room, stares at laptop and keyboard*

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