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Hello, everyone who is an owner/borrower/thief of a laptop/computer! I'm xXMagicDreamerXx but you can call me Magic! I'm an avid reader but I like writing too!


- I absolutely adore Harry Potter if the title didn't tip you off. Harry Potter is the best series eva~ Twilight doesn't even come close.

- Percy Jackson is my next fav series but I HATE Thalico (Nico X Thalia). THALUKE FTW!

- I prefer the Pokespe series but I don't go hating on the anime. The anime is made for little kids but I still have good memories from watching it when I was a kid. POKESHIPPING FTW!



A Shining Dance:

Written for Ice Krystal's Forever Trilogy (check it out; it's awesome) and I was still inexperienced. Basically explores on how Shineshipping got together at the dance. Features the shippings: Shineshipping (Plato X Jade) and hints of Kummernshipping (Rubin X Topaz). A bit cutesy and cheesy romance, but eh, it's okay.

How to Survive A Father's Interrogation:

Again, written for Icey's Forever Trilogy. Man, I love that series. Gold Junior makes Rubin Senri do a lot of things. But this has to be the most riduculous thing yet. He's being forced into writing a handbook on how to survive the awkward talk with the father of the girl you want to date. Features: Kummernshipping (Rubin X Topaz), mentions of AmazonMoonshipping (Gold Junior X Sapph), and Primaryshipping (Crimson X Indigo).

In Progress:

A Tale of Special Adventures:

It has been over two decades since the original three Dex Holders defeated Team Rocket in Saffron City. There has been peace...until now. Space is spinning out of control and the different dimensions are now overlapping. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that there's also a crime syndicate rising and they plan on using the Dex Holders' kids to blackmail them in joining?

The Main Characters:

Primary Gang: Amber R. (15), Garnet R. (15), Teal O. (14), Sterling S. (15), Pyrite J. (15), Jasper S-B. (16), Kei E. (14), Titanium D-B. (15), Perla S. (14), and Yang K. (14).

Secondary Gang: Azure O. (12), Forest O. (10), Jet S. (13), Opal J. (13), Safira S-B. (13), Amethyst S-B. (11), Emmy E. (11), Cobalt D-B. (13), Mercury S. (12), and Yin K. (13).

Other Gang: Reika T. (16), Kai T. (14), Hayate O. (17), Kimiko I. (17), Daiki N. (16), Fumiko N. (14) Natsumi S. (15), Mikio S. (15), Takeo S. (14), Sora F. (13), and Airi M. (12).

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How to Survive a Father's Interrogation reviews
Rubin Senri has dealt with many scary things, but he's never been so terrified. He has to earn Red Rosso's approval in order to be able to date Topaz Rosso, aka the girl of his dreams. For Icey's Forever Trilogy Universe.
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