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Why Nuggs? Because if I ever have a fan base, they get to be called Nuggets. That's literally it.

And yes, the person in the image to the left is indeed me.

My fanfiction pen name is Nuggs, but a part of my actual name that I'm alright with sharing is May. I'm a nineteen-year-old university student double majoring in both Sociology and Broadcast Journalism. July 5th is my birthday so write that down. Kidding. I mean, not about that day being my birthday, but the part about you having to write it down. Ah, you know what I mean.

I'm a strange woman with strange ideas and strange character development. I've been writing since I physically learned how to, and I've never stopped since. I'm really into short fiction, though I did publish a book back in 2016 before graduating high school. I'm currently working on getting that book into a legit publishing deal, so we'll see how that goes for me!

In addition to writing, I love dancing, acting, watching films, and anything do to with having my creative juices flowing. Excuse the weird wording, but that bold statement still stands. There's nothing to appreciate more than a good story, great characters, and a compelling plot.

As for my future, who knows what it holds for someone like me. I'm good at a variety of things, and it's hard for me to choose exactly what I'm great at. I have faith that whatever I do, I'm going to do my best at it. I aim for an adult life of comfort and happiness. Of course, if that doesn't work out, I'll make really beautiful twins and capitalize on their cuteness by making an Instagram account for them and getting endorsements. Kidding. Maybe. I am interested in research and development for live TV shows, as well as film, press, and business.

I'm a college student full-time, but I am an intern at a health and nutrition company, managing their social media accounts and writing editorials for their website. It's pretty cool. If you ever messaged a health food company on Facebook or Twitter, there's a 10% chance I was the once responding to you under the name of the company itself. Hah.

On to some unimportant stuff about me, I don't have a favorite color, but I love Caribbean shades of blue, purple, and green. Yay water. Fun fact: I can't swim. My favorite animals are pandas and dogs. Honestly, my future pet goals when I'm married is to have a black German Shepherd, a white Shiba Inu, and a gray Russian Blue cat. When I call them, they'll line up in gradient. Yes, that's the dream. The only specific dream I actually have for my future.

For the few people who asked me, I'm not rich, and I'm not famous, so don't feel weird about sending me a PM when you have a question or just want to send me something for the heck of it. I'm all ears. Or, eyes. I'm grossly normal. :)

Ana in the Land of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories to follow because it's so complex, different, and so interesting. Therefore, I decided to make a little fanfiction about it! :D There's so much freedom. I have a weird fantasy that an anime company will buy my fanfiction from me and make a show out of it and every time I think this out loud I laugh to myself because I'm crazy.

I'm forever grateful for my fans and followers and favorite-rs and reviewers. I started this fanfiction back when I was a freshmen in high school (like fourteen years old, wow) and I continue to update it to this day. The story is long. I love how long it is and how many issues can be covered over the course of it. Wonderland is no small world. It's big. There's a lot going on, and I invite you to join Ana on her journey as she explores the politics and quirks of Wonderland, the endearing characters, her memories of home, and herself.


Dear Readers, Fans, and Favoriters,

I love you. I truly do. You make these months feel like I'm actually accomplishing things. You're the reason why I get so anxious and excited to read my emails, to read your cute little reviews, and to see the amount of views increase on the graph thingy on the management page. You're the reason why I stuck with the whole fanfiction in general - if I hadn't gotten positive reviews, gee, I would've stopped after Chapter 3. Honest.

You are all amazing. You guys are blessings, all of you, really. Your helpful suggestions, constructive criticisms, compliments, all of it are appreciated. Thank you so much for staying loyal, for looking forward to updates, etc. Thank you for recognizing that I do indeed make quite a few typos in my story, but you don't say anything because you know I am capable at grammar, I just mess up sometimes. I try to get my chapters out when I can. It's a struggle with college and work, but hey I'm still going!

Thank you, my Nuggets. Thank you. I love you. *creep*

From the deep sticky part of my heart,


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