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Hey everybody!

A little bit about me:
-I'm a girl (Okay, you've probably already figured that one out).
-I don't have a middle name, and it annoys me.
-I'm born in the middle of January.
-I'm still in school.
-I'm Danish.
-When I was younger I was a girly-girl and wore dresses all the time, now I, almost, only wear jeans (and shorts in the summer).
-Most of my shirts are black (I'm actually wearing jeans and a black shirt right now :D)
-Despite me not being a totally girly-girl I love wearing jewelry, I feel naked without it. (Usually I wear three bracelets, a ring, a necklace and earrings.)
-My hair is long and dark brown and I usually wear it up in a pony-tail or in a braid.
-I have green-brown eyes. At a distance they're brown and close up they're mostly green.
-I'm obsessed with Bones and NCIS (hence my name) and for a while now, I've been totally hooked on JAG too (seriously, if you like (love) NCIS (and Bones), I'm 99,9 percent sure that you will like (love!) JAG too).
-I have an (almost) newfound obsession with White Collar, and Matt Bomer is the man of my dreams.
-I have a newfound obsession with Law & Order: SVU and I watch it all the time.
-I love reading, and since I discovered FF I like to write too, though my writing has been on hold for a long while now because of personal reasons.
-I have an obsession with vampire books (Vampire Academy & Twilight) but I couldn't dream of writing a FF on them.
-If David Boreanaz was a little (okay, a great deal) younger I would totally have a crush on him!
-According to me, Ian Somerhalder is the hottest guy on earth (okay, maybe not, but it's REALLY close!).
-I love the winter because when it's cold you have a good reason to curl up on your bed with your laptop (and reading FF on it), a book or a good movie.
-I never go anywhere without my iPhone, it's (kind'a my life AND! you can read FF on it everywhere!).
-I love music and right now I'm totally in love with Nickelback and Daughtry! If I'm down or don't feel like listening to upbeat music, I love to listen to Rascal Flatts.

Kisses and hugs from NCIS-Bones-Chick :D
PS. Don't be afraid to PM me if you have any questions :D

My favorite pairings:


Jenny/Gibbs (I was really sad that she died even though I know that there is people out there who didn't like her)
And since Bellisario wouldn't give us Jenny and Gibbs I kind of like the Hollis/Gibbs pairing.

Favorite episodes:
Okay, I can't really tell you what they are. Most often there is something in an episode where I laugh my ass off (okay, exaggeration but you get the picture) but it doesn't make the whole episode good, just that place in that episode. Then there's the episodes where everything about it is just good, and well those episodes are good of course but sadly they don't happen much.
An other kind of good episodes is where something is good for some people and then bad for other people so it becomes a mix of feelings.
For example in Bones there's the episode where the power goes (The Blackout in the Blizzard 06x16) it's funny in some places but sad in others but it's a good episode anyway. And in NCIS where Kate dies, well it's good because we get Ziva, but sad because Kate isn't there anymore.
Get the drill? I hope so because if not, then all this rambling was all for nothing :D

If you have any suggestions to a Fic that you would like do read but don't want to write, let me know and I'll be happy to see if I can write it for you :D

I accept anonymous reviews so even if you don't have an account here please review my Fic's anyway, even if they're completed. A review means a lot to a writer. (And those of you who has an account, review too please :D)

You know that you're addicted to NCIS when...

1. You have seen every episode several times and still never get tired of it.

2. You will yell if someone tries bother you on Tuesday night when you are watching a new episode of NCIS.

3. You find yourself Gibbs Slapping people. (Or yourself)

4. You have had a dream about it or involving one of the characters.

5. You daze out while sitting at your desk and imagine yourself running along side Tony and Ziva with your gun drawn yelling, "Federal agents! Drop your weapon!"

6. You watch the movies that Tony has mentioned. As many as humanly possible that is.

7. You wish Denmark would put more than just one episode night on.

8. You have started using military refernces. Hit the head, scuttle butt, hit the rack, etc.

9. The majority of television you watch is of NCIS.

10. You smell something funny or hear a beeping sound and your mind goes to a chemical attack or a bomb.

11. You call people Probie and use McNicknames.

12. Your dog goes missing and you say to, "Put out a BOLO."

13. You try and convince every person you meet to watch it.

14. You use the term Hinky.

15. You find yourself saying 'Ya think?' when someone says something obvious.

16. You have hooked your family and friends as well

17. On Tuesday, your friends ask and answer the question, "What are you doing tonight? Oh wait, it’s a Tuesday, never mind."

18. You reference NCIS in your homework

19. You learned the phonetic alphabet right after you watched "Kill Ari Part I & II" just because they mentioned it in the episodes.

"You Know You're OBSESSED with NCIS when.."

1. You sing the song Tony sings when he goes undercover.

2. You cry when Jenny dies.

3. You cried on Judgment Day & kept crying even after Jenny died & you sat at the TV screaming & yelling & cursing.

4. You cry when Kate dies but in your head you say "Yes, TIVA!".

5. You keep waiting for the return of Jenny so there can be JIBBS.

6. You keep thinking "this is the episode where Tony and Ziva get together.. but it never happens and you think "maybe next week".

7. You have Tuesday at 8:00 checked off on your TV, circled on your calendar, & written on your hand.

8. When you write under a photo description of Facebook "I can come up with 200 ways to kill you with this spoon" when you're holding up a spoon with your BFF next to you.

9. When you can come up with 200 ways to kill someone with a paperclip & spoon.

10. When "it's kinda fun" is your catch phrase.

11. When all your friends said they 'hated' NCIS.. a day later "OMG! NCIS is SOO GOOD!!" your work here is done.

Why Tiva are meant to be:

-Because he did not want her to thing he was having phone-sex (Kill Ari, Part I)
-Because she intimidates him (Kill Ari, Part II)
-Because he shared his pizza with her (Kill Ari, Part II)
-Because she opened up to him about her sister's murder (Kill Ari, Part II)
-Because he was reminiscing about the first thing she ever said to him (Kill Ari, Part II)

-Because he has hair like a 'porquepig' (Silver War)
-Because he wants to do page 57 with her (Silver War)
-Because she loves to observe him (Silver War)

-Because they are the hottest fake married undercover assassins ever (Under Covers)
-Because she let him be on top (Under Covers)
-Because he imagined her pregnant with his child (Under Covers)
-Because he was looking forward to having a little DiNozzo with her (Under Covers)
-Because she wanted to drive him home (Under Covers)
-Because she drove him home (Under Covers)
-Because it definitely wasn't his knee (Under Covers)
-Because he was willing to die so she could escape (Under Covers)

-Because she's seen his butt (Frame Up)
-Because his butt would be a 5 if he shaved (Frame Up)

-Because he noticed she was braless (Boxed In)
-Because she made dinner for ham (Boxed In)
-Because she offered to give him piano lessons (And we all know where stuff like that ends) (Boxed In)
-Because he though her life would have had more meaning if she'd slept with him (Boxed In)
-Because when this is over, they are going to watch Kuch Kuch Hoda Kai (Boxed In)
-Because if they live long enough, she might tell him how she got her rug burns (Boxed In)
-Because under normal circumstances he would consider having his hands on her ass fun (Boxed In)
-Because he was going to buy her a house, though it had to be fake because the money was fake (Boxed In)
-Because they played grab-ass (Boxed In)
-Because he wanted to be invited to her dinner party (Boxed In)
-Because he respects a woman who can burn money without shopping (Boxed In)

-Because he visited her place at least once a week while Gibbs was away (Shalom)
-Because Mossad thought they were sleeping together (Shalom)

-Because Gibbs though they got married and didn’t tell him (Suspicion)

-Because he wanted to tossle her hair to make her smile (Recoil)

-Because it's inevitable (Judgment Day, Part II)

-Because she missed everyone, even him (Last Man Standing)
-Because Ducky know that they have feelings for each other (Last Man Standing, Legend Part II)
-Because Rivkin was jealous of Tony (Last Man Standing, Legend I&II, Semper Fidelis)

-Because he had pictures of her in his wall (Agent Afloat)

-Because she's his ninja (Nine Lives)

-Because they are soul mates (Collateral Damage)

-Because she marked her territory (Dagger)

-Because Tony messed up Gibbs rules and though rule #11 was not to date a co-worker (Semper Fidelis)

-Because he risked his career for her (Aliyah)
-Because Tony really misses her (Aliyah)

-Because he risked his life to save her (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because he admitted to her that he can’t live without her (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because he admitted that he tried to leave her alone but couldn’t (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because he wanted to call her (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because he doesn't think that she is replaceable (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because if he could, he’d drag her back in a heartbeat (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because he broke all the rules for her (Truth Or Consequences)
-Because she is all he thinks about (Truth Or Consequences)

-Because she gave him a kiss on the cheek (Reunion)
-Because she told him he had always had her back (Reunion)
-Because their intense staring made McGee feel awkward (Reunion)

-Because he called her 'Sweetheart' (Royals & Loyals)
-Because he called her pricecless (Royals & Loyals)

-Because she trusts him
-Because they are both tired of pretending
-Because he learned some Hebrew for her
-Because he knows where her tattoo is
-Because they both apologized
-Because without her, Tony would have to pick on McGee more
-Because he tried to protect her
-Because he called her darling
-Because of her twist in English language, Tony hangs on her every word
-Because she laughs at his imitations
-Because he calls her Sweet Cheeks
-Because she calls him her little Hairy Butt
-Because he is her Furry Bear
-Because McGee ships them
-Because Abby ships them (Just about every episode after she's gotten over her distaste to Ziva)

100 fun fact about BONES

You may know everything about Booth and Brennan. You may know everything about The Jeffersonian. But you didn't know these 100 fun facts about the production process that goes into making each episode of Bones.

01. The Angelator was 100% VFX. The new Angelatron is 100% real time graphics.
02. Hart Hanson's dad and David Boreanaz's dad have both made cameos in the show. Emily's dad has directed an episode.
03. On average, there are 18.5 hours of dailies shot for each episode.
04. The Egyptian room backgrounds are all VFX.
05. Tamara Taylor gets the giggles the most.
06. Sometimes for inserts, body/hand doubles are used.
07. The driving scenes are all shot in stationary cars with the backgrounds projected on to screens.
08. The first cut of each episode is usually 8-10 minutes longer than the aired episode.
09. There are 3 editors and 2 assistant editors that rotate on the show.
10. BONES won the 2009 Prime Time Softball League Championship.
11. BONES is the most fertile writers' room in television. Every season but one has produced a baby for a writer on staff.
12. The writers collect stories of bizarre real-life deaths.
13. The writers have a penalty box on the writers' room table. Each writer has a "penalty" and must pay every time they commit their penalty. For example, one writer must pay every time he shows a disgusting picture during lunch. Another must refrain from mentioning bowel movements while others are eating. A third has to pay up every time he leaves the room, promising to return in "two minutes," only to emerge an hour later.
14. The writers have killed multiple writers' assistants and interns (meaning they used their name and/or likeness) on the show and have used another's nose as a murder weapon.
15. Writer Dean Lopata was written in as a victim before he was a writer on the show.
16. The writers keep a show bible in the room. It lists every murder, weapon and motive used on the show.
17. The writers' room has a bathroom in it, but no one uses it because it's not soundproof.
18. The top three writers' room snacks are Trail Mix, cheap String Cheese and Orbitz White bubblemint gum.
19. The writers' room has an eerie ability to predict the future with the stories they write. A real-life Santa robbed a bank shortly after "The Goop on the Girl" was written. A human body part was found in a chicken nugget shortly after "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" was written. And a real life murder in the world of Midget Wrestling occurred shortly after writing "The Dwarf in the Dirt".
20. As research, the writers will go often on fieldtrips. Excursions have included The Aquarium of the Pacific, Club Jiggle and Lucha Va Voom.
21. Upon hearing stories of a friend's personal injury, writers will often think of ways to turn said injury into a bone clue for a future episode.
22. The beer hat Booth wears in the bathtub in "The Pain in the Heart" sits on the desk of an Executive Producer's assistant. The cup holes are used to hold pens, highlighters and scissors.
23. There were 16,000 chickens digitally created and inserted into the background of the chicken factory in season five’s "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken".
24. There were 24 chickens used for the VFX plate shoot for the same episode but after the shoot only 23 came back. One flew away.
25. They did not really shoot in Amish country for "The Plain in the Prodigy." The background was digitally painted in.
26. In "The Dentist in the Ditch," there were 1000 CGI spiders modeled in the scene.
27. Early cuts of episodes are often missing key visual effects since they are typically added after the show is locked.
28. They have filmed at some of the same locations as Academy Award winning films. They filmed in a closed hospital in Pasadena and a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where parts of Million Dollar Baby were filmed.
29. They bring everything to location. Power, food, tents, restrooms, trash bins, security, police officers. They set up a base camp for themselves, akin to a small village.
30. They knew they had a hit show when they had to change the "Bones" name on their directional signs for their crew because they started to disappear.
31. Because "Bones" is set in Washington D.C. but filmed in Los Angeles, one of their main challenges is to avoid seeing palm trees or any other signs of being in Southern California.
32. They sometimes get access to places closed to the general public, such as water treatment plants, electrical generating stations, and other highly secure areas.
33. While meant to be disposed of after one use, they try to use the same latex gloves several times so as to minimize the impact to the environment. (They are not as concerned with the "contamination" aspects as some other professions).
34. Every time David Boreanaz is on camera he has craps dice, a brass Zippo lighter and a St. Christopher's medal in his pants pockets. (Unless he's not wearing anything with pants pockets in a particular scene).
35. Though Zack was the youngest member of the team, Eric Milligan is actually older than Emily, TJ, and Michaela.
36. Chad Lowe and David Boreanaz are the only two people to both direct and act on the show.
37. Three Deschanels have worked on the show, Emily, Zooey and Caleb. Two Boreanazes have, David and his father (cameo appearance), and two Hansons have, Hart and his father Paul (cameo appearance).
38. Over forty years ago, Ryan O'Neal (Max Keenan on BONES) worked on "Peyton Place," which shot on Stage 9 at the Fox studios, where we now shoot the FBI set.
39. There are 72 bone boxes in Angela's office.
40. There are 304 bone boxes in the Bone room.
41. There are pictures of three American Presidents eating in the FBI kitchen. Nixon eating Chinese food, Ike eating a chicken leg and Kennedy eating a hot dog.
42. There is a black and white photo of FBI agent Mark Felt hanging in Booth's office.
43. There are approximately 1,520 bones in the Bone room.
44. All the offline editors currently on BONES were at one point assistant editors on the show. This is extremely rare, which lead to an article being written about them in the editor's guild magazine.
45. On the pilot, production built a makeshift "laboratory platform" in the Annenberg Building at USC. It was raining during the shoot and post had to digitally remove raindrops that got past the protective tarps.
46. It takes approximately 21 days to post a show. This process involves cutting, mixing sound and music, adding inserts, visual effects and color correction.
47. Between cuts, dailies and miscellaneous DVDs, post production creates and distributes approximately 350 DVDs per episode. All DVDs are copied, labeled and distributed by one human being and he is not very fit.
48. Each episode goes through a revision process that involves four cuts; editor, director, producer and studio/network.
49. At the end of each season, their master tapes are stored in a vault in the Kansas salt mines, 650 feet underground.
50. According to local lore, the BONES offices are haunted by the ghost of the architect. If you are alone at night, there are strange knocks that can be heard in the wall. Luckily, they all work late
51. Their DVD duplicator is named Sven.
52. Whenever a scene is set in an environment with background actors, additional dialogue is recorded in an ADR session in order to create an audio space. You may not notice the audio, but a group of six professional actors ad lib dialogue that is pertinent to each setting and scene.
53. Because actors are asked to record additional audio weeks after shooting an episode, they have used stages all over the world. For example, they have recorded ADR in New York, Cleveland and England.
54. The abandoned hospital where the alien autopsy is performed is named after their associate producer Todd Copps.
55. When a scene is set in a car, they use a technique called poorman's process. This process involves projecting images onto screens just outside of the car windows. This is how Booth and Brennan can drive through DC streets without ever leaving the LA sound stage.
56. They go through an average of over 4,000 actor submissions per episode to find their guest cast.
57. They have cast more than 1,300 people over the course of 100 episodes.
58. Before being hired, each actor must be approved by the Casting Director, episode director, the executive producers, the writer, the studio (20th Century Fox) and the network (FBC).
59. The casting bungalow is a protected historical landmark in the city of Los Angeles. It was one of the first buildings on the lot and was originally used as a tack room for horses. It became a dressing room for actors in the late '40s and wasn't used as an office building until the late '80s. Rick Millikan has held an office here since The X-Files began in 1993.
60. They have a pet squirrel named Dr. Sweets (after John Francis Daley's character) who begs actors for food and has been known to cling to the legs of some female actors. They also have a pet cat named Camgela (after Tamara Taylor and Michaela Conlin's characters) who is widely known as the prettiest and friendliest cat on the Fox lot.
61. Their casting couch is brown.
62. All of the women in the office are brunettes with curly hair.
63. The scripts go through many revisions and each set of revisions is assigned a color to differentiate between them. They go in this order: white, blue, yellow, pink, green and goldenrod. Then it goes back to double blue and so on. By the end of an episode, the script is very pretty and colorful.
64. There are six assistants in the Writers' department.
65. The Writers' PA let Props use her head as a model for one of the finials in "The Foot in the Foreclosure." It wasn't the murder weapon, it was the other one.
66. A character on "Veronica Mars" was named after BONES creator Hart Hanson.
67. Show runner / Executive Producer Hart Hanson has been known to make repairs to his ancient Jeep in front of the production office.
68. The crew has "Five Dollar Fridays." Anyone on set can put in $5 with their name on it into a bucket. If your $5 gets pulled out of the bucket at wrap, you get to keep all the money.
69. The exploded bits of "flesh" on the cab in the bank robbery episode were made of raspberry preserves.
70. BONES producer Jan DeWitt tells people he is a plumber so they will not ask him for gossip or a job.
71. Executive Producer Stephen Nathan is fond of writing in his pajama bottoms.
72. When Bones transportation is on location, they use 1,600 feet of linear of street parking to set up all the trucks and cast trailers.
73. When Bones transportation rolls out on location, they use 90 batteries (truck amp trailers), 262 tires and 18 generators to service the company.
74. The Unit Production Manager has a tractor and a chicken coop.
75. The production and writers office spends at least $500 a day on lunch.
76. All series regular cast members require hard copies of each script/revision, so including crew, the production office makes approximately 110 copies of each script and script revision.
77. The production office copiers break down at least once a day (see above).
78. There are many days the production office is open for close to 24 hours. They open much earlier than crew call and stay open well past camera wrap.
79. The most frequently used skeletal structures in the hand that are used as clues in BONES murder mysteries are the phalanges (distal, medial and proximal).
80. The configuration of specific features of the skull and the angle of the ilia (pelvic bones) are the two ways that the gender of the victim is usually determined in BONES.
81. The age of the victim is sometimes determined on BONES by the state of the mandibular teeth, including the amount of wear present.
82. When Angela develops reconstructive forensic drawings of deceased victims that are in a skeletal state, she first analyzes the skull and determines gender, approximate age and race.
83. Cam is a medical doctor who has specialized in forensic pathology and is trained to do autopsies and to support her findings within the legal setting regarding the cause and circumstances of death.
84. The Video Playback Department creates all the graphics and animations that appear on the computer screens in all the sets.
85. All the graphics and animation seen on the computer screens are programmed to respond to key clicks by offscreen playback personnel who watch the actors and coordinate what is seen on the monitors with the actions of the actors.
86. The Medio Cam is an actual operating forensic device which is used all over the country to help solve crimes.
87. Some close-ups of the computer screens and Medio Cam are shot weeks after the actors have finished shooting an episode.
88. The lead animator's wife, who is an American of Danish descent, does the show's Japanese translating and interpreting because Japanese is her first language. She grew up in Japan and didn't move to the United States until she went to college after having a lead role in a Japanese television series during her teenage years.
89. All computer graphic artists and animators in film and television video playback departments are in the union for sound technicians. When computer screens were first introduced into film and television, the computer animators were put into the same union as video playback personnel. And before that, when video playback first appeared in the business, the video people were put into the same union as sound technicians because the sound departments had been doing playback of music for decades.
90. It requires 8,000 Amps of power to make daytime in the Lab Set.
91. Angela has had more than one lab coat. She's had six different ones throughout the seasons.
92. Emily only wears all-natural fabric.
93. They have a big screen TV and stereo, washing machine and dryer in their 42-foot costume trailer that goes with them everywhere.
94. The lab coats that are worn by their background actors are embroidered with names of BONES crew members and often the extras know whose jacket they are wearing.
95. Their 42-foot trailer is packed with racks and racks of clothes. They often visit the Fox costume department, where the studio stores our clothes all the way back from season one.
96. The earthquake/flood in the subway during episode 5.15 was partially done in an attraction at Universal Studios theme park. The interior subway car that Sweets was riding was originally designed and built for the television series Seinfeld.
97. The walls from the ship in episode 408 were reconfigured to create the Jeffersonian Basement Storage (where the rifle was retrieved) in episode 5.12
98. In episode 4.08, Booth escapes from the yellow submarine and finds himself inside an old ship decorated with mermaids and pirates. That part of the ship was actually the basement of a defunct 1940s power plant in Hermosa Beach.
99. The "Magicon" convention in episode 4.09 was a closed furniture store in Santa Clarita. They had very little scenery to design because all of the convention booths were set inside pre-existing furniture displays.
100. Patricia's cottage along the beach in episode 3.15 was a decrepit, defunct fish restaurant redesigned and cleaned.

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Take off your shirt, Booth reviews
VERY short story that was running around in my head when I was supposed to sleep. Kinda' funny. R&R please. I'm really not good at summaries, so use just 5 minutes and read my story, it really isn't any longer than a five minutes read.
Bones - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 752 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 2 - Published: 2/20/2011 - T. Brennan, S. Booth - Complete
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