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Author has written 8 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks, and South Park.

Hi Fanfiction Authors/readers!!

My name is Genicise1275! My real name though is Adam. I'm 100% British and I'm in college at the moment, now college in England means High school elsewhere. I like playing football and I like going out and about when I'm not at college. I have a real problem with staying in the house as I get bored easily. I've been a Fanfiction reader for quite a while and after reading some heartfelt fanfictions in numerous categories, I thought that I should give it a go with my sole favourite cartoon franchises ever appeared on children's TV, Alvin and the Chipmunks, unfortunately I wasn't born until 1994 so a good 4 years after the show ended production, I was a 90's kid and yeah I did get a PS1, but that's irrelevant. The main reason I started reading on was by accident, one night I was researching fanfictions about the Rugrats and i thought "would there be any on AATC" I dismissed it for a while and typed it in google out of curiousity and found this website and after 18 months of reading new/updated AATC stories I decided to make my own fanfiction stories.

Why haven't I updated in 2 months (14/3/2012)?

Well if I'm completely honest I don't know maybe I'm just burnt out, maybe it's because I'm sortof in a funk. 2 months is a long time for me to not update my stories anyone that is bothering reading my stories right now, I apologise oh and Smitty91 and Blossom2012, I'm not in the right frame of mind to beta read nor PM at the moment, but some personal stories which will be in the Waterloo Road Archive very soon will clear my head a little. I wanted to write a WR fanfiction for some time, but I just couldn't think of a great situation like in the episodes, a pupil has personal problems coping at school and this is the episode every-time so thinking about how Finn's dad treats him. I can relate. My motivation to carry on with "Alvin's Secret" and "Dave's Worst Nightmare" is gone at the moment.

Update (6/05/2013)

There has been a change of plan for me I don't really know what I want anymore, but I'm certain that being an author for Full Time is out of the question however I still write FanFiction. I am learning to program with C and Python and other programming languages, I am thinking of doing this at university so if updates slow down or stop abruptly it means I've gone to uni and haven't got round to writing my stories, but this isn't until September 2014 so still quite a bit of time left until then. As for my upcoming stories well they're in my head, but nothing has been written as of yet, my current stories that I'm truly motivated for are: Dave's Worst Nightmare, Formula Chipmunk, Forever Young and A Chipmunk Vacation.

Update (20/11/2013)

Wow everything is going so quickly, my last update of my profile was in May, now it's November. Ok so why am I updating? Well above it says I won't start Uni until September 2014, uh I lied this is now 2015 due to a botch-up of my exam results which in turn forces me to re-take most of them essentially re-doing the whole year. I have been pretty quiet on here, no updates or anything new in terms of stories, that's all down to school work and my lack of motivation on this side of my life, but now with everything looking stable, I'm able to divert my focus on other things now. It's stable because my Maths tutor almost barred me from re-taking "because I wouldn't achieve any higher than a U" and now I'm showing him up by getting the highest scores on all the homework tasks in the class.

New Story:

Yeah that's right, you read it correctly, I uploaded a new story in the South Park Archive, but due to the popularity of the franchise my story is no longer on the first few pages, but I'll update as quickly as possible to prevent my story from leaving the first page. It's called "Broken".

Announcement: Due to lack of reviews and motivation on my part, Alvin's Secret is now officially discontinued and will not be updated, I knew that it struck nerves when I tried to give Alvin another family and fragment the biological connection with Simon and Theodore maybe this was the reason I couldn't get going and stalled.

Upcoming stories:

I still have motive to write these two stories, but as of when I'm not sure yet, I may have something soon.

Waterloo Road:

Unappreciated: New boy Aidan is enrolled at Waterloo Road and his home and social life spirals out of control when he's unable to say 'no' when is asked for help, what happens when an accident occurs that makes him re-think his value in the family.

Embarrassment: Aidan is becoming too influenced by his Infantilism and also a friendship that turned into an unofficial serious relationship that left him to feel too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Torn Away: An incident at school leaves Aidan with no friends and no-one to turn to for help.

Animaniacs Stories:

I found that this franchise isn't getting as many stories as I thought with the lack of censorship in the actual cartoon and one episode really got me thinking of a story so here goes.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock part II: After viewing more talk shows, Slappy's "episode" relapses and Skippy takes the brunt of the responsibility again, can he cope?

As you can see no stories are on my mind for AaTC.


Michael Swain
Gender - Male
Age - 9
Bio - Michael is a troubled boy as he lives in South Park when his dysfunctional family move from Arizona due to Frank being transferred. His father abuses him emotionally, sexually and physically.

Frank Swain
Gender - Male
Age - 48
Bio - Frank is a policeman and therefore has a good reputation in the community unlike at home, where he is a control freak and abuses his children and wife into respecting him because of fear. Everything is done behind closed doors and no-one finds out about this.

Silvia Swain
Gender - Female
Age - 35
Bio - Silvia is a stay-at-home mum with two sons, Michael and John, her husband has scared her into covering up for him after he abuses her kids and also herself whenever he gets angry.

John Swain
Gender - Male
Age - 11
Bio - John is Michaels' older brother and Michaels' caregiver whenever their father abuses them, he makes sure that Michael is safe and secure though at times this is impossible. He also gets abused emotionally, sexually and physically.

Gender - Male
Age - unknown
Bio - ???

Aidan Ballamy - This will portray me in the personal stories.
Gender - Male
Age - 13
Bio - Aidan is an autistic 13 year old who recently lost his Nan to a terminal illness sending him into deep depression; he lives with his two brothers, Lewis and Michael who ridiculed him for bed wetting during the grieving stage causing him to feel isolated from the rest of the family. He also isn't sure about what is going on with him suddenly when he was 11 he felt an attraction to nappies and a strong desire to wear them. Since Michael is getting older and needing more support and Lewis was also craving attention, Aidan feels left out and is bored with life as it is at the moment. His father also ridicules him for every mistake he makes.

Lewis Ballamy - Brother to Aidan and Michael.
Gender - Male
Age - 10
Bio - Lewis is very outgoing and isn't afraid of no-one; he feels no fear going out on the streets with his mates, but when Aidan tries to join them; he embarrasses Lewis by not controlling his bladder on occasions due to being Autistic and being shy of his bathroom needs. Although having an autistic brother is a pain, deep down he loves him very much.

Michael Ballamy - oldest brother to Lewis and Aidan.
Gender - Male
Age - 15
Bio - Michael is the oldest and by default has the support of the family to get him through anything and everything, he is very outgoing and is very supportive of Aidan when his father has an argument with his brother; usually he wins the argument on Aidan's behalf. He holds a part-time job as a waiter at a local pub as well adding to the level of contentment of his family.

Neil Ballamy
Gender - Male
Age - 43
Bio - Neil is self employed contractor for SM Construction; he is a hard-working man and will do anything to help his employees with problems. At home though he and Aidan have a strained relationship as they don't really see eye to eye anymore. He is currently working on building a new house for his family, but relies on Aidan for help even when Aidan has studies to study for. He doesn't realise that he gives zero credit to Aidan for the assistance that Aidan gives him. He frequently gets annoyed by Aidan's incompetence to follow instructions.

Laura Ballamy
Gender - Female
Age - 32
Bio - Laura is unemployed, but her husband makes enough to control everyone's finances, with her husbands constant demands of Aidan putting their relationship at strain, Laura decided that one night she'd separate from Neil until they found new love in each other again after new year. Her relationship with Aidan is significantly better due to her understanding the ramifications of what her husband puts him through. Aidan tells her everything, but Neil denies everything.

Ross Williams
Gender - Male
Age - 13
Bio - Ross was Aidan's former friend; he admitted to Aidan that he was gay and he started sexually advancing on Aidan whom found it disturbing. This wasn't helped by the fact Aidan was caught with him with Ross's arms wrapped around him releasing the rumours that Aidan was in a relationship with Ross. Aidan falls out with him and is ashamed to even be around school kids who still taunt Aidan with kissy kissy gestures and name calling. After Aidan dumped his friendship Ross became lonely.

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