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Well, now that I HAVE written some fanfics, I had to demolish my previous bio description. I can't believe I left it on here that long...o_O but anyways, there's not much to know about me other than I like anime, manga, drawing stuff, and popsicles. yesh, popsicles. MUHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! the popsicles will rule the world!!!!!

Takes the medication that had been previously forgotten*

Now what was I saying? Oh yes, the invasion of the world, well, that idea will be postponed if you give me all of your dearest possessions. I WOULD ask for your souls you see, but since I've taken my medication, I'm considerably more generous. Be honored.


I was thinking, I should have a 'random comment of the day' section!!! It was random thought in itself anyways. ^_^ heehee


RaNdOm CoMmEnT Of ThE dAY!!!

Alex smells yummy ^_^


*ahem* first, mah fav mangas and animes:

Imadoki (such a sweet and touching manga...*sniff sniff* ^_^)

Alice 19th (Cool out of this world manga. Mystical and creative and one of Watase Yuu's latest and most impressive works. VERY cool.)


chobits (tho it IS pretty preverted, I luv the art!! ^^;;; I'm not a pervert!!)

clover (very deep manga. the art is soooooo kewl tho.)

CardCaptor Sakura (All the drawings are so CUTE in there!!!! ^v^)

Ranma 1/2 (funny, has a plot, the majority's fav. what's not to love?)

Apare Jipangu (Funny little manga about a edo era girl who knows nothing of her origins and fights evil with a mgical staff!!! There's two REALLY HOT GUYS IN IT TOO!!!!!! *squeals* HOT GUYS!!!! I mean, come ON!!!)

Rurouni Kenshin (KEEEENNNNSSSHHHHIIIINN!!!!!! :squeal squeal, heart heart: the hottest bisho (in the universe)!!!!)

Hanazakari no kimitachi e, aka hanakimi, aka For You in Full Blossom *phew* (all I can say is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ the kewlest manga ever!!!!!! SHIN IS HOT!!!!! ^v^)

OMG, I can't believe I didn't include Flame of Recca on here!!!! I have committed the ultimate sin!!!!! O_O ok ok, Flame of Recca is best manga that I have ever read. About a boy who has the power to control fire. He's obsessed over ninjas and strives to be one. One day, he saves a girl named Yanagi. she's a pretty dim girl, but that's ok cuz she has the power to heal people!! (now where did that pop in?) but they're hunted by a mysterious enemy who calls herself Kage Houshi (This woman's pretty psycho in the beginning volumes). Later on, Recca enconters other main characters, like Kirisawa Fuuko, Something Domon (forgot his last name. ah well, domon sux neways ^v^), and Mikagami Tokiya. (MIIIIIIIII-CHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNN~!!!!!!!!! =D) full of twists and turns, the best manga I've ever read plot-wise and art-wise!!! The art is absolutely gorgeous, especially at the end of the series!!! ^_^ please don't get shocked when you open the first couple chaps, those kinda suck but it gets better really fast ^_^;;;; go get the complete series at!!!!! GO READ IT NOW *pause* SLAVES!!!! Yes, Wahahahahhaaaaaa!! *ahem*



July 28, 2004:

Ehehe..heh...*runs* o_o. Er, yes, for those of you who have already buried me and erected a tomb in my absence, I'm not dead!!! I just...don't have that inspirational flare as I used to. The whole idea of the previous little note from June 26 was so that I could write solely on inspiration alone instead of reviewer pressure. That way my writing would hopefully shine with a bit more love and care from your truly. BUT, time has passed and no inspiration comes to mind. At all. I ask all you fanfictioners to please hang tight and bear with me, as I have probably said too many times, otherwise you can all come after me with knives and other sharp pointy objects. That works too.

June 26, 2004:

I officially don't care about updating on par with everyone's demands anymore. My review count is high enough, so I couldn't care less about how many more I get. I'm just going to take it slow and careful and think over my story plot more so that it's more enjoyable to the readers. I hope you understand and I apologize sincerely for the long chapter installations. Until I update again, ja ne fanfictioners!! ^.^

January 17, 2004:

My my, today has been a rather bad day. I prolly shouldn't be announcing that here, because those types of things belong in blogs, but right now, my mood is that of indifference.

For a reason unknown to me, a feeling of depression has made a burden on my mind ever since yesterday night and it has plagued me relentlessly. It's a kind of frustration at the inability to accomplish certain things. I feel as if my peers are slowly surpassing me or my skills slowly depleting, one or the other. My teachers seem to sense this and to urge me forward, they present me the feats of my friends, comparing and contrasting, making it clear to me the difference in capability. It so happens that this is what I detest most; to be compared to someone close to me so that I may hate my dear friend for being better than me. For what reason would a teacher wish to cause anguish between gentle friendship? But I do not object to this bitterness since it is not my right, and so I sit silently as these emotions linger in me like a dark cloud over a calm sea.

And when it comes to a point at which moisture forms at the corners of my eyes, I scorn myself more for letting these thoughts plague me so easily and with that, more tears follow in compliance to this dislike for myself.

To add to my wretchedness, my dejected feelings long for the comfort of the affections of another. I curse myself harshly, for how stupid and hateful is there than a uncomely girl who does nothing but thinks of her sorrows and grieves over love? But instead of changing myself, these aweful ponderings add to my depressing burden, lowering me deeper into a state of gloom.

Even my writing has been affected by this contagious disease, my word composition lowered to a shameful state. this confession of sadness in itself is full of mistakes and follies, enough to chase away any feeling of sympathy. Another shameful confession to add is that a mere 2 comments of suggestion for improvement has inspired me to write this pitiful entry, and thus my heart is saddened for two causes: that which my pride was injured so much by the honesty of two innocent persons, and that which the pride originally was for the piece which these persons critique. I strikes me that I had believed my new installment to my most successful story would please my audience as it has for over 20 chapters, for I truly took time to make it a fine chapter to add, however I suppose this belief is just belief and thus not true.

December 30, 2003:


aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh, stupid story can't write stupid vacation, can't update, stupid laziness, reviewers fading away, aaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! T_T

I promise that in two days I will have a chapter ready. I swear, the thing is already typed up on my computer and I just need to go back home from my vacation and go upload it. I even have some future events in the story thought up ready to be written. ^_^

I'm not dead, so please, come back reviewers!!! T_T

October 13, 2003:

What the freak??? My previous update died!!!! o_O *twilightzone music* It's the infamous phantom!!!! *dun dun dun DUN* run for your lives!!!!!!! *no one moves* ah well...u_u;;;;;

But neways, I'VE REACHED 200 REVIEWS!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! *does victory dance* wahoo!!!!! I love you ALL!!!! *muah muah* ^.^

Next chapter of blooming love still in progress...^^;;;; if you have any ideas, ANY ideas at all, PLEASE SHARE!!!!!! T_T

August 30, 2003:

I have spent an entire day writing the new chapter of blooming love. I tend to be a pretty slow writer cuz it takes me a while to get thsoe creative juices going. T_T but I finally pulled through!!!! *raises fist triumphantly* you may all go read it now!!!! and uh, if you review some poor starving kid in africa will be saved!!! yeah...but don't feel obligated, I mean, you don't HAVE to save the kid from the long slow painful death by starvation. of course not. ^_^

August 28, 2003:

ok ok ok!!! Blooming Love is sucking, I know. that's why i've already started the next chapter with much vigor. I promise promise PROMISE that the next chapter will be a lot more exciting than the previous. :glares with determination: I WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!! *stabs writer's block* *the block only reassembles itself* Damn you!! >=(

August 24, 2003:

SCHOOL SUX A MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_ ARRRRGHHH!!!!!! it's only been TWO weeks of school and i've completed 3 packets of spanish hw, 3 essays, two math tests, a packet to DO for history about geography, and i have a test TOMORROW!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I'm going NUTS!!!!! T_T

currently TRYING to get a move on on my stories. i haven't updated in about 2 months...T_T

but anyways, here are my musings:

blooming love: i have a temporary idea, but i don't know whether it'll work. i need to brainstorm more, if you have suggestions, do tell. ^_^

butterflies and flowers: i like this fic, but i dunno what to do with it next. ^^;;; this needs some brainstorming too. -_-;;;;

everything else is kinda dead...^^;;; but neways, please email or review me your suggestions!!!!!! ^_^

July 1, 2003:

I died for a while, but I'm alive again. (you may cry now) but anyways, Blooming Love is updated. yay.

Oh yeah, and I'm bored.

just in case you were wondering, y'know...

June 15, 2003:

I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *muahahahahaaaa* *creepy horror-movie organ plays*

I have updated blooming love!!!! w00t!!!! I'm am SO sorry for those of you who were waiting for like 2 months for it!!!!! T_T oh yeah, the first day I wrote it, I think the document manager was malfunctioning or something cuz it just wouldn't load up my chappies!!! >:-( so I had to make you reviewers wait another two days for the next chappie. T_T

oh yes, I started a mailing list, so if you would like to be put on it or taken off it, please notify me! I usually try to automatically add people to my list whenever they review (only if their email address is available) so if you don't want to be on it, do tell!! ^_^

May 23, 2003:

SKOOLZ OWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEAH!!!!! >v Blooming Love UPDATED!!!!!

GO READ MY NEW FIC!!!!!! come on, I know you want to!!!! ^_^ :grin grin:

am I hyped right now? yes, in fact I am. ^_^;;;;

May 18, 2003:

Got up the new IY story!! Plz read!!! The name is Those Lovely Amber Eyes. R&R!! ^_^

Blooming Love not yet updated. Maybe after finals. Right now, I have the infamous writer's block. T_T

One Night in the Rain discontinued.

Um, what else... about original ficcy's I know I kinda promised someone I'd write another chappie on one, but I think I'm just too lazy... -_-()

Gomen Nasai!!!

May 11, 2003:

Blooming Love: UPDATED!!!!!!!!! read the crap I just wrote!!! Hurry up, waddya waitin' for????? ^_^

Look Forward to New IY-fic, Those Lovely Amber Eyes!!!! heehee, more insanity!!!!! @v@

May 8, 2003 (whoa, it's been a long time...O_O):

blooming love: next chap IN PROGRESS!!!!! whooo!!! almost done!!!! also, some chapters have been modified and hopefully, all problems have been fixed...:shifty eyes:

note: I've been working on a new Inuyasha ficcy. When it comes out, I highly encourage you WONDERFUL and LOVELY readers to go and review!!! ^_^

March 13, 2003:

blooming love, chap 1 part 2 changed into the new version. see chap 3 for more details if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

note: sorry I haven't been updating One night in the rain!!! I've just been getting all these ideas for blooming love and no one reviews one night in the rain anyways...^^;;;; but if you guys still want some more chappies for one night in the rain, email me at or come one!!!! i know you wanna!!! wait, stop running away!!! come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! ;_;

Ja ne!!!! =^-^=


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