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Recently in my life, I've discovered that I believe in Christianity but that I do'nt really care what people say because nobody knows what exactly it is that God wants from us until they aredead. And then it's a little too late anyhow, so everyone should just live thier lives to the best of their abilities, and they should live however they see fit as long as they are not harming other people's freedoms to live the same. Yeah. That sounds about right. And I've decided that I love the Bohemian lifestyle and am going to incorporate more of it into my every day life. Beauty Freedom Truth and Love. Yeah. Somehow, that seems to incompass about everything that I believe is important so... Oh, and I've decided that I LOVE RENT TO PIECES!!!!! I got to go to NYC for the first time over Thanksgiving break and it rocked. I am SO going to live there one day with a bunch of other giddy fangirls. ^_^ You may see some RENT pieces up sometime... maybe just songs or something. I dunno.

You know what my amusing thought of the day is? Obviously not, so I'm going to tell you. ^_^ You know the part in Newsies, right after all the kids come in singing 'when ya got a million voices singing'? The kids all start chanting one word. Have any of you noticed how much that word starts out sounding like "Quack?" ^_^ LMAO! That's the power of the press, Joe!

Sophomore year in college, running around with the C42 and doing the RA thing keeps me quite busy, but I hope to get back to my fanfiction a little bit this semester. I am so sorry, and should be shot for quitting for almost a year. Please forgive me! I want to get back into the habit of writing, and then posts should come every week or so. Muses and BeoRace are both back on... and there will be a special chapter of Muses making fun of yours truly, so if you want to make fun of me in it, let me know in an email or something. Until then!

Ahhh, the quotes.

Snitch: Dude! (Outkasts) ~now for some reason all of my characters say dude when they're hyper.

Wolf: No climaxing at the dinner table.

Gryffin: Yeah, so Mike discovered that I had holes in my pants and then started grinding his hips against my legs. (>_ don't. Ask.)

Willow: I'm not a masacist, I'm just a klutz!

Tolkien: Not all who wander are lost. (one of my faves, yes I'm a dork)

Nicolao Wolfe: Come inside, Merrick. (Among the Sheep, by Jenifer Stein)

Diego: I hate you, Merrick.
Merrick, chuckling: I hate you too.
Diego: No, I mean it. I really hate you.
Merrick, still chuckling: Why?
Diego: Because I can't hate you, that's why. ~Among the Sheep

Gryffin: Gryffin and a bunch of campers are walking across Mouse's field... and none of them are wearing any pants.

Kristan: Did Gryffin just hit me?

Elijah Wood: I believe one shouldn't run unless being chased.

Mikee Wible: What happens when I hit the gong with my dong? It goes bong!

Tara: Orc; the other white meat.

Carpe Diem! Sieze the Day! (meant with much love and affection for Newsies, as well as a profound belief in the theory and way of life)

Spot Conlon: Nevah fear! Brooklyn is heah!

Taps: I want to be a dancing cymbal!

"Oh I wish I were a little dancing cymbal,
For that is what I truely want to be,
Cuz if I were a little dancing cymbal,
Everyone would get a kick out of me!"

See? Cymbal player just doesn't fit.

One Thing, just read the very secret diaries of the Lord of the Rings. I no longer have the link, but they are freakin' hilarious.

Snitch: Jack be nimble! Jack be quick! Jack can't nevah catch da Snitch!

Kristan: We've formed a secret society called the Fellowship of the Unnamable Book. Tell the rest of the staff, wouldja Gryff?

Gryffin: Arty, why is Heather your cousin in this story instead of your triplet?
Artemis: *shrug* Because Ivy didn't want her to be our sister.

Kristan to Dave: Not now!

I need some more quotes, so send me some!*

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