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Hullo there! You, lucky sir or madam, have stumbled upon the Marauder's Map and have successfully opened it. I am Viridian Distraction, but I also answer to Lacey, a common pen name of mine. It's a pleasure to meet you. Before you unlock the wonderful substances such as stories this parchment has to offer you, I'd like to introduce myself to you further and tell you a few things about myself.

I love Severus Snape, and maybe I haven't since the beginning, but I truly, irrevocably do right now. I feel awful of his death, but love the symbolism of eternal love he encompasses. His love for Lily is, just, well it's the best, purest love. I wish he had his own happily ever after, fairytale ending, and I intend on writing about an ending where he is allowed happiness.

My second favorite characters are Gred and Forge, both equally, neither more than the other.

I despise James Potter and slightly Sirius Black though I do enjoy Remus Lupin, especially his story with Tonks. He was too poor for her, too old for her, too dangerous, but against the odds set against them, love prevailed. Though I wished they both hadn't died and left Teddy, I agree that it was necessary to show that families are broken in times of war.

I ship Harry and Hermione. I just think that they're a cute pair.

I collect Harry Potter memorabilia. I have a bunch of stuff from the Noble Collection and a few Gentle Giant busts. I've been to the Wizarding World in Orlando! I went there on Spring Break 2012 and wiped the place clean.

I can't go to Pigfarts. Sadly, as you may know - as you should know - it's on Mars. But, seeing Voldie and Quirrel makes me happy as a squirrel.

Aside from Harry Potter, I listen to a lot of music. I do mean a lot. I have a wide range, and love almost every genre. If you were to look at my YouTube page, you'd find rock, pop, heavy metal, dubstep, country, techno, some really olds songs and some really new songs. It depends on what I feel like, more importantly, what the content of my writing is. If it's happy, I'll listen to happy music and vice versa.

I used to like The Hunger Games. Before I was like all like "WOOOHOO! HG!" and now I'm like "Eh..." I don't know. I think I love HP so much, nothing can replace it, and therefore I lost taste for HG. Don't flame me though, because I still respect the series.

I've read the Outsiders and That Was Then, This Is Now by SE Hinton. Big fan of Outsiders, especially Dally, Darry and Sodapop.

Bazinga! I love Big Bang Theory and soft kitties. And I love smelly cats too. And yes, that probably was awkward to those if you that didn't get the Friends reference. By the way, my favorite characters are Pheobe, Joey and Chandler.

Sweeney Todd is my lifeeee.

... Not really, considering that I'm not a lovesick, vengeful, psychopathic killer with a motive that enjoys slicing people up mid-shave and baking them into meat pies.

My top five Classic Disney movies? Lion King (I'll be a cheater and count both vids as one), Mulan, Aladdin, Brother Bear, and Hercules. I have a few of the CDs, but I prefer singing them out haha.

I make a lot of references to Disney, AVPMAVPS and other things. Expect to see them in stories! So, let me get this out of the way, anything that you recognize that I mention goes to their respective owners, and all Harry Potter characters and content belongs to the lovely, wonderful, amazing, super mega foxy awesome hot JK Rowling! I only own my characters, which I will name in each individual fanfic.

MY POTTERMORE IS SILVERWILD18465! Add me? Yeah? Duel me too. I'm a Slytherin.