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I'm planning on trying to start regularly write stories to put on here, and I want to get started on writing tons. If anyone has anyrequest to write anything from any of the stories I'll give it a try. I'm never afraid to try anything once. I'm also working on a colab with Tsuki ya hoshi for Fullmetal Alchemist so go read and comment ^^.

Country: USA

Age: Still in school XD

Name: Savanna but I always use Savy for everything because that is what my piano teacher calls me.

I play piano( duhhh) XD

I love animals, Anime\Maganas, and art. I'm really and well rounded. If I put my mind to something I can do it.

I have a whole group of friends that write great stories that are wwwaaaayyyy better than mine. There's Partners-N-Crime and Tsuki ya hoshi, and Moonlightskye.

I have hazel eyes and of course my favorite song is behind these hazel eyes. ^^

I'm complely obsesed with Bakura and Ryou... at the moment.

I love anyone who reads my stories.

I have to say my aura is always bright.

If given the choice of having to pick a color I always say rainbow.

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