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Author has written 6 stories for Warriors, Mortal Instruments, and Rise of the Guardians.

Loves Warriors.

Firestar, Leader of LightingClan. (I didn't steal my name from the real Firestar. I actually made my name before i read warriors, cause my friend was reading them. Before i was Fireyes, for my ginger pelt and bloodred eyes. I use the same 'E' for both fire and eyes)


Apple sause!!

Whats with all the Oneshots. There were like 10 in a row.

I got a new puppy!!

Puppy likes to bite me. :(

I'm a varsity tennis player! (as a freshman!)

I got an award in tennis!

I just got my varsity jacket!

At the moment loving Malec fan fics!

Is my writing really that good?

Why do all my friends' boyfriends have the same interests as me? Oh yeah. that's right. Because I'm a dude at heart... and we watch How I Met Your Mother

Julius Caesar is popping up everywhere in my life! It was even in How I Met Your Mother! (Stupid school, for making us read the classics!)

"Brodus!" "Ps and thats when Caesar invented the Salad."

Went to see a play where my guy friend played Edna from Hairspray! I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN

Is it so hard that I can't question people's sexuality without being assaulted!?

Can Jennifer Lawrence just marry me already?!

Warriors Fan Oath

I'll remember Brightheart,
When I see a scar one someones face.
I will think of WindClan,
Every time I win a race.

I'll remember Silverstream,
When I see a young mother.
I'll remember Violet,
When I worry about my brother.

I will remember Goosefeather,
When nobody believes me.
I will think of Scourge,
When someone's teased for being tiny.

I'll remember Mothwing,
When I find it hard to believe.
I'll be reminded of Princess,
When I see someone, who seems naive.

I'll always think of Heathertail,
When someone wants to be 'just friends'.
I will think of StarClan,
When I am near the end.

I will think of Tawnypelt,
Whenever I feel judged.
I will think of Darkstripe,
When somebody holds a grudge.

I promise to remember Cinderheart,
When I climb a tree.
I'll remember Midnight,
Whenever I'm at sea.

I'll remember Leafpool,
When I must follow my heart.
I will think of Hollyleaf,
If I ever fall apart.

I'll remember Brambleclaw,
When I must prove myself.
I'll remember Spottedleaf,
When I'm suffering from bad health.

I'll remember Lionblaze,
When I am feeling strong.
I'll remember Tigerstar,
If I choose the path that's wrong.

I'll remember Dovewing,
When I hear of something far away.
I'll remember Cloudtail,
When a kitten catches their first prey.

I'll remember Bluestar,
Whenever I must choose.
I'll remember Crowfeather,
When the one I love, I loose.

Feathertail will be in my mind,
Whenever I must be brave.
And I'll remember The Tribe,
When I'm in a cave.

I'll remember Ashfur,
When somebody breaks my heart.
I'll remember Barley,
When me and my siblings are far apart.

I'll remember Ivypool,
When I try to be the best.
I'll remember Firestar,
When my loyalty's put to the test.

I'll remember Crookedstar,
If someone abandons me.
I'll remember Ravenpaw,
If I ever have to flee.

I'll remember Jayfeather,
When I have a strange dream.
I'll think of Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt,
Whenever I eat cream.

I'll always think of Cinderpelt,
When my leg is sore.
I'll remember Longtail,
When I can see no more.

I'll remember the many battles,
When I see conflict or strife.
I promise to remember all these cats,
For the rest of my life.

- I did't create this but I saw it and it made me want to cry so I just had to put it here. I got it from Basil and Mallow and Moss's profile. Check them out. They're awesome and have the same taste in books I do! :)

Here's a fun game to play. Get you and a bunch of strangers (or not very close friends, or your best friends. But its most funny with people you don't know that well) and stand in a circle. Have someone walk up to someone else and say "honey i love you. if you love me too, please crack a smile." if the person they ask smiles that person has to go up and ask someone else in the circle. if they don't smile, the person in the circle has to go around and ask people until someone smiles. Adlib as much as possible. ;)

Plan to meet Neil Patrick Harris: He has kids. I am a babysitter. :) (you do the math)

Plan to meet Josh Hutcherson: He has a brother my age. I will befriend him. (or date him concidering on his feelings for me... and depending if i can stop my tomboyish streak of toughness; who am i kidding! Thats never going to happen. Friends it is). one day i will be over for dinner and Josh will be there. He will see me and wonder what this mysteriously awesome girl is doing at his house. You can fill in the rest from there. But my friend Amm- i mean Hawkstar has informed me that using people is wrong.

Music: My Chemical Romance, Hey Monday, Greenday, The Academy Is..., Beatles, Counting Crows, The Killers, Linkin Park, One Republic, We the Kings, 3 Doors Down, Creed, PANIC! At the Disco, Sum 41, Rise Against, The Offspring, Paramore, All-American Rejects, Blink-182, Boys Like Girls, Breaking Benjamin, Counting Crows, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, R.E.M., Skillet, Neon Trees, Jon Cozart, Dominic Gaudious, Pearl Jam, Jet, Jimmy Hendrix, Queen, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (1-4), Sorcerer's Apprentice Alice in Wonderland, Shrek (1-4), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1-2), Hunger Games, Puss in Boots, Ella Enchanted, Lion king, Toy Story (1-3), Rush Hour, Inception, Chronicles of Narnia, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Avengers, Rise of the Guardians, Treasure Planet, The Little Mermaid

Plays: Wicked, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, La Cage aux Fools, Wizard of Oz, Lion King, Addams Family, Sailor's Tales,

Books: Warriors, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Pendragon, Percy Jackson, Mortal Instruments, The name of this book is Secret, Tigers Quest, Inheritance, Infernal Devices, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Legend Trilogy, Heroes of Olympus, 13 Reasons Why, Anna Dressed in Blood, Crossroads, Divergent (only the first one; the last two sucked), Mazerunner, Anything John Green, The Guardians of Childhood, Book Thief

Anime: Soul Eater, Avatar: the last air bender, Wolf's Rain, fullmetal Alchemist, Fruit Basket, Avatar: Legends of Korra, Fairy Tail, Teen Titans, Death Note, Squidgirl

Manga: Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Souls Eater NOT!, Avatar: The Search, the Promise, and the Rift

Shows: Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Heroes, How I met Your Mother

Animals: cheetahs, dogs, tigers, wolves, lions,

Color: purple, black, blue, green, red, indigo


1. Put all religion, society, and personal thoughts aside (I'm talking to you desperate girls), If men could choose, all men would choose to be gay. It would be so much easier! Proof: When the female clownfish dies, the largest male transforms into a female.

2. The world is bias against lefties. Proof: Righty desks, but no lefty desks, we write left to right Fact: Lefties are naturally suppose to write right to left, but society makes us write left to right. Proves by fellow lefty conspiratist (and i guess painter) Leonardo Da Vinci, he wrote all his notes right to left.

3. Why has no one heard of the movie treasure planet? The government is covering up Disney making new themes- themes not about beauty, nor princesses, nor being perfect. Treasure Planet is just an adventurous, not totally attractive, smart kid. Proof: Just go watch the movie it's so good!

4. Jack Frost is real and all the other holiday things. The guy who wrote the Guardians of Childhood met them and told him their stories. Everyone read them and it was eventually turned into a movie (Rise of the Guardians)

5. All white girls say "Oh my God" before every other sentence. I was talking to my friend Xavier and he told me this. I knew it was true because I almost answered, "Oh my God! That's true!" (Luckily I caught myself.) Proof: My two friends and I kept a tally for every time we said it. Yeah... they said it 43 times in 2 hours. I only didn't because I kept my mouth shut! (which is a unheard of moment in itself. lol get it unheard. being quiet. Yeah, I should just stick to writing stories...)

Obsessions: tennis, Captain Jack Sparrow, Neil Patrick Harris, Magnus Bane, Leo Valdez, Gray Fullbuster. i love them!! the songs i write sins not tragedies by PANIC! At the Disco, Mr. Brightside by the Killers, In to Deep by Sum 41, Fatlip by Sum 41, You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by the Offspring, Secrets by, It's Time by Imagine Dragons, DOCTOR WHO, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Sherlock Holmes, Jack Frost, Jon Cozart, Teefury, Natsu the Salamander, Chip Tolentino, Katheryn, Jennifer Lawrence, Catbug

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