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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon.

Oh hey I'm is Flash3. Some of you know me as SlashtheSceptile or EasySlash but this is gonna stay as my pen name. As of June 25 2011, I am a beta reader so you can as for help with OC stuff for Pokemon except for tournaments so yeah. By the way, just call me Flash.

I'm 15 years old (So what? Pokemon is beast!!!!)

I like basketball, tennis, kung fu, karate, jijutsu, and boxing(Pacquio FTW!!!!!!)
Who is my favorite?

1. Dwyane Wade
2. Rajon Rondo
3. Andre Igoudala
4. Kyrie Irving
5. Paul George

Tennis: I don't watch Tennis

Fighting: Jackie Chan

Boxing: Manny Pacquio(GO MANNY!)

1. Sceptile
2. Roserade
3. Deoxys
4. Azelf
5. Darkrai

Shiny Pokemon
1. Sceptile
2. Lucario
3. Staraptor
4. Uxie
5. Giratina

Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Singer: Eminem

I like any song that sounds good especially rap, and I like fanfics that require Ocs.

My OCs

Name: Dwyane Arias

Nicknames: none

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Hometown: Fortree city(Hoenn)


Hair: Black, wavy, medium sized hair

Eyes: Brown eyes

Body: muscular

Height: 5'5

Skin tone: tanned

Extra: He has a scar on his right side from getting attacked by a wild Eevee


Everyday: Brown shirt, Blue jean, White Nike shoes

Swimming: Blue trunks

Cold Weather: Brown shirt, Black coat, Gray sweatpants,

Hot Weather: Red sleeveless shirt, Gray shorts, Gray sandals

Formal: Black tux, Black pants, Black shoes

Coordinator Outfit: None

Sleep clothing: Gray shirt, Black shorts


Personality: He is a kind person. He doesn't get mad until the person keeps annoying him like trash talking him. He loves to battle so he will never back down. He is a person that can trust about a secret or something personal. He can make friends easily and jumps into basketball games when he can. He will jump into any sports as long as it is not baseball. If he gets into a fist-fight, he won't try to make them bleed but he will if he has to. He never provokes any fights though.

Like: Pokemon battles, Basketball, Cheeseburger, Shakes, Trustworthy people, Swimming

Dislike: Baseball, Untrustworthy people,

Hobbies: Battle a random trainer if they agree, swim if it's okay, play basketball, listen to his ipod, sleep if he gets really bored

Occupation: Trainer

Strategy: He is unpredictable but many counters his opponents attack with his own.

Family: Roberto(Dad) Dmetri(Mom) Antonio(Brother) Rozele(Sister)

Friends: He wants a trustworthy friend who can keep a secret and loves
Basketball. He/She can be any age from any region. They are either a battler, coordinater, or a doctor, but they dont have to be good

Crush: A girl that cares about her own pokemon like Dwyane and is nice and trustworthy

History: At age 6, he got a treecko as a gift. Then he went on his own adventure at age 10 because he saw how awesome pokemon battles can be. He caught a Roselia at age 11 to Grovyle's (because he evolved) request. He caught 2 Eevees at age 12 because he saw an Umbreon battle and it looked really cool. On his way back to Fortree City he caught a Male Kirlia and right before he made it, he caught a Riolu. When he came home he went to high school and played basketball in his freshman year.


Species: Sceptile

Nickname: Slash

Gender: Male

Ability: Unburden

Personality: He is at a Adamant nature and always holds a grass gem. He loves Rose and Darkness and his teammates(except for Rose) knows it so they(especially Darkness) tries to hook each other up. He is fearless in his power until it comes to love. Knows Leaf Blade, Dragon claw, Acrobatics, Swords Dance

Evolves: No

Species: Roserade

Nickname: Rose

Gender: Female

Ability: Natural Cure

Personality: It has a modest nature. She likes Slash, too and Snow knows it. She tries to her to ask Slash out but she is too shy to ask him. She is a shy pokemon and has never tried to swim. Knows Energy ball, Sludge bomb, Psychic, Shadow ball

Evolve: No

Species: Umbreon

Nickname: Darkness

Gender: Male

Ability: Synchronize

Personality: Quirky nature. He tries to hook Slash up with Rose the most out of everyone. He will try taunting, annoying, even pranking him just to ask Rose out.'He is sneaky so do not put any items near him.Knows Dark pulse, Double team, Psychic, Toxic

Evolve: No


Nickname: Snow

Gender: Female

Ability: Ice Body

Personality: She has a Modest nature. She is not mischievous like her brother, Darkness, but does want Rose and Slash together. She will try to get them in one room and lock the door until they confess which doesn't work but won't do anything else.Knows Ice beam, Water pulse, Attract, Rain dance

Evolve: No

Species: Gallade

Nickname: Blade

Gender: Male

Ability: Justified

Personality: Adamant nature. He loves watching cuts girl pokemon sleep. He really thinks that he should hypnotize Rose to say that she likes Slash but Slash will not let him unless he wants to get a real butt-whooping from him

Moves: Hypnosis, Psycho cut, Close combat, Night slash


Species: Shiny Riolu

Nickname: Auros

Gender: Male

Ability: Steadfast

Personality: Modest nature. He is a childish pokemon until he evolves to a Lucario. He doesn't pay attention with Slash and Rose but wants attention from his teammate and his trainer, but it will all change when he evolves

Moves: Aura sphere, Psychic, Calm mind, Extremespeed

Evolve: Yes. Auros evolves in a random one pokemon battle when it seems hopeless that he will lose that match.

Pokemon Partner: For now Auros will travel outside the pokeball until he evolves.'When it's like a dance or when they can swim, everyone comes out of the pokeball

My OC is in: Pokemon Online by cavaner, Tell the Truth Then Run by Fightingchance, Latias and the Legend Hunters by Ghost Reaper, The Quest for the Legendary Soothe Bell by kaiyatisu, and It's a Pokemon Adventure in Unova! by Bobby. jr

Name: Jayden Castilo

Nickname: Jay

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown: Snowpoint City(Sinnoh)


Hair: Blond, straight with bangs

Eyes: Blue-green

Body: Muscular

Height: 5'8

Skin tone: Pale

Extra: None


Everyday: Red shirt, black pants, black shoes

Swimming: White trunks

Hot weather: Gray shirt, red shorts, black sandals

Coordinator Outfit: None

Sleep Clothing: Gray shirt, blue shorts, black sandals

Cold weather: Same as everyday with a black sweater

Formal: Red Pollo shirt, black pants, black tie, brown shoes


Personality: He is a kind person. He doesn't get mad until the person keeps annoying him like trash talking him. He loves to battle so he will never back down. He is a person that can trust about a secret or something personal. He freaks out when he loses something and no matter what, he will be really pissed if he finds the thief instead of someone turning it. He tries to stay quiet in a battle but will sometimes taunt the person if they are in a stall match. He thinks it's funny if the person starts getting mad over the computer when he plays computer games or in a pokemon battle.

Like: Girls, Food, Battles, Sports

Dislike: Annoying people, ugly girls, baseball

Hobbies: Play on computer, basketball, sleep, talk to people

Occupation: Trainer

Strategy: Trash talks to get into opponent's head so they wont concentrate and they will make mistakes.

History: At age 5, he got a Chimchar because Professor Rowan gave it to him. When he was 7, he caught a Zorua thinking he caught a Deoxys. While he was in a cave at age 10, he caught a Rhyhorn. He then caught a Skarmory when it was flying somewhere. He caught a Chinchou a year later because he wanted to travel past water. Finally, he caught a Scyther on his way back home at age 13.



Nickname: Nate

Gender: Male

Ability: Blaze

Personality: Bashful Nature. He is a really nice pokemon and enjoys helping others. He likes to protect the weak and is very energetic. Knows Overheat, Close Combat, Mach punch, Taunt


Nickname: Zach

Gender: Male

Ability: Illusion

Personality: Modest Natured. He likes to prank other pokemon and really likes to get in Jay's nerves. He only fights when he is in a dangerous position. He gets into a lot of trouble mainly because he doesn't stop pranking others. Knows Night daze, Focus blast, Flamethrower, and Nasty Blast


Nickname: Rick

Gender: Male

Ability: Solid Rock

Personality: Adament natured. He is a very violent pokemon and it's hard to calm him down. He fights a lot of pokemon and only calms down when Jay tells him to. He is a nice pokemon if others don't make him mad. Knows Rock Wrecker, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Stealth Rock


Nickname: Sanchez

Gender: Male

Ability: Sturdy

Personality: Quirky natured. He is the peacekeeper of the entire team. He calms down many pokemon, except for Rick, if they are upset. He likes to wear other pokemon down in battle and annoys them by roosting up. Knows Spikes, Roost, Whirlwind, and Brave Bird


Nickname: Leizel

Gender: Female

Ability: Volt Absorb

Personality: Modest natured. She just minds her business, but will do anything that Jay will tell her if she can do it. She doesn't get in trouble because of this. Knows Thunderbolt, Light screen, Scald, and Attract


Nickname: Steven

Gender: Male

Ability: Technician

Personality: Adamant natured. He is basically like Leizel but he likes to train to level up. This is why Steven is second pokemon in command. He never gives in to a fight until he is completely knocked out. Knows Bullet punch, X Scissor, Superpower, and Swords dance.

My OC is in: SAWT by B21

Stories that I am currently working on

Pokemon Saviors of the Regions(Pokemon)
Darkrai is about to destroy the human race. Now it is up to the Rebellion to save mankind and save themselves. Not accepting any more OCs

Pokemon Regional Champion(Pokemon)
32 contestants, 1 will be champion of all regions. Who's going to be the victor? NO MORE OCS. IT IS NOW CLOSED. Now rated T for my decision that some OCs may curse.-Discontinued

Here are couples that I like and actually can imagine:

Pokemon Anime
Ash and Misty(Come on now, they are about the same age and there is a scene in pokemon that hints the marriage)
May and Drew(Contest battlers. If you think about it, they have similar personalities)
Dawn and Paul(I really don't know, they just look good together)
Steven and Winona(Yeah weird to others)

Pokemon as in Pokemon(Most of these pretty obvious)
Azelf and Celebi
Victini and Mew
Grovyle and Shiny Celebi
Mesprit and Jirachi
Sceptile and Roserade(two favorite pokemon and they would have the same personality)
Infernape and Lopunny
Machamp and Medicham
Manectric and Absol
Luxray and Ninetales
Staraptor and Swellow
And others that doesn't pop out soon enough

Naruto(All of them self explanatory)
Naruto and Hinata
Neji and Tenten
Shikimaru and Temari
Kiba and Ino
Probably others but I stopped watching the anime

Legend of Zelda
Link and Zelda(Pretty obvious)
Link and Tetra(They look cute together)

Angel Beats
Otonashi and Kanade
Hinata and Yuri
Hinata and Yui

Things I don't see and dislike: That includes Yaoi!

Pokemon Anime
Ash and any other main characters(If that happens, it will make Ash look like a pedophile)
Brock and Misty(Really?? Why?)
Harley and May(Dude, May is DISGUSTED by Harley!)
Dawn and Barry(Well, it isn't bad but I don't think it will work out)
Cilan and Iris(I just don't like them together)

Pokemon itself
Eeveelution and Eeveelution(I can tell why but I see them as brother and sister. Basically pokemon with the same evolutionary line.)
Dialga and Palkia/Giratina(Really!!! They all look like men)
Moltres and Zapdos(They look like guys) Same with the Hoenn three

Meh, I got nothing really

Legend of Zelda
Link and Ruto(Ruto looks like a freakin fish!)
Link and any minor character(If they are going to be couples, at least add them to be a to do list for rescue!)

Angel Beats
Otonashi and Iwasawa(Sorry fans but Otonashi only likes one girl and one girl only)

Okay so I have some upcoming stories that I plan to publish. Most of them has Ocs so feel free to PM me for one of my stories so here are stories that I will definitely publish.

World Tag Team Battles(Pokemon)
There are 64 teams and definitely only one team will win. Who will be the victor? There is a 1/32 chance of winning. Ocs are definitely needed because I can't make up 64 teams.

National Pokeball Association
Basketball has moved in the Pokemon World and is spreading to different regions. Many pokemon are now starting to try out for a team so there is a tournament. Now you need 10 Pokemon to make you're team.

Okay those are the only ones that I plan on publishing

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