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hi. I'm a lozer. but, oh, well. check this out:
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gonna stop being the big lozer that i am...and say...HI!...ok I'll shut
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I'm just gonna put this:
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2)now breathe...breathe. All of your agression flows away
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and so on...
Vegeta: I'm hungry woman. get me some food!
Yami:you're always hungry
Bulma:Shut-up you 2
Bra:I hate my name...
Trunks:me too
Goten (doesn't get it):Bra Briefs, Trunks Briefs...
Master Roshi: laughing histaricaly (hentai)
Chibi Usa:don't feel bad Goten. I don't get it either.
Trunks: See Goten, I told you there was SOMEBODY in this world that
could understand you.
Chi-chi:you should get married!
Mai:can I help with the plans?
Yugi:ya, and we can have a dueling tornament!
Seto:And I can finally prove that I am the best...Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha
coughing fit
Mokuba:Brother? Are you ok?
Melmel (my friend):ppl's out of the way! I'm the nurse here!
Courtcourt(another friend):YA!
Mokusei(yet ANOTHER friend): Hi. What is your name? Makoto:Behave
Rie: Her, behave? P-L-ease
Minako:she's just a kid!
Pan (to Ed):I think this is the begining of a beautiful friendship
Spike:you're not coming with us!
Vedel:No she is not!
Jet: you guys should go out some time
Jou(drunk):what's miname?
Julia (another friend):I hate anime
Everyone:O_O gasp
some weak, pathetic reader: How dare you! tacles Julia
Patrick (jule's bro):boot to da head. (it u wanna know what this is
about ask me in an e-mail)
reader: x_X
J,P:now what have you learned?
reader:I cannot beat you alone...
I'll make a new skit or sumthin' everytime i get the chance. if i left
any1 or any show out. complain in a review.
go to http:///test/t_inuyasha.html and find out
wat character u are...I'M INUYASHA! I'll shut up now...
Vegeta:reading Q-card Subject:So i don't look like an imbosil...The
only thing we know about u is that your a lozer and you're most like
Me:kinda mad cuz he read the subject(the point of the Q-card)
Vegeta:still reading Q-card tell us sum other stuff about u
name:luna - ah-ha
hair:brown w/ NATUAL golden streaks
Best Friends(nicknames): Mokusei, Izzy, kawaii yami, linz, melmel,
Julz, Ichigo, Zach
Status @ skool:lozer, tomboy, freak
fav anime:hmmmm...probly Cowbow Bebop and DBZ...CB cuz of the
guns...and DBZ cuz of the blood and gore and stuff...
BOOKS? Youth of the Nation-POD...and sum others
wat are u emotionaly: I am almost always happy/hyper...but i am
depressed/suisidal...kreepy ain't it?
do u care wat others think: I couldn't care less
hobbys: my guitar and I am a 1 time drawer... which pretty much means i
can only draw things perfectly 1 time...x-cept Gohan w/ long hair...
fanfics:like most things-besides school-they're done out of boredom
1 thing (other than the skateboard u want so much)u need: a life... and
a camcorder
how can u get it: i can't o--O--o whhhaaaaaaaa!
favorate writer(not u):SSJSky
1 fault:she needs a new computer so that she can update more often...
Inuyasha:I agree...she does need a life...isn't that right Kikyo?
Kagome:my names kagome KA-GO-ME...but yes she does...
Kikyo:he knows ur name! He was talkinng to me giggles she needs 5 lives
Shippo:o there's 3 people to fight...
Yami? (to Shibo) w t f?
Marick:...don't ask
me:...(mocking)my...such colorful lanuage...
Fine be that way! anyways. I can do a manuel...for about 3
seconds...then my head starts yawns
about the unamed story: 2 things. (1) If the title of a chappie/ficcie
has the word 'suggestion' in it make a suggestion! (2)If i don't see
more reviews i'll stop updating. Julia: good!
readers: look! she's conciece again! knocks her out again
Yami: Where's your yami?
Lunarotimas: I'm a Schizo
Yami: that explains alot...
Yugi: a what?
Yami: She has multiple personalities
Yugi:oh, ok
Luna: with a reappaering, corner-free chocolate chip cookies given by
kawaii yami yummy! -.-
Next is a whole BUNCH depressing shit and then after that, MORE
Ever get that feeling, you're all alone, nobody understands you, Your
like...just...there...nobody understands you, or doesn't care to? Ever
get that single feeling...your incomplete? Theres no love for you
Because of one reason or another? There's nowhere to run to? there's
nobody on this Earth that comfort you. Your depressed, on the brink of
suicide. But to scared to drage that knife or pull that trigger? Your
scared, paranoid about...everything? You know you need help, but your
so scared. You start failing in school, you push yourself away and turn
to whatever you can, turning againts nearly everybody. Sometimes drugs,
some times alcohol, sometimes friends that you know you can count on no
matter what, music, drawing, painting, art in general, anime, Cartoons,
T.V. in general, fanfics, the computer, technology, nothingness,
shopping, I could make a list that goes around the Earth 5 x's and can
still go beyond the moon. You don't care about anything anymore. You
just let things happen. Until one day it just goes away, be it one day
where all of a sudden you relize you're pregnant or that you're a
single mom with 5 kids, or one day when you move out of the house, or
just out of the middle of nowhere. You find that you did comit suicide.
You killed a good bit of your soul. While you wore that facade that you
were cool-to-the-core...emotionless...carefree..whatever, you killed
your soul, you stopped loving,and you grew rather cold. not nessacerily
cold-hearted, but colder. You argued with your parents alot, argued
with your friends. Now here you are, somewhat a loner, but still
somewhat still comftible with yourself. You wake up, keeping that
suicidal feeling never leaving you completely, It's become part of you.
You don't need to know anything else. I feel that way. I know how you
feel. If you _ever_ need _ANYTHING_ you can E-mail me, IM me, call me,
or just show up at my doorstep for all I care and I'll be glad to help
however I can.- ME!
laying down , go to sleep , dreams of you, murdered child,lullabies,
hes watching me,
slipping away from where i was and should be.
going blind , the darkness is so bright.
fade to black,crazi one, lock me up ,mentally sick,
i hate you all . no faith left , splintering my soul six million pieces .
just another faceless name ,
standing there,
i like the way you just like to watch ,observing me.
yet you never try to save me ,dont try to cage me.
you let me be free yet you hold on close.
lift me up and hold me there,
for one last time i see the sun.
the image of death is breathign down my neck.
icy cold coming over me almost frozen. the fever in my soul cant show
throught the entangled mess i call my front, my cover, dont ask me how
or why i do the things i do or dont.
how do you act like the way i present myself is flawless? act like you
can see right through. you have no clue on what my next move might be.
death or just setting myself free...
...-My friend, Maraih, who will brutally murder you with no remorse for
their pathectic life you if you take it and say it's yours
so lost ,confused... where am i now? you should knoe.. you dragged me
here ... here i am fighting with my emotions in my head .. spinnning
and replaying ... trying to find the out in the words you said... what
did you mean .. watch it over and over in my head ... you driving away
, so far yet your barely gone . to far to touch but close enough to
miss ... watching my image in the maze .. lost again just like me...
try to prove you were helping me get out ... thinkin of all your words
... falling into the blackness ensure me in not alone then leave me to
cry ... the tears are acid burning me .. consuming the last of my
broken soul in your hands ... melt it down to the truth ... pure
loathing and hatred. i knoe you see it there but refuse to understand
and withstand the flame its so deep within you but i can see it
straining thru the surface of your fake life . -ditto
i walk in, you'll smell the poison on my breath, x's carved into my
wrists ,i knoe you feel guilty,that you drove me to do all the things
they warned me not to,i could smile at you, finally free, fading out,
forget me so,and miss me not, my dream all burn as you watch blood pour
from me,swore i wouldnt let you see me cry, promised myself no
breakdowns , not with you there, you were there in the dark when they
were scared of me, call me a freak, giggle when i walked past, i didnt
knoe, i wouldnt allow you to see, what it was for me, but now the
poison is kicking in and i hear you scream as my eyes turn grey, its
all done and i'm through, i hear you pray, my last thought will be of
you , sirens in the background as i fall down , but once again,no lies
from me, you never saw me cry... -ditto
So many tears in my eyes,
all damn tears from your lies.
You told me you we're true,
dude i thought i could trust you.
I hate how you treat me,
god damn just let me be.
I loved you then,
but who cares wht coulda been,
cause man now we're not even frends.
It rilly isnt that your holding her hand this time,
dude its just that your not holding mine.
How could you,
i thought i knew you.
All those things you said i lack,
man i just wanna go back.
It's just ,you swore to me,
that we would always be,
but dude you left me here to bleed...
calm me down, its all okay.
the blood rush slows in my aching veins.
traces of black running down my face.
bound in place by invisible chains.
you can feel it when you are falling,
feel your blood boil ,
your body weak , your heartrate speeds,
all the memories spinning around inside your head,
faster when you realize you are really here and its all true.
you knoe in your mind you cant stop it , its stronger than you are and
the power of the feeling runs through your head over and over til you
drown in your nothingness.
dont lie you knoe its there you knew it was coming. you lied to
yourself though and decieved yourself into believe your lies . all so
you could hide from your own insecure ways. you knew it was wrong and
you knew you would fall down in the end. but you kept up your act but
now the ends are coming untied and all you can see is the reality .
Don't say you love me unless it is true, i might do something crazy
like believe you...
I am through with guys,they all tell lies, they break your heart, they
you cry,loving guys is such a sin, oooo hey check that guy who just
walked in...
I am just a girl,standing in front of a boy,asking him to love me.
If you want me to fall for you, you gotta give me something worth
trippin over!
Don't promise me the moon and stars, just promise me you'll stay under
them, with me.
Why does a rose represent love ,when a rose always dies?
Tears are words the heart can't say
Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never harm me, that
ain't true,i would give all my bones to never have heard the words that
you said to me..
I must be wishing on someone else's star because she keeps getting
everything i wish for..
I think i've already lost you,i think your already gone, you think i'm
weak,i think your wrong...
Sex,drugs,rock an roll,
speed ,weed, birth control,
Life's a bitch, then you die,
So hang with me and we'll get high,
Drink a keg,smoke a bowl,
Fuck the world,get driven home,
To all you preps who think your cool,
-ditto (no, she doesn't do drugs) those r my OTHER friends
I love my life,
I love my frends,
I love myself,
I knoe i can achieve anything,
But Most of i knoe, that none of this is true.
-both (ditto/ has meaning 2 me)
~I hate you~
i hate the way you look at me,
and the way you cut your hair,
i hate the way you drive my car,
i hate it when you stare.
i hate your big dumb combat boots,
and the way you read my mind,
i hate it so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
i hate it when you're always right,
and i hate it when you lie,
i hate it when you make me laugh
even worse when you make me cry,
i hate it when you're not around,
and the fact that you didn't call, but mostly i hate it how i don't
hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
xxKawaii Yamixx:Sampoo is Sampoo (shampoo-Ranma1/2...)
Lunarotimas:and Ed is Ed!-.- (Cowboy Bebop)
Angel-honey(The young mistress of insanity): and I'm PAN!
Mokusei: Mokusei is Mokusei
Julia:and I'm Sugar baby!
all: gasp
Lunarotimas/xxKawaii Yamixx: WE'RE GOING TO A COSPLAY PARTY!
Lunarotimas/xxKawaii Yamixx:costume...
Lunarotimas/xxKawaii Yamixx:ya...
June 6,2003...
EVERY1...well every1 who gets out that day...:LAST OF SCHOOL...what 2
do...PARTAY!head over to Lunarotimas's house POOL PARTY!WOOHOO
(Something similar 2 this actually happened...)
what actually happened
Mokusei-comes over so that she doesnt have to go to that, and i quote
"Hell-hole" the Y...i used to go's not really that bad...she
just doesn't like ppl...
Julia-calls me 2 come over on her bike...that's about...a...15-30 min
Mokusei:wants 2 to go to the park
Lunarotimas: plans w/ Julia
all:choose 2 go 2 Sun Grove (a little ice-cream place not 2 far from my
Lunarotimas:holds up Mokusei
Julia-arrives, tired, has freezing water
all: leave the house w/ $
walk down 2 Angel-honey(The young mistress of insanity)'s house-just
down the street
Julia-laughs about how she had gotten to Angel-honey(The young mistress
of insanity)'s house B4 not recognizing the street,thought she went the
wrong way, and back tracked, then going the long way around, got 2 my
all- got Angel-honey(The young mistress of insanity) then left 4 Sun
...(summing it up)...go 2 my house, go swimming, call Kawaii Yami
all:waits 4 Kawaii Yami
Mokusei's mom: arrives
Lunarotimas+Julia: get rid of Angel-honey(The young mistress of
xxKawaii Yamixx: arrives Julia: leaves
KY/Luna-go to park + skare ppl
...that's pretty much it... SUDBURY ROX! does...pout see...for those dimmies (dimwit's for those of
you that are to dim to figure that out...) that don't know what the
heck Sudbury is...IT'S THE AWSOMEST THING IN THE WORLD...well...after
friends,b/f-g/f's,etc. and games...IT'S THE BEST!lol
I't's like a school where they like...don't control your life!look it
I know I've been really dark lately and it shows in my profile so I'd
like to APOLIGIZE if you chat with me I'm not nearly that dark. It's
like...this facade and this is the only place I can brake out of it.
sorry. I'll try to make it cheeryer smile
i'm like...
I _am_ obseesed...
I'm trying to tell u sumthin'...
nvm starts laughing a creepy hyper, and very loud laugh, very loudly
me and mokusei are gettin baptized...w00t! (i don't cared wat she sais!
she's getting baptized dang-it!)
i wanna be posesed by an animal...hmmm...
food is good munch
raven smiling is the apocolyps
oooooh! pocky lips! are they like, edible wax lips...cuz they're like,
lips, like, made of pocky
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