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Author has written 6 stories for Blue Dragon, Kuroshitsuji, and Kung Fu Panda.

I made a DeviantART account! Its: MrsFrenchFry

NEWS 2015!!!!

Hey guys! Here's 2015 news!! Fresh from the oven, yeah? xD

So anyways, I kinda have bad news... I don't really plan on going on Fanfiction anymore. Sorry :( I'm just not really into it anymore.

But hey, if you wanna contact me, I'm mostly available on DeviantART and on Instagram. My instagram is: PrincessOfVamps

Love you guys, thanks for reading my stories :)

Random things I've never...Ironically got...

1.If guns don't kill people,people kill people...

Does that mean that toasters don't toast toast,toast toast toast?

2.If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly...

Why did it fall off? (I think I got the answer to this one...Because even if the shoe fits perfectly,it could fall off... Like in the movie.if the shoe didn't fall off,the prince wouldn't of had never found her ;D)

3.I just realised that it can never be opposite day...

Cause if it is...Then it isn't. (Well,if you say that it's not opposite day...Isn't it technically really opposite day?)

4.Wouldn't it be ironic,

To die in the LIVING room?

5.How can the world end in 2012...

If I have a yogurt that expires in 2013? (Seriously...I have cookies that expire in 2013 -_-)

6.If Plankton wants the Krabby Patty formula so bad...

Why won't he use Google? He has a computer wife,right? (I just don't get it O_O Idiot XD)


Welcome to my random profil:) (Stalker...-.-' XD)

ηαмє: Guess ;D (Hint:It starts with A-r-i-e-l-l-e ok?)

αgє: MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!...I'm 17 years old :)

вιятнdαу: January 20

Gender: 100% FEMALE!!! :DDD

ℓσcαтιση: Somewhere on a planet called: Earth.

Skin: Pale white. *shrugs* I burn like bacon in sunlight -.-'

Ability: I have the ability to eat like a pig and not be able to gain weight

Sign: Aquarius! :D Or Capricorn...Dunno O_O In some sites or my friend's magazine,they always seem to say it differently...XD

Animals I have and had: Before I had like...6 fishes...But it was boring cus they only eat,sleep,eat,sleep,eat,sleep,eat,sleep,die.I also had a lizard named Potato...But he died...*Sniff*But now I have a cat named KitKat:)(HE'S NOT A CHOCOLAT BAR!!)He's so cute!!!His birthday is January 18.2 Days before my birthday:)He was my birthday gift when I turned 12.And if you must know,I always name my animals by food name...Like example,the 6 fishes I had,I named them by the names: French Fry,Lasagna,Hamburger,Donut,Ice Cappucino From Tim Hortons and the last one well...It wasnt a food name...It was: Chapalapadingdingdong...

Hair color(random): Ok...For this one,I'm mix.So that means that I have brown,blonde,red and black.But I could just say brown cus the Black,red and blonde it just shows when you see it from close in the sunlight...And why do I have to be so specific? P.S. IT'S MY NATUREL HAIR COLOR!!!

Windows To The Soul: My beautiful windows to the soul is a light and also dark brown color, but it really shows it's true colors when it shines a bright golden-orange tint in the fiery sun... :) When seen in the sunlight, I was once called a certain 'Vampire' by many humans as I stood in the school yard. Even in history class, because of the brightness of the lights in class,it did the same affect as outside...Sorta. So ,my friend asks me: "Are you a vampire?(in french) then I reply with a grin: "Maybe..." But normal 'lights'(flashlight,nightlight etc.) does not have the same marvelous affect as the ball of fire in far space that does to my mysterious orbs...And in addition of my pretty strands of hair(that shows it's true colors in sunlight also),I am indeed more...Erm...*Speechless* Anyways! *grins* Screw Vampires! I wanna be a Unicorn! Or...A pink Dinosaur! RAWR!

P.S.'Windows to the soul' mean eyes...If you didn't know that O.O

Favourite color: Neon green! *shrugs* I can't say Black anymore because it's actually a shade...Not a color...*Frowns* SCREW THE RULES I LOVE BLACK ANYWAYS!!!

Favourite animals: I'M IN LOVE WITH CATS!!!!! *awkward moment of silence*...Mrrrrrow :3 *purs* I also like white wolfs and bats ;)

Favourite kind of music: Rock,Metal(a little),Post-Hardcore(ROCK,METAL AND POST-HARDCORE FOREVER!!!) and sometimes some random weird music I find on youtube like ex.: Nyan Cat...O_O

Favourite Band: £vanescence(Rock Band)

Other Bands/singers I like: Asking Alexandria, Atrium, Avenged Sevenfold, The Birthday Massacre, Blood On The Dance Floor(BOTDF FOREVAH!!!!), Breaking Benjamin, Broken Iris, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides(BVB ARMY!!!! :D) , Daughtry, Disturbed, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Green Day, Hanna Pakarinen, HeLLeR, Nickleback, James Durbin, Kalafina, Kanon Wakeshima, KoRn, LaFee, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Of Mice And Men, Pierce The Veil, Poets Of The Fall, Porcelain And The Tramps,The Pretty Reckless, Rob Zombie, Red Hot Chili Peppers(just a little!), Seether, Short Stack, Skillet, Sleeping With Sirens, Three Days Grace, The Used, Valentine, We Are The Fallen, Within Temptation and 30 Seconds To Mars :P


Favourite anime shows:

Blue Dragon(Its awesome! But I can't believe the US cancelled it...I only watched 2 episodes on TV!) Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) (I was watching this show almost a year ago but I forgot to say it here XD) Death Note (OMG! After the first episode,I was completly hooked!!!) Murder Princess (Even if there is not alot of episodes...) Spice and Wolf(You just gotta love it) Inuyasha(Its cool) Yugioh(Card Games have more secrets then you think)Sonic X, Pokemon (well,I don't watch the shows anymore but I kinda still play the games on DS XD)and more.


Catch phrase: I Believe What I Believe And I Believe In The Power Of Toast!

[ Crazy ] 50% [ Random ] 50%

FanFiction: XxZolaxX (Which is pretty obvious...:))
DeviantART: MrsFrenchFry (please watch me! :D)

Instagram: PrincessOfVamps (Follow me?? :))

Favourite phrases(I Randomly made):

1. ...What?

2. Sorry,miscalculation at my part/

3. I love French Fries!Yay!French Fry lover number 1!!!:D

4. Zola fans rule!!!!!!*Waves flag*

5. You know what?Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche.

6. Be smart...Eat donuts. :)

7. Embrace your weirdness!

8. First of all,don't point. Its rude.

9. Don't you touch him you...you...you...you strawberry poptart!

10. If people make fun of you, that probably means you're doing something right.

11. Don't be afraid of the shadows, that only means there's a light nearby.

12. BACON FTW!!!!

13. I'll take a potato chip and EAT IT! (Quote,Light.:D)

14. Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake. (Quote,L!)

15. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

16. I don't give a freaking potato. Therefore, not a single freaking potato will be given.



Current Song Obsessions: Dead Walker Texas Ranger - Sleeping With Sirens! :')

Current Anime(or movie) Obsession: (I don't know anymore...Sorry! XD)

Current Monster Obsession: Nessie!!!!! XD I believe in the Loch Ness Monster!

Current Band Obsession: Sleeping With Sirens!!!! :)

líkєѕ: Cake,Anime shows,drawing(I'm one of the best drawers in my class:D),writing stories,writing poems,going on facebook, fanfiction(usually just to read...),watching tv,listening to music,eating,sleeping,being CrAzY,shaving my under arms, cookies,hanging out with my best friends,NOT going to school, saturdays(Why does everyone like friday's???We still have school right?),being alone in my room just chillin and crying... XD Joke ;P

Díѕlíkєѕ: The color yellow(it's the color of happiness!!! ),spiders,math(math scares me O.O),tomatos,pop music,hip hop music, perverts,bananas(it's horrible!),losing to video games,winter(it's too cold),summer(it's too hot),chores,ketchup(IT KILLS FRIES!!!).

Loves the most: Sleeping;)

Hates the most: getting up-_-(Early in the morning for school...)

Language: English and French(I GO TO FRENCH SCHOOL!!!!So if you find english mistakes...Its not really my fault okay?)

Weirdest dream I ever had: I dreamed that I was making pancakes with a monkey...O_O


FACTS about meh!!!! :"DDDDD

1. I once had a pet lobster...that was in a river...that I caught with a cheap net...that was already dead...that I kept for almost a whole month...and it smelt.

2. My friends say that I laugh like the cookie monster. Does the cookie monster even LAUGH??? :O Oh yeah...He does. XD

3. At one point in my life,I was obsessed with rainbow chocolate chip cookies and shaving. How wonderful.

4. If you bring me to Hot Topic...I swear,I'll make you buy EVERYTHING.(Where I live,there is no Hot Topic..:( I only have a chance to go when I visit my aunt... which is at least 3 times A YEAR! DX)

5. I always name random stuff either 'Bob', 'Steve', 'Josh', 'Jayy', 'Dahvie', or 'Bobby'...

6. My favourite 'My Little Pony',apparently,has been Rainbow Dash all my life! :"D

7. I love poking people's shoulders and tummy.

8. I don't give a freaking potato of what people think of my style.(unless it's nice and positive!! :D) No, a lot of my family members don't or won't like it if they saw me in it. I don't care. DEAL WITH IT. You have your style,I have mine. I have my life,you have yours. You can call me whatever you want behind my back to other people if it makes you feel better. But in the end, I am strong. I can take it. I don't need your approval to justify my life. Each and every one of us has a fire burning inside of us and you can try like hell to put out the flame but I know who I am meant to be. You don't stand a chance. The end.

9. When one of my nail's break,I go all girly and freak out. (People!!! Nails are important to a girl!!!)

10. I can't even kill a little tiny spider...Because I'm always scared that they'll jump on me O.O

11. I wanted pink hair before...XD

12. At my other school,I was called 'The Queen Of Hula Hooping'. Seriously,I can do it for more than an hour without even stopping!!!

13. I love gay couples! There so cute!!!! !!!! OMG!!! :DDDDD (Oh yeah and by the way... I'm straight I'm not a lesbian or something...Just wanted to write this because when I tell my friends(for example) that I find gay couples SUPER CUTE, they always say "So...What are you then? Are you a lesbian or something?" NO!!!! I'm not! Just because I like gay couples doesn't mean I'm a lesbian! What's wrong with you??? :O I.AM.STRAIGHT!!! I.LIKE.GUYS!!! XD I respect them thought

14. I daydream about food a lot...In class. XD

15. I push doors that say 'Pull' and I pull doors that say 'Push' ...*No comment*

16. I'm the type of person that wants to have super special awesome good notes in my tests and exams at school but,not wanting to study for it. XD Every student is like that these days ;)

17. I hate chatting with people who don't use smileys. I feel like I'm chatting with an emotionless robot.

18. I don't hate school. :) I just hate the teachers(some),the homework,the tests,the exams,the oral presentations and waking up early in the morning.

19. Everytime someone says "Hey you! I like your shirt!" to me,I always have to tilt my head down to look at my shirt because I don't remember what shirt I put on that day. :D

20. I always accidently find myself singing songs I'm suppose to despise. O.O

21. Everytime before I go to bed,I always count how many hours I'm gonna have of sleep. :) XD


Favourite Relaxing Song That Always Makes My Day: Meow Meow Lullaby (I love My Cat! Reminds me of him XD)

Favourite...WEIRD SONG!!!!XD: Cats On Mars (By The Seatbelts)

Hey! Lets play a game! Its called:Made up questions by me,answered my me :)

Instructions: Me:Invent random questions,then answer them You:Read and laugh when its funny...Got it?But if its really not funny...Don't laugh...ok?

1.Are you bored? Yes.

2.Are you so bored that you just wrote the question 'Are you bored'? Yes.

3.Do you feel like eating cake?Yes.

Do you need to go to the bathroom? Yes.

5.Were you so bored that you forgot to add a number 4?

7.Did you just check? ...Yes.

8.You forgot to put number 6. Dammit.


Raaaaandom Polls!:

Do you believe that being able to stuff your mouth with marshmallows is a sign of superior intelligence?: Ok! 4 People voted! And its 4 different answers! I don't feel like saying them so,bye bye! (The poll is closed. I added a new one :))

You are sleeping. What do you dream of?: Ok! 9 People Voted! Good job :) Continue!

-When life gives you lemons, make apple juice, then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it

-When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand chocolate

-When life gives you lemons, squeez them in a mean persons eyes and RUN BIOTCH!












1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Have Fun!

If someone says 'Are you okay?' what do you say?

Lunacy Fringe

How would you describe yourself?


What do you like in a guy/girl?

The Scheme

How do you feel today?

Taking Over me

What is your life's purpose?


What is your motto?

Going Under

What do your friends think of you?


What do your parent think of you?

Come As You Are

What do you think about very often?


What is 2 plus 2?


What do you think of your best friend?


What is your life story?

A Match Into Water

What do you want to be when you're grown up?

Beast Within

What do you think when you see the person you like?


What will you dance to at your wedding?


What will they play at your funeral?

Call Us Forgotten

What is your hobby/interest?

Heaven Knows

What is your biggest fear?


What is your biggest secret?

Happy Together

What do you want right now?

Cats On Mars

What do you think of your friends?


What will you post this as?

The Joker

P.S Am I talking about my life???

p.p.s. i know im being random :) (My BFF wrote this ok?)

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