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Well there's not much besides the fact that i'm easy going and simple. Not really the one to show that much emotion besides happiness and sometimes people get pissed when i don't show that. I'm like why do i have to smile all the time. I don't want to come off as the creepy stalker type even though I know some kind of stalker websites... just kidding, just kidding... Maybe =). umm i guess you can know i can make abe lincoln on the computer with just a keyboard. ====l:) GO ABE WOO!

I love me some Twilight! I used to be obsessed with it but now my obsession has calmed down, but my friends still remember how crazy i used to be but i have come a long way. I still keep tabs on the movies though so I still have some Twilight blood running through me or should I Twilight venom running through me.


Oh shut up Matt.

Well it was a lame joke

Yeah. Yeah I know but anyways i still get giddy about it when someone mentions it.

I think that's all you should know for now So pieces! and don't forget to review!

Ciao for now

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June 14,2011

Hey guys sorry i haven't been updating as recently but i'm trying to do better hopefully inspiration comes for Realizing Love because i dont really know how to set the scene for Bella for her to find out she's prego.

Anyways Adios... for now

-- Beastside Freshie

April 4, 2011

Hi! It's a new month people. Wipe the crust off your eyes and welcome the new season(Its called Spring if you havent noticed). I was thinking that Im going to make another story. It is going to be called For the Love of Freedom. Here's the summary:

Summary: Bella is an indentured servant and the Whitlock house whore. Edward is the nephew to Demetri Whitlock and cousin to Jasper Whitlock. When Edward falls head over heels for Bella will his uncle be able to give her up so she can have freedom?

You like? I do. I'll have it up soon but once I finish the first probably 2 Chapters.

March 31, 2011

Hey Guys Beastside Freshie here. Over Spring Break I updated. Hope you guys like it. I also added a new story called Realizing Love. I hope you guys love that one. I'm starting to, but anyways. Are you guys ready for Breaking Dawn?! I know I am. Don't forget Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon have a new movie called Water for Elephants. Go check it out I know I will. Also I finished the book Torment. Its 2 of 2 in the Fallen Series. Its by Lauren Kate and its really good so go check that out too.

Ta Ta For Now

--Beastside Freshie

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Royal Relaxation reviews
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