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Hello person stalking my profile bio!

You may be here because of a story you've enjoyed from me or possibly saw my username and just clicked to see what I was all about. I can highly reassure you that my writing skills are far better now compared to the stories I have on this account of mine. Even though the stories I wrote and the account in general was made a year or so ago, I have improved immensely since.

Now that that is out of the way, I'd like to explain a little about myself to give you a general idea of who I am as a person...

For starters, once you get to know me more, you'd soon realize that I am a goofy, messed up, random chic. I don't care what others think of me (What's the point in wasting time worrying over that?), nor do I care about their views on how I act. I may seem shy and quiet on the outside, but pair me up with any friend of mine, and you would see otherwise.

I like to write and I love to draw. I stay to read and enjoy reading when I get the time to.

I'm a High School freshman and proud of it! By the time school rolls around again in a week, I'm attempting to be all I can be and have a crazy time. ((I have actually stuck with my motto :D Yay for me!))

I honestly hope that you'll enjoy my older stories on this account! I know, they all need to be revised, edited, and possibly even rewritten depending upon how horribly written they were, but I'll get around to that soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy what I have and love what I have to offer. If you don't like it, well, that's your own problem.



Hello again! As you all may have read, I mentioned in my last update that I was stressing over high school. Why? Because I will be starting high school in less than a week. I've had a little bit of inspiration hit me to continue my stories. However, I'm aware that nearly half (all *cough cough*) of my stories are in dire need of revisions.

Thanks to all who have reviewed my Inuyasha is a WHAT?! story. I will change the spelling errors and whatnot in that story when I get around to it. For now, however, they will remain as such.


Hello everyone, ladies and gents! As of (glances at clock on laptop) 1...57 A.M. this morning, I am announcing that the remainder of my Inuyasha fanfictions should be completed soon enough! I'm sorry for such the long wait! -bows- Please forgive me.

Trouble I've had that has to do with delay of finishing stories:

1.) Chores over summer break (T.T)

2.) Stressing over high school (the building is flippin HUGE! O.O)

and finally,

3.) My old little laptop finally decided to crash, erasing every last bit of wording I put into the progress of my fanfictions T.T

Now, I've recently been bolted down with a little bit of inspiration, so hopefully that'll fuel me enough to actually get some chapters up and runnin! As for what I said a few months ago about abandoning this crappy account...

I can't bring myself to do it. I'm a wimp but its true folks! This account, despite how crappy the stories are written and how horridly I was back when I wrote them that I was, there is just too many memories that go into this account. And thus, I will remain and work here for as long as time shall permit.

My profile could definitely use a little cleaning up since its really outdated O.o Should check into that when I get the time...

Anywho, adios! And thanks so much for the brand new reviews on my Inuyasha is a WHAT! I love you all!

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Inuyasha is a WHAT! reviews
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