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Name: Elaine

Age: still navigating high school

Country: sunny Singapore

Les Miserables! Mizfit through and through. I have a shrine and everything. I have a penchant for Eponine, and have no idea what's that supposed to mean. I do tend to hang out more in the Book section for Les Mis than the Plays/Musicals section. Less EE and Eppie boppers.

I act, I write, I sing, I draw, I play games- but not all at the same time. I like classics and musicals and weird music. And disturbing stuff that you would see on creepypasta. I would like to roll around in a manifestation of angst.

Favourite book/musical: Les Miserables. (I ship one sided Eponine/Marius, Eponine/Montparnasse, Enjolras/'patria', Courfeyrac/everyone (seriously :D). I don't favour EE.)
movies: Amadeus, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Gone with the Wind, Beetlejuice, Rocky Horror Picture Show, anything by Hitchcock
games: Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls, League of Legends, Sims 3
music: musical theatre, oldies, classical, movie soundtracks

I also like Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent, Cats, Sweeney Todd, Wuthering Heights, Wicked, Daria, anything Edgar Allan Poe, and almost anything Tim Burton.