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Hi! It feels like this last year has gone by amazingly quickly. I’ve been busy at work, started volunteering on the side, and taken an important step towards my dream of moving back to Hawaii. All of that has kind of eaten up my writing and reading time, but I’ve tried to sneak a bit in here and there, and hope to be resuming more regular updates!

Me and Five-O

Although I used to live in Honolulu, I only discovered Hawaii Five-O a couple of years ago when our local station started showing the original series late at night, probably as a reaction to the making of the reboot. I don’t know why I never tried watching it before—I guess for some reason I thought I wouldn’t like it. (I recently discovered that I had made a similar mistake with Spam musubi. Yum!) Now I have fallen in love, and am sad about all the wasted years.

To make up for lost time, I started writing Five-O fanfic. Although I’ve read fan fiction for many years and in a variety of fandoms, I never really felt compelled to write any before I started in on “The Telephone Rang”.

As I’ve said here before, I trust the readers to look at stories and reviews and decide for themselves what to think. In keeping with that, everyone is free to review me. I won’t block anyone, and I allow anonymous reviews. (I reserve the right to delete anonymous reviews with nothing sensible to say, and also to post the names of anyone blocking me from reviewing them.)

I write both humor and slightly more serious things, such as my ongoing slash romance series “The Telephone Rang.” I generally write in a slash universe, although this is basically invisible in some of my humor stories.

Changes at and where you can find all my works uncut

Earlier this year took action to remove, among other things, works that they felt were too adult to fit under an “M” rating. They have not really clarified where the dividing line is, but as they removed Part 2 of “The Telephone Rang”, apparently it’s on the wrong side of my sex scenes. I hate abridging, but I also don’t want to violate anyone’s ToS. So, after some thought, I’ve decided to compromise—I’ll leave my works posted here and cut the sex scenes with a message making it clear that I’ve done so.

Because I feel these scenes are an integral part of the series, I would like to recommend that anyone interested in reading it go to my profile (LadyOscar) on the Archive of Our Own where “The Telephone Rang” will always exist uncut (along with some other works even less suitable for You don’t need an Archive account to read or leave feedback, but if you’d like one and I’d recognize your name, let me know!

Here are some direct links:

Part 1 – The Second Confession

Part 2 – It Takes More Than One

Part 3 – Shame and Memories

Part 4 – Three Perfectly Awful Days in Honolulu

The Hawaii Five-O Slashfic Community

It’s annoyed me since I joined this site that there’s no built-in way to label a story as slash or M/M. This is inconvenient both for people who are looking for these stories, and for those who wish to avoid them.

So, I created the Hawaii Five-O Slashfic Community to gather classic Five-O slash stories, and was extremely happy that Senzarit, whose slash universe I deeply love, agreed to become staff. We’ve been very gratified by the response to the community so far, and we’d like to welcome the new slash readers to the classic Five-O section! (Note that while allows stories to be added to a Community without an author’s permission, I think that’s a bit weird, so works will be included in this Community only if their authors wish them to be. If you’ve posted a Classic Five-O slash work and you’d like to have it added, just drop me or Senzarit a PM!)

As always, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads my stories here. I generally write for my own amusement, but I post for you, and I greatly appreciate your feedback via review, PM, or email ( You can find all of my actual works on the Archive of Our Own and a complete set plus some random bits and pieces on my home page at, or at the Never Pau story archive (


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Please, O Corporate Overlords, do not squash me like the insignificant bug that I am.

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