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I bothered to check my profile, after more than a year, and I know now that it needs to be edited. So here goes nothing.

Hello everyone, I'm AwesomeHunter77, named for the zombie from Left 4 Dead, so do not think I'm an actual hunter, and that I think I'm awesome at it. Personally...I hate hunting. I've been here for I can't remember how long, and I've been through a lot of trial and error stories. Sad to say, famous ones have died, but I will try as much as I can to revive old ones or create new success stories.

The only problem being my interests.

I'm sentimental you could say, and don't act my age a lot of the times. So it's not a surprise I should like things that aren't geared towards adults a lot of the time. What are these favorites you ask? What could I love most? I'll give you a few examples.

Some of the items in this list are underrated, and, as I said, not all of them are geared for adults. (Though that doesn't mean I won't be maybe taking a more grown up liberty on them from time to time.)

Spore: This video game, by EA and Maxis, was and still is one of my favorite games, though I find it hard to trust anymore. It wasn't what it could be, and has actually caused my computer to blue screen once. (Or my computer at least blue screened during the game, but it hasn't crashed since.) I haven't played it for a while after that. Still, it's sentimental, and I love it.

Viva Piñata: I may not look like it in my stories, but I'm actually more colorful than I appear. This game was released when I was...mmm...younger. The game was so colorful and cheerful, I loved it. It actually helped me with some rough times in school, just because it helped brighten up my mood sometimes. What can I say? Other than that it was underrated, truthfully, and died too early. Probably killed off by the screamers going to Call of Duty. (Yes, I have Xbox Live. Yes, I hate Call of Duty. Yes, I've been around the screamers. I'm convinced I'm deaf in my right ear.) But I watched all the episodes of the Viva Piñata TV show I could, and put as many as I could on DVD when I found out it died off. Lucky I did, the channel it was on was taken down as well.

Pokémon: Everyone knows this, and I made a mistake with one of my original characters. My first success, Life With Raptors, the female protagonist is named May. (She's in all my stories. I live under the multiverse concept: My characters in multiple settings. Cuz I'm too lazy to make new characters for each story.)I had no knowledge of Pokémon then. I didn't like it. But it started out that a few friends of mine had to get me into it and guess what I found? They had a girl named May too. I had plans for a Pokémon fanfiction, possibly, but that ruined it for reasons I mentioned before. I can't recycle a character where the name is taken, can I? (I didn't and don't really watch the anime a lot. The video games for me. No, I don't read manga. I've never touched one. I might one day though.)

Jurassic Park: Well, this was obvious. I've always loved dinosaurs, I loved the Jurassic Park movies. That's all I can say, even if they're not completely realistic. My love for dinosaurs sort of pushed me towards another, less known video game and anime.

Left 4 Dead: I was always opposed to games involving guns, but I finally tried it out, and I loved the game. I made a story for it, but it died after I made a mistake in a chapter. A mistake I felt I couldn't fix, so the story was deleted. I'll probably remake it. Coach and Bill...the most awesome people in gaming. I hate witches. What was my point?

Pikmin: Was the avatar picture not evidence enough? Nintendo rules half my life nowadays. That's all I can say.

Anyway, that's just a few of my favorite things here, for you all to expect where my attention will be diverted. Maybe it's a mistake letting you, my few fans and followers, know about such things, but I will just go with it.

I do not know how often I can make stories and update them. I plan to give up fiction making later in life, but I'm not even doing well at not giving it up right now am I? I need to work on it. Fast. But life gets in the way.

Anyway, that's just a bit about me. Be prepared for anything in the future. Thank you all in advance!

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