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I'm RandomFieryDragon. Well, not really, but that's my pen name, so there you have it.

I'm mainly gonna be writing for Sonic the Hedgehog, seeing as it's my obsession. Well actually, Shadow is my obsession, so... Yes, MAJOR Shadow fangirl here. Don't hate or I'll murder your family.

Pairings I like and will probably use: SonAmy, Knuxouge, Tails x Cosmo (but I absolutely loathe Cosmo, and writing for Tails is not exactly easy for me, so this doesn't really matter), and I don't think I could ever see Shadow with someone permanently, but I might have him with somebody in stories if I feel like it and don't get too jealous. And yeah, I think I actually could get jealous of the girl that I myself put with Shadow. I'm sorry, it's just...yeah. Moving on. Oh, and I like Silvaze, too.

I don't think I'll be writing anything having to do with the Archie universe, because I've never read the comics exclusively. I've seen some excerpts here and there, but it's just not enough to be able to write those characters. And I've already had my fill of Sally Acorn...I cannot stand her. Ugh. *shivers* The whole Archie thing just isn't happening.

So I'll be mostly following the games and their storylines, because that's all I know. All I can say is expect plenty of Shadow, that awesome, strangely sexy, gunslingin' badass that he is. Sonic will star in most of my stories too, because he's just amazing. You can't have enough of Sonic. Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Omega, the Chaotix, etc...you can expect all of them. Amy, too, although I find her game persona to be very annoying. I will most likely NEVER have Cream in anything, that girl's voice is enough to make me wanna shoot myself. Whenever I watch Sonic X I get so freaked out by her voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard. It's like a baby banshee, or something. I don't even know, but what in the HELL were they thinking when they made her voice like that, anyway? And you're probably thinking, "But writing doesn't involve her voice at all whatsoever...?" I know that, but if I wrote Cream then I would imagine her speaking, and that? I can't deal with that, no sir.

Just published my first story, so go check it out. And I do like to feature myself in stories, but I hate OC's, so why would I be a hypocrite and put one in my stories? Can't do that. Thinking about doing a bunch of oneshots, serving as practice for my first actual story. Character and writing development, y'know.

I actually am hoping to become a Beta Reader in the future. I love editing, and I seriously don't wanna sound conceited or anything, but I'm pretty good at picking out things that can be made better, including in my own writing. Not sure if it'll happen, but I'm hoping for now.

So, I think that's about it.. Well. Bye! :)


And, and, and! I just got two kittens, a boy and a girl; one is gray with white paws and a white-tipped tail, and one is black and white with a stripe down her nose. Their names: Silver and Blaze. (: ...And unfortunately, Blaze ran away the second day we had her and we haven't seen her since. Silver's still here, though. I find it extremely convenient, seeing as Blaze got sent to another dimension in Sonic '06 but Silver got to stay. Maybe I shouldn't have given them those names...oh, well, Silver's adorable enough to cover the absence of Blaze...

(Shadow the Hedgehog has more fangirls than any other SEGA character. If you are one of them, copy and paste this into your profile.)

He's bringing sexy back.
Them other hedgehogs don't know how to act.
His fur is hottest 'cause it's red and black.
Chaos Control or maybe Chaos Blast.
Copy this into your profile if you know it's true.

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