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Not much to say, but here goes.

Gender: Male (Shocker, I know.)

Age: 19 as of 4/20/13

Profile Picture: Mudkip. You know you like it.

Well, I started college, and have my own dorm, so there's that.

Intrests: THE VIDYA, WoW when I'm feeling like it, reading, hanging with freinds, weightlifting (Did it with freinds one day, and it kinda grew on me), and as of recently, writing fanfiction.

My favorite game is Birth By Sleep, but a close second would be Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Regarding fanfics, I only have two things I don't like:

1. OCs as main characters- Don't really know why, but it just annoys me. Unless the story is making fun of Mary Sues, or is meant to be humorous in a parady like way.

2. Yaoi- No, just no. As to why, see above gender.

Stuff I'm workin on:

The Apple Incident: Still on hold, but I have an idea for the epilouge, still need to flesh it out though.

I have an idea for a new one shot, and another chapter for Circle of Memories, but I'm not sure if I'll get around to them. Time will tell.

IMPORTANT STUFF: I mostly keep this here to remind myself, but if it helps you too, take a gander.

(Also, a nod to WishingDreamer5 for providing this list. I think this should actually be put on the home page of the site, but whatever.)

Guidelines: Take some time to read them before you post a story. If your story violates any of the rules, it doesn't belong here. Sometimes, it seems that people find it hard not to act like a spoiled 12 year old when I remind them of the guidelines in a review. Now ask yourself, is that the right way to react? -Got this down pat.

Titles: There are loads of stories on this site, but please try to come up with an original title. And check that when you search your title, there isn't already a story by that title in the same category as yours. Remember, the more interesting and original your title is, the more people want to read it. -It's been a few years since I've started and I still struggle with this.

Summaries: It's the first peek of your story that people get. It makes them decide whether or not to read it. Don't waste it. And please don't do any of the following:
- "I suck at summaries," or "Better summary inside." Do we care? If you suck at summaries, people will automatically assume you suck at writing too, and you'll lose half of your perspective audience.
- "R&R!" Newsflash: you can't force them. More likely, it will work the other way around. It's okay at the end of a chapter to subtly ask people for reviews.
- "First story" or something like that. Again, do we care? In fact, writing "first story" just makes them think it's bad before they've even started reading.
- "No flames plz!!" Obviously, this will only make the flamers want to flame you more. Heck, it pisses me off, and that says much.
- "CHAPTER XX IS UP!!11!" Yes, I can see that, too, since under every story you can see how many chapters the story has.
- Writing the name wrong/use a nickname; "Voldie" instead of Voldemort. It's annoying and it looks stupid. People will take you less serious too, because you don't take the effort to write a name right.
- "Don't like don't read!" Not only will people take the tip so nobody reads it, but it's rude in many ways too. Plus, in my eyes it just shows how less experience you have and that you can't take critics.
-I'm only guilty ONCE for the First Story thing. And I always remind the audience if they want to give their opinion, drop a review.

Chapter Length: As a multi chapter story, you can't write an amazing piece that's only 400 words long. If it's too short, you should either add more information, such as description or history, or if you have enough of those, combine it with another chapter. Short chapters finish before they can even get started. Your chapter should span more than one scene. But one scene shouldn't span more than one chapter, 'cause then you're adding too much description or history and you're going to bore your reader. -Don't even get me started. My attention span will not let me do a multichapter story. I'm struggling as is with 'The Apple Incident'. And I feel saying something with 4k words is a one shot is dumb. Plus, you have the chance to use the chapter interruptions to your advantage. Honestly most of my story ideas are just random ideas that I find funny at the time. Except 'I Carry Your Heart', that was inspired. Fufufufufufufu

Before you post a story: If your story has correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization it's already 10 times better than most writing here. When you write here, hundreds of people are reading your work. They'll judge you on it. If you want their respect, you need to use correct spelling. And use spell check. It doesn't take long, and it will catch most errors. Then read what you wrote. Just once. Then you can post to your heart's content...or let it rest for a week and then look at it again, which is what I often do. -I do this WHILE I'm typing, but spell check is a nice safety net. During my typing process, every 1/6 of the story that I get typed, I stop and read everything I've composed. This allows me to catch grammar problems, and inconsistencies within the chapter.

Betas: It's going to make your story so much better if you have someone else to check your conventions and tell you what needs more work. However, that doesn't mean you should let your beta do all the work and not proofread the chapter yourself. -I don't think i'll ever look into this, when I first joined, I thought I might, but I'm just not active enough anymore...

Reviews and Flames: When someone reviews one of your stories, you should respect their opinion when they respect you, too. There is a clear difference between CC (constructive criticism) and a flame. CC is intended to be helpful. It gives ideas of how to improve (don't we all want that?), why they think you should change things, and mention what you're doing well. They're often left by some well-meaning writer who's then reported, yelled at and ganged up on for flaming. Please don't get mad at these people. Flaming, for those who don't know, is when people leave pessimistic reviews that are usually something like, "You suck! This is the worst writing EVER. I can't believe people actually read this! Learn to write, %&@#!" Hopefully, you can see the difference between the flame and the CC. -THIS. 100%.

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Circle of Memories
A series of connected shorts about Sora and a ring he holds close to his heart. Just what do half frozen ponds, shooting stars, stale attics, and zoos have to do with each other anyway? T for language, warning THERE IS CURSING IN THIS.
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