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Author has written 18 stories for Final Fantasy XIII.

I'm not the type of person who gives out personal info on the internet, not even facebook or any stupid social webpage. You can call me AssasinZAssasin, or shortform it to Assasin, either way works...Or you can call me Wilfred Fateburn, Wil is fine i guess... I don't particularly mind any of them.

I'm currently facing a difficult part of my life, so updates wont be possible for the time being. Thank you for your kind understanding...Too formal? Okay, er...I have exams and stuff, important stuff for my future as a writer as well!(I hope). Terribly sorry, and i have to keep up with social responsibilities as well...

Basically, if you want updates for my status in writing, visit

So, I tried my hand at writing original, non fanfiction stories, so if you'd like, do check it out.

Basically im just a Student who likes fantasy stories and always dreamed of writing a few,posting it online hopefully making some people's day with it.I feel happy when i make others happy.Its just how i am. I take people's opinions seriously and i try to improve as best as i can. I cant update stories that quickly as i am very indecisive about whether or not i can edit it to make it better or what not. I am also very busy with my life as a secondary school student and my free time is spread widely. I try my best though at writing stories. I'm also the person who invented the writing style of 'Perspective Swap' which means constantly swapping perspectives in like, one chapter, and actually stating blatantly the change in views.

I get inspiration from multiple authors and my family and of course, my readers. Thank you for bearing with me and hope you enjoy reading my stories. I know i enjoyed writing them . I try my best to update stories as soon as possible even though i edit it a lot. I can be late or perhaps even early and i thank all my readers out there, for cheering me up after a hard day at school with a nice review.

I enjoy reading other Fanfics a lot though i usually have a favorite pairing and i only read Fanfics with pairings i like. I really mean what i say when i give reviews, i try my best to give tips and dont make the author feel too bad about him/herself if people criticize them overly much.

I made a community! Support is very much appreciated. Subscribers and posters get a thumbs up from me XD. Link is my homepage.

So, i'm a teenager and i enjoy writing stories and reading them and i also like giving reviews, knowing it makes the author happy >=D

I will go to say that i cant play on weekdays so i work on my stories as fast as possible on the weekends.

School is driving me crazy. I will be very busy so i'm sorry to say it may take awhile for updates.

I got this book when i bought FF 13 for Xbox 360 and i found a interesting line(phrase), and a way to use it! i'll show you below.

This is a scene where Hope was rejected by Lightning, but she actually wanted a relationship with him, and i shall use said phrase.

In truth, Lightning had really liked Hope, but she felt the need to reject him.

After all, he was only 14 and she was 21. However, just because she said it doesn't mean she meant it.

She looked at his dejected face and sighed.

Yes, it was true, Lightning Farron had officially fallen for her younger companion.

But, for both our sakes, he can't find out, at least until Ophan has fallen.

I stole a glance at him, he looked so dejected...

I wanted to tell him everything. But not until the time was right.

There you go, the Bold Italics was the line i read in that small book i received. It was just a treat for those reading my profile, want to see more? Then read my stories!

By the way, I have... A Facebook account, A Youtube Account(rather not disclose), and a Xbox LIVE gamertag...And a PSN ID. If interested, feel free to pm me for any of these. I don't mind making new friends! Thinking of opening a blog...

Quote created by me:

"A true friend is not one who mindlessly compliments you, but rather one who actually cares for your improvement and is unbiased in his scrutiny." - Wilfred Fateburn (AssasinZAssasin)

Final Fantasy 13 Episode I really sucked in a sense, they all went their separate ways...bleh.

Woots, Hope haz been confirmed! for FF XIII-2. Err, didn't do awfully much as i hoped for though.

I heard they want to make Lightning 'Happy' In FF XII-2, like finding 'True Happiness'. So it may be because she falls in love with somebody? Cause i swear, if it isn't Hope, i'll probably die on the inside. Don't tell me it's her rival male that is set to appear...Sigh. Please, make some sort of miracle and make it Hope that she falls in love with! Or at least just with, no one! >.

OH MY GOD! I JUST WENT TO FANFIC FF 13 ARCHIVE AND I SAW HALF A PAGE FULL OF LIGHT X FANG STORIES! HOLY SHIT! but seriously what the FCK?! Fang and Lightning DO NOT MIX. Sure some of you sick assholes want to make them all lesbian and whatnot but SRSLY?! damn it, just what is it about Flight that is so damn interesting to others? I'm not bashing, i just REALLY want to know whats so appealing other than 2 hot girls together? (personally, i don't think Fang is all that hot)

I just want to say something about Lemon fic's between Hope and Lightning...

Things i like to see:

1. Both of them are virgins (yeah, i'm not comfortable with the notion of Lightning sleeping with OTHER men) (or Hope with another girl...for that matter)

2. The more modest, yet somewhat descriptive text.

3. A sense of foreplay and some story as to what is going on

Things i don't like to see

1. just directly contradict the first thing i said above. If you still don't get it. It means i don't feel comfortable if one or both of them are not virgin's when they have intercourse.

2. The really really, descriptive and ultra explicit type of text. (i will still read but wont be comfy)

3. No story and just dives into the S*X.

4. Like...Rape? (i'm guilty though) (HOLY SHIT! NOT IN REAL LIFE!!!! I mean my story 'In My Eyes' where Hope rapes Light...)

As for The Other non Lemon stories

Stuff i like

1. Good grammar

2.Good plot and Story

3. Preferably a friendly author who replies to reviews=D.

4. Good length in story

5. Healthy amount of chapters

Stuff i don't really like

1.Horrible Grammar (i'm alright with a few almost non noticeable errors)

2. Incredibly sucky or corny plot and story

3. An author who whines or hates us for constructive criticism

4. Stories which are really really short (unless it has really quality writing!)

5. Takes REALLY LONG (more than 2 months) to update thestory

6. Quitting the story without finishing it.

If any of you are wondering about the origin of my name, its simple. In a FPS called Counter-Strike, i played online with a tag 'Assasin'. I later made a clan which turned my tag into '[AssasinZ]Assasin'. I was however, betrayed by my members later on and i became the only survivor of my clan, so i changed my name to AssasinZAssasin. I removed the [ ] As a sign of disbanding, like a lone wolf now...?

Story Progress

Current Story Writing Overall Status : Life is being a bitch to me right now, i'll say that. I may not update very much after the latest one, I’m really sorry. I have my exams in a few days which Span 2 months, so guaranteed I will not have time within this period. In the 6 months I have after that I have to take language courses as I plan to study abroad next time, as well as the fact that I’m finally planning to begin developing a big writing project of mine.

In My Eyes - Well, i feel so much better...I'll continue this, i promise. Because of some of my readers who actually enjoy it...Thank you.

My Eyes Chap 5 Original - For all you perverts out there, i posted this for you to read...Because i edited it out of the original. Oh and just to note, Dark Angel, if you are reading this, just know this, i don't give a damn about what you think...You want me to stop writing? Call me a pathetic writer? I'd like to see you do better you douchebag. Come on, say it to my face. I dare ya. You even dare to give me death threats? why don't you just shut up and back off, you hate my stories? DONT BOTHER REVIEWING AT ALL ASSHOLE...Sigh, you want to hate, do it quietly and somewhere else.

I Always Keep My Promise - Complete, thanks for reading it all the way! XD It was short but was nice rite?

Cafe Of Joy- Waiting for inspiration to strike! Writers block... Definitely one of the most reader loved stories i ever wrote...And i kind of have an idea or some sort of angle as to how i'm going to do this, might be the next one i finish X.x

A Fine Picnic - Done and Done.

Don't Ever Leave Me- One-shot. Complete. One of my Fav one-shots of all time!

Secret Feelings - Meh, still waiting to be written. Trying to find a good way to portray the chapter...Still waiting...It's tough!

Era Of The Mithra's - Well, i need time to write this. The original plot and first chapter was edited from Kai Yukimura who gave up on that story, but the rest sort of belong to me. Can't find free time to write it...I have an inkling of an idea...But i need to develop it.

Harmless Accident - may not work on it as much as the others...Because i have no real idea where i'm going.

The Comfort Of Hope - One shot, done. Pretty awkward writing this though.

Betrayal and Acceptance - Going to speed end this...Soon, anyway.

Secret Desire - One shot, complete. I was experimenting on a scenario here, so this ended up failing pretty badly and earned me lots of haters...

True Feelings - One shot, complete.

It was only a dare - Working on it...Waiting for inspiration.

For Love - Hell, working on it...It was more of a one shot i wanted to try to develop into a story?

Something Worth Living For - I love this story, really, but that lemon makes it awkward...I'll try, i swear..

I must be overworking myself...i mean...Gah, i lost count of how many stories are un-updated.

I currently have 7, yes count them, SEVEN, story ideas, meaning after i'm done, i have stories to write, new ones, at that.

I actually have 9, but i rejected 2 of them as failure ideas.

I also currently have 2 pending requests for a fiction. I will work on it after my own projects...I guess.

I accept story requests for Hope and Lightning, unless i think i'm too busy or it's too hard.

if i like a story and it was abandoned, i will send a message for permission to continue it, like Era Of The Mithras which i was given permission by Kai to rewrite it.

I guess i underestimated my imagination. I have so many untold stories in my brain that could make a potential story...So much...It's going to be hard. Thanks for your continuous support, Readers! I appreciate it a lot! By the way, i want to be an author next time. If i wrote a book, would you guys buy it?

Hope X Lightning Forever >= D

in any case, the most logical pairings for FF XIII is (though it also had my personal opinion)

Hope X Light (Hooray >=DDDDD)

Fang X Vanille (wow lesbians) or maybe even Sazh X Vanille (omg he's a pedo!) or Snow X Fang (he is the most comfy around her)

Snow X Serah (game made them engaged)

You can tell by story that these are by far the most Logical pairings but you guys out there, i cant blame you if other pairings appeal to you. I wont be crass about it either, it is none of my business whether it is logical or not, imagination does some crazy thingsss!

Though i by far support Hope X Light the most! you can tell by the stories i post anyway...

I cant believe there are so little stories on Hope X Light, i really love the couple.

I just wish more people wrote about them, though there are already a few amazing ones.

So i write these stories also on the side hoping to inspire people to write about HXL too.

On a side note... Amazingly, sometimes the summary is so much better than the story itself=.= thats so stupid. But sadly true!

Pairings i actually hate!:

Hope X Vanille (i just hate vanille duno why)

Light X Noctis (noctis can go F himself)

Light X Snow (Wtf?! this is just wrong)

Light X Cid (Cid's a fag he died anyway and he is a traitor too)

Light X Fang/Vanille (lesbian much?)

Light X Sazh (OMG WTF BBQ?)

Pairings i'm OK with but not exactly LIKE

Hope X Fang (strange pairing but whatever) [I'm more on the bottom end of the scale because i am below OK with it, but not exactly hate it]

Pairings that i like but dont exactly indulge much

Hope X Serah (duno maybe Snow died and she looks like a kinder Lightning)

I dont support any other pairings that put Light with someone OTHER THAN Hope. Whereas i feel Hope is a flexible guy so he can pair up with others?

I just found out that there are just so many Fang X Light! i guess there are just so many of you out there who think those 2 are hot and just want them to be together? Well, i'll never understand! Those 2 remind me of lesbian strippers when paired together... i prefer Hope X Light cause it's a straight relationship, other than the age gap, there is nothing much wrong.

I recently found out that,

Most people who support Cid X Light or Noctis X Light or the guy from XII-2 X Light and Cloud or Squall or Sephiroth X Light is because

1. The girls just think the guys listed above are hot and they imagine themselves as Lightning.

2.The guys like Lightning cause she looks hot and they imagine themselves as a strong guy like the guys listed above.

To make it easy on you...

I hate the following,

Cid(He's gay)

Noctis(Looks like a fcking cross between Cloud and Squall)


The guy in FF XIII-2 (Because he is the most likely to have a relationship with her in the much as i hate to admit it...Or Light just might fall for him, which i would hate...A LOT)

Fang[To an extent] (meh, she just commands a lot of fans who pair her with Lightning)

I doubt i need to tell you about who or what i love. You already know =D. I'm a very dedicated person so when i dedicate myself to a girl or a pairing/shipping...I see it through till the end or when i get bored of it(the pairing and shipping, i would never do this to a girl, especially if she's special to me)

As many of you can probably tell, i specialize more in first person writing than third. Not too sure about that lately though!

Sigh, what a long profile...If you actually read all of it, congrats...You're very persistent!

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I Always Keep My Promise reviews
Remember the day we made that promise? I promised to protect you. And you know me, I always keep my promise. Hope X Light
Final Fantasy XIII - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,514 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 3/12/2011 - Published: 3/1/2011 - Hope, Lightning - Complete
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