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Author has written 17 stories for Pokémon, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Assassin's Creed, Samurai Warriors, Harry Potter, Touhou Project, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Vocaloid.

Hi, there.

Despite what the username suggest, this account is run by one fella that happens to like a lot of stuffs, Pokemon, 1984, and Touhou included. (Bleach Peace, the avatar is a Ninetales, and the last two items are the fandoms from which he stole the nickname: Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984 and Izayoi Sakuya from Touhou Project, both of which are among the most, if not the most, enigmatic characters from their home fandoms.*MingFace*)

Also, he ...

- have a twisted sense of humor (and train of thought, too :/)

- have quite a number of one-time pairings instead of few one-true pairings

- is rather laid-back

- et cetera :p

Okay, enough with the illeistic (i.e., referring the self in the third-person) speech!

My pet peeves includes...

- SMOKING (all caps for a reason, I loath smokers so much -,-")

- PWP (Plot? What Plot?; the porn-laden variant, Porn without Plot, annoys me more, especially because I don't really enjoy lemon, much less ones without plot. Nonetheless, a nice plot with lemon as a seasoning is usually better for my mind than a plot-less, non-lemon story.)

- Shipping war. It went so far that I once tried to write a Ran/Shiho yuri to troll the then-ongoing Shinichi/Ran v Shinichi/Shiho pairing war in Detective Conan fandom (only to have it sport two pairings: covert Eisuke/Shiho and overt Shinichi/Ran). It was written in Bahasa Indonesia, if you're interested. I've no intention to write an official translation to English.

- (Pokemon fanfic only) A Pokemon that uses its species name for its cry. Exception applies only if it uses just a part of its species name AND if it's reasonably easy for the pokemon to 'use' as its cry (e.g., Vul? / Vee! (what Pokemon I have in mind for the two 'suggested cries' are left to your imagination))

- Inconsistent name order reference on fictions which involve a lot of East Asian names, particularly Japanese ones. (Dunno about Korean ones, since I've never been into K-Pop RPF, but AFAIK, family-name-first is pretty much agreed upon with Chinese names. I think I've seen a comic that writes Chinese names given-name-first (it was Rot3K packed in comic package, translated from Korean, IIRC), but that's about it.) I prefer the family names written first, but it's fine for me when the given name is written first consistently. Mixing them up within one story without a very good reason (aside of the odd first chapter or something) is another thing entirely.

I tend to...

- use unorthodox pairing (you can only safely assume that nearly none of them is homosexual pairing, unless the fandom I wrote on has its character gender ratio highly skewed one way or another) because I'm rather pragmatic when it comes to a story's pairing, so just about anything CAN work fine.

- develop an 'unusual' plot

- sometimes, make a fanfiction based off an unorthodox premise (Since when a Japanese was involved in the Crusades?)

Completed stories:

(o) Ketika Pokemon Bicara (lit: When Pokemon Talks) (Pokemon, Indonesian) -- one-shot collection (Scenario 2 up - halted)

Seven Eeveelutions lives in a single hole, where crazy things and speaks occur. From a twig-smoker, a hair-triggered leader, a pair of genius love-puppy, a playboy, 'till a former bandit, you can expect a lot of insanity as they 'discuss' some rather 'bleak' issues about Indonesia.

c- Artefak Palsu (lit: False Artefact) (Detective Conan, Indonesian) -- one-shot

Knowing that Kogoro has a new 'fetishism' in 'hallowed objects', Eri asked her daughter to arrange a plot to trick her father. Using the help of her three certain friends, what kind of trick they have developed?

c- Dream of the Yellow Chamber (Detective Conan, Indonesian) -- one-shot, the title's a play off Cao Xueqin's Dream of the Red Chamber

When four certain girls spend a summer's night in Shiho's bedroom, somehow Ran and Shiho experienced drastically different, yet related, dreams. That being said, something worse befalls on one of them, just a few day after the fall classes started. But what?

c- The Spanish Inquisition (Detective Conan, English) -- one-shot, inspired by Monty Python's The Spanish Inquisition

Shiho just didn't see the Spanish Inquisition coming. Captured for 'betraying the Organization' (which she did), she found out that these Inquisitors hide something behind their black robes and Anonymous masks.

c- The Burden of Bending (Avatar: the Last Airbender / Pokemon, English) -- one shot

Jeong Jeong is said to envy waterbenders, right? That autumn at Eastern Laogai Lakefront, he didn't expect that he's bound to meet a waterbender that regrets her skill that she once attempted suicide before the Comet's arrival.

c- Prophecy of the Fox (Avatar: the Last Airbender / Pokemon, English) -- one shot, sort-of a loose sequel to The Burden of Bending

An anonymous prophecy was spread over the Fire Nation during the time of Avatar Kyoshi. After the Hundred Years' War, the prophecy might see it realized when no one seems to remember it.

c- Conversations from the Sky (Sword Art Online, English) -- one-shot, inspired by Forbidden City Cop

A closed fight atop someone's house has been interrupted by a police ... is he a real? Fake? Whose house was it actually?

c- The Girl in Deutschrittenorden - Teutonic Knights (Assassin's Creed / Vocaloid, English) -- one-shot, transferred from tumblr account, the title's a twist of Hirasawa Susumu's The Girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field

Four years after the events in Assassin's Creed, an Assassin was chased with a host of Knights Hospitaller and a sole Teutonic Knight merely from having bumped into a pair of Hospitaller. But when the Teutonic Knight got separated from the rest of them, the Assassin found out it was not a usual knight he's dealing with!

c- Intelijen Geblek Bener (lit: Really Silly Intelligence) (Detective Conan x Vocaloid, Indonesian) -- one-shot, inspired by an indie video dub titled Paidi Agen ISO (WARNING: the dub was in Javanese)

Sera was captured for stealing a pair of shoes. Under the interrogation of Rin, and later of Heiji as well, things go kablooey fast.

c- The Ghost of a Dewott (Pokemon, English) -- one-shot

In the firecamp of Team Conquerors, the tale of Karla, a Dewott raised by the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick I Barbarossa, was told.

c- Did We Ate the Death Eaters? (Touhou Project / Harry Potter, Indonesian) -- one-shot

Remilia, having realized the possibility that a certain association known as 'Death Eaters' has entered Gensokyo, seeks Patchouli to know who they truly are.

(o) Malam Minggu Miko (official translation: Shrine Maiden's Saturday Night) (Touhou Project, Indonesian) -- one-shot collection, the title's a pun on Malam Minggu Miko (lit: Miko's Saturday Night) (a mockumentary serial that is being aired on a national TV; on the TV serial, Miko is the name of the serial's male titular character)

A few snippets about Gensokyo's miko and the live they might have.

c- Kuntilanak di Kuil Moriya (lit: The Kuntilanak in Moriya Shrine) (Touhou Project, Indonesian description, Javanese dialogue) -- one-shot, written for Challenge: Dialog Bahasa Daerah (the challenge is to write Indonesian fanfiction, for any fandom, with its dialogues written in a local language)

A decent night in Moriya Shrine has been disrupted by mosquitos. Something has to be done to deal with it.

Ongoing projects:

(v) Stand-up Comedy - Battle of Demons! (Touhou Project x Samurai Warriors, Indonesian) -- multi-chapter

Exactly what it says on the tin: a stand-up comedy battle between Remilia Scarlet (Scarlet Devil) v Oda Nobunaga (Demon King). Aside of the Koumakan (aka Scarlet Devil Mansion) and Honno-ji associates, a lot of characters from both fandoms are working as committee.

Withheld projects:

(i) Kantaiheiyou Gisoumou (Detective Conan / Sword Art Online, English) -- multi-chapter, the title's a tribute for Susumu Hirasawa's Pacific Rim Imitation Network (which Japanese title is, indeed, 環太平洋擬装網 (romaji: Kantaiheiyou Gisoumou)); why it's named such will be revealed in later chapters

On the day and place of Kazuto's wedding with Rika, a few men broke into the party, gassed everyone else, and steals both bride and bridegroom. Little did the happy couple know that this gassing will mean a manhunt on their supposed honeymoon.

(Probably) coming soon (emphasis probably):

(x) The Smoking Toddler (Pokemon / Vocaloid, language undecided) -- one-shot, inspired by Vanguard: Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes

This script's synopsis is currently mortgaged to the Illuminati.

(Where to find me?)

tumblr: alimaghribi (dot) tumblr (dot) com -- check about me, you can find links there

For non-Indonesian readers, follow my facebook account on your own risk - most of contents there are written in vernacular Indonesian and even Javanese. Ditto with my twitter account, even if I'm barely active there lately. For me to accept it, telling me your username here (and that you know me from fanfiction dot net) via PM should be good enough to stand a chance of approval.

Quote spot

Domains under Heaven, after a long period of division, tend to unite; after a long period of union, tend to divide.

- Attributed to Luo Guanzhong, the writer of Sanguo Yanyi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

People may have the finest talents, but if they are arrogant and stingy, their other qualities are not worthy of consideration.

- Confucius, as quoted in Zhuge Liang's The Way of Generals

Beware of judging him by his looks, or you may lose the advantage of his abilities, and some other will gain him. This would be a misfortune.

- Liu Bei, in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, regarding Pang Tong, whose excellent abilities was overshadowed by his terrible looks

To master the bending disciplines you must first master discipline itself.

- Jeong Jeong, in The Deserter (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

If a man of learning does not understand brotherhood, isn't his learning worthless?

- Guan Yu, in Red Cliff II, after Liu Bei asked him how many times he have read the classics.

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