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Author has written 12 stories for Inkheart, Ranger's Apprentice, and Robin Hood BBC.

Salvete, omnes!

Hello, everyone! I am a teenager who is currently apprenticed to none other than the Fire-Dancer himself. I don't have a lot of time 'cause he'll be calling me any minute but 'til then, Welcome to my humble home!

*PLEASE READ* For all of you lovely people who enjoy reading my stories, I am truly grateful for that. I apologize greatly for my lack of updates since June. All I can say as an excuse/explanation is that . . . I'm busy. I just started high school andt it's still pretty hard for me to adjust to that, especially with all of my other activities. Truth to be told, I hardly have a minute for myself at all, let alone enough time to put up a story. Please don't be angry at me because of my late updates, it's just that I really need some time to adjust, get with the program. Thank you so much for your understanding, and I promise to make the best effort on my part to put up chapters as soon as I can. I just want everyone to know that I have not abandoned anything (except possibly the hundred themes story) and will try my best to update as soon as possible. I honestly love writing these as much as you love reading them. Thanks again! radha24 :D

Some things you should know about me:

- I am currently a sophomore in high school.

- I am a female homo sapien sapien (this homo, by the way, is from Latin meaning 'man', not the Greek homo which means 'same'. And the other part is Latin for "who thinks", though I feel the scientists were a bit goofy in making our species "man who thinks who thinks" sometimes i think it should be "man who thinks he thinks.)

- I am Indian (as in, from India) but I live in the eastern part of the US and was born here, in the US. (btw, my family DOESN'T own a conveniance store)

- I am obsessed with Dustfinger. But not in a fan-girly way. I just think he's an AMAZING character. And seriously, if you read Inkheart, you'll agree.

- I am crazy. (No seriously, majority of the people I meet say that I am. Only my teachers and strangers say I'm not.)

- I am a Latin student, therefore you will see many references to the language in my stories. I even got the semester award! (I'm only in Latin II right now, though . . .)

- I am a nerd. (NERDS ARE AWESOME!! WOOT!!) I officially go to "Nerd School." No seriously, that's the nickname of the special school I go to every other day.

- I love to play the piano and to sing. (I'm a second grade piano player, and I was in All-County chorus once)

- I also love to read and write. I mean, that's why I'm ON here, right?!

- It is hard for me to believe that such an amazing, complex, breathtaking, universe of ours came to be competely by chance. Therefore, I do believe in God.

- I'm a Hindu, but I respect all relgions, and I wish everyone would do the same. If you read a story by Leo Toltstoy called "The Coffeehouse in Surat" you'll get a good idea of what my thoughts on religion are, based on the Chinaman.

-I have a twelve-year old little brother who acts like a FREAKIN TWO-YEAR OLD!!!!! Um . . . yeah . . . unintended outburst . . .

- I do not own a single video-game device, handheld or console, but suprisingly, I don't feel bad about it. I think people are spending too much time on those, and aren't willing to appreciate the sheer beauty of the nature around them.

-Also, I have seen very few movies PG-13 or above (like Star Trek, LoTR, and the Avengers). Consequently, I know pretty much every G or PG rated movie out there, so you can talk to me about those.

- I am not really a bragger, okay? I'm not self-obssesed! I'm just doing this for your info!

Favorite Book Characters (in no particular order . . . well, except for the first one):

Dustfinger(Inkheart) [He's The Fire-Dancer who has awesome fire-powers and came back from death, twice! What's there to NOT like about him?!]

Aragorn(LoTR) [Such a mysterious character who's kind, brave, very clever and ends up being the King.]

Gandalf(LoTR) [For similar reasons as Aragorn]

Bilbo(The Hobbit and LoTR) [Oh, this guy makes me laugh sometimes in The Hobbit! I love it!]

Halt(Ranger's Apprentice) [A grim, old Ranger who has an . . . interesting sense of humor but nevertheless is a very lovable character. (don't tell him I said that!)]

Bartimeus(Bartimeus Trilogy) [A very witty djinn who shows wisdom and understanding at times]

Death (The Book Theif) [Witty and funny. That, and the fact that he's DEATH! Isn't that AWESOME?!]

Dumbledore (HP) [A wise old wizard who is kindhearted.]

Brom (Inheritance Cycle) *SPOILER* [I wish he hadn't died *tear*. I wish Eragon had known that he was Brom's son. I wish he had also known from the beginning that Brom was a Dragon Rider. Seriously, I CRIED when he died]

Sirius Black (HP) *SPOILER FOR BOOK 5* [Okay, you can ask my friends. I was sad for a WEEK when he died. *sniffle* I mean, he's Harry's godfather, an innocent outlaw, and does everything to help Harry and the Order. What more can you ask?]

(Is it just me, or do these seem similar?)

Basta (Inkheart) [Okay, don't tell Dustfinger about this. Otherwise he'll get mad that I like his worst enemy. But I really don't think Basta should have died. I liked him alot]

Why do the good characters have to die? Why?


Sam (LoTR)

Firepaw/heart/star (Warriors)

Bluepaw/fur/star (Warriors)

Squirrelpaw/flight (Warriors)

Harry Potter (HP)

Hermione (HP)

Will (Ranger's Apprentice)

Percy Jackson (PJO)

Annabeth (PJO)

Type out 12 of your favorite characters, then answer the questions below:

1. Dustfinger


3. Halt

4. Bilbo B.

5. Elinor

6. Hermione

7. Merlin

8. Aragorn

9. Brom

10. King Arthur

11. Sirius

12. Annabeth

1) You're out on a night out with 8 when you're savagely and drunkenly attacked by 2. What does 8 do?

(Aragorn, Basta attacks) Well, I’d think that Aragorn would protect me, ‘cause Basta just has his knife, but Aragorn has a sword. Besides that, Aragorn is a very noble man, and definitely try to protect a woman. And I would be really happy and in fangirl-land…

I must say that that is very IC for Basta. He probably hates me since I’m Dustfinger’s apprentice.

2) What would happen if 9 got 5 pregnant?

(Brom, Elinor) Um . . . may I say that this is very strange, quite strange indeed? The child would probably have magical powers, with Elinor’s . . . rather interesting temper. And Elinor would probably freak out that it happened and Brom would wonder what on earth he was thinking.

3) 6 and 11 go to a strip club. What happens?

(Hermione and Sirius) Aw, no fair, characters from the same book! I guess Sirius would go just for the kicks, you know, just to see what it’s like. And Hermione would be lecturing him about how bad these things are, walk in, take one look at it, and leave with Sirius behind her.

4) 7 and 12 are making out when 4 walks in. What's 4's reaction?

(Merlin and Annabeth, Bilbo) Um . . . I think Bilbo would be all embarrassed and just be like “Er . . . sorry” and then leave.

5) 10 falls in love with 3. 1 is jealous, what happens?

(King Arthur and Halt, Dustfinger) Okay, so Halt meets Arthur, and he likes him IN A FATHERLY/MENTORISH way and Dustfinger is UPSET AT BEING Dustfinger goes up to them and asks if he can join and make them a trio. Arthur and Halt don’t mind, so the three of them become good friends.

6) 4 pulls up beside you, and offers you a lift. Will you take it?

Bilbo? As in, a pony or something? I suppose I’d take it . . . though it may be awkward to go around riding with a hobbit who’s a foot or so shorter than me and much older. But then again, this is Bilbo we’re talking about. He’s awesome!

7) Why is 6 afraid of 7?

(Hermione, Merlin) Hermione is afraid of Merlin because he’s a powerful wizard and she doesn’t want him to do anything to her. But she quickly realizes that Merlin is a nice fellow, and they become good friends.

8) 10 is getting ready to marry 5, when 9 runs in to stop the ceremony. What is 9's reason?

(Arthur, Elinor) Well, presumably, Elinor is pregnant with Brom’s kids, so he doesn’t want to lose her or whatever? This is too weird to even contemplate!

9) Give a title of a romance movie about 3 and 12.

I suck at titles . . . The Unlikely Couple? The Wisdom of Rangers?

10) Fill in the blanks: "(1) and (9) are in a happy relationship, until (9) runs off with (2). (1), brokenhearted, has a one-night stand with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (6), then follows the wise advice of (8) and finds true love with (3)"

Dustfinger and Brom are in a happy relationship AS FRIENDS, until Brom IS KIDNAPPED by Basta. Dustfinger, brokenhearted, has a one night stand with Sirius, and a brief unhappy affair with Hermione IN WHICH SHE MAGICS HIM AWAY, then follows the wise advice of Aragorn (I can see that…Aragorn’s pretty wise…:D) and finds A TRUE FRIEND in Halt.

"I spend my free time protecting Araluen, honing my Ranger skills, and performing epic Broadway musical numbers! Why? Because I'm a member of Ranger Corps: Men in Cloaks, founded by Hibernian Princess. Want to join in this fanfiction phenomenon and figure out what it's all about? Contact Hibernian Princess and read [AND REVIEW] her story Ranger Corps: Men In Cloaks!"


OMG, that's Dustfinger! Got to go, talk to you later!

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This is some chapters and/or missing scenes in Inkheart/spell through Dustfinger's POV. I mean, I know cornelia shows his feelings through Meggie's obeservations, but we all know it isn't the same. I'm really no good at summaries, the story is better R&R
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