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Welcome and thanks for visiting. I'm a fic writer in the Starfox section and have been for quite a few years. I write mostly outside of the fic world now but come back every now and then when an idea hits; fic writing is relaxing and lets me be open with a universe I grew to love without the pressures of writing for publication. If you like what you see and are interested in my original writing, follow my "homepage" link to see my Amazon listing. If anyone has any questions or comments, my e-mail and PM boxes are always open.

Betareading status: closed for the moment due to an overly busy writing schedule

Starfox Stories

The Overlord Trilogy

This refers to the stories "Shattered Past, Hero's Vengeance," "Blood Feud," and "Vanguard," in that order. Consider this a big, red Warning -- these were my first fics, posted years ago, and in my opinion do not technically or characteristically compare with my current writing. gentle. =) I loved writing those stories though so by all means give them a read if you'd like. In any case, "Vanguard" saw my first real, in-the-spotlight original character Gage Birse whom I've grown to love writing. If you want more info on Gage and the special forces unit Dagger, this is their debut.

Hatred Falls

This fic sees Fox and Wolf forced to tolerate and fight alongside each other to escape an isolated complex filled with ravenous biological experiments. While I liked the idea of writing Fox and Wolf as hesitant allies, the plot itself was inspired by my love of survival horror games. I love horror-themed games and thought about how I could incorporate those elements into the Starfox world. Currently unfinished with no immediate plans to continue, but I might in the future.

The Mercenary Wars

My personal favorite completed fic. The plot involves an unknown instigator putting a hefty reward on Fox's head, sparking immediate conflicts with rival mercenaries and even testing the Lylat people's loyalty to their hero. Gage returns as the faithful friend ready to see the problem through, even when it takes a big turn for the worst.

The Gunmen of Venom Hill

This is a fun one. This fic was meant to be a personal study of the nuances of writing in a wild west theme. Basically, it's a retelling of the Starfox story as a western. I loved the idea and it was fun writing what's done so far. Other commitments made me stop short but I definitely plan on working on this in the future.

One Death Away

My most current project and my personal favorite. I put a lot of effort into this fic because the story, which has been floating around in my head for some time, is one I really wanted to nail. This story brings back Gage as a major character along with a longer roster of new characters as Starfox and the military face down a threat that hits a little too close to the heart for Fox.

--I'm happy to report that "One Death Away" has been featured on Fandom Paradise over at The Geek Fighters / Anime Mavericks. Head on over there to see the video! My thanks to The Shades for choosing to feature the story.--

Two more things to note: First, all my fics take place in the time frame of/following Starfox 64. No Dino Planet, no Command, no Assault. I started writing after 64 and that's where my heart stays. None of the later games really "did" it for me. Second, all the fics are independent of each other except the three stories of the Overlord Trilogy. So if there are some discrepancies between stories, such as ages, different attitudes or reactions, or characters dead in some stories and alive in others, it's all intended. Think of them all as separate, possible scripts for the events of/following Starfox 64.

Thank you once again for reading and visiting! I hope you enjoy the stories and I look forward to hearing any comments!

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Ghosts of the Past by JVNemesis reviews
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Mercenary War 2: Dagger Zero reviews
Ten months after the fall of Black Scythe, Andrea O'Donnell finds herself failing as a new member of special forces unit Dagger. But after a catastrophic final mission, she remains standing with old friends and new allies in a war to find the truth.
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The Gunmen of Venom Hill reviews
The story of Starfox set in the gritty, lawless world of the wild west. When a nameless stranger rides into the hushed, faded town of Corneria City, he shakes up the death grip that Doc Andross and the Blood Wolves have held on it for years. Chapter 3 up!
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With Andross' defeat, Venom space becomes home to pirates, remnant soldiers, and other isolated dangers. Corneria responds by deploying the most advanced warship ever conceived, unaware of the dire threat awaiting it-a threat unimaginable even to Fox.
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When a mysterious figure hijacks Lylat's air waves and broadcasts a magnificent award for the capture or death of Fox McCloud, Fox discovers his true friends in the ensuing conflicts between mercenary groups. Chapter 18 up!
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When a biological containment failure ravages a Venomian research base, Wolf O’Donnell finds himself at the bottom of the overrun facility. Now, he must cooperate and fight to the surface with the most unlikely ally...Fox McCloud. Important note update
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The sequel to "Shattered Past, Hero's Vengeance" and second installment in the trilogy! Following Fox's victory on Venom, his peace is harshly interrupted by the most unexpected situation.
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Shattered Past, Hero's Vengeance reviews
Years after the defeat of Andross, StarFox is called to liberate a small island from a seemingly pointless invasion of Venom's remaining army. When the mission goes awry and the true plans are revealed, Fox's courage is pushed to the limits.
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