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Hey, folks!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm AJ, 19 years old and graduated from high school in 2012. I'm currently attending University. You are most welcome to look at me as a superhuman genius, but as you probably won't I guess I'll be able to deal with that, too. ;)

I love reading and writing more than everything else.. and well, there might be this one thing left which you could call my third love of my life - TV. That could mean a lot so to specify: shows, movies & documentations.

My favourite shows are Criminal Minds, Bones, House MD, Rizzoli & Isles, 30Rock and NCIS. Actually I'm not so much into NCIS due to its quality. Some episodes are really not that witty but on the other hand there are a few great ones and those are what makes me fall in love with that show all over again. My fav movies are Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, A beautiful Mind, Dead Poet's Society, 12 Angry Men, Dr. Strangelove and Taken. I love Arthur Miller's drama The Crucible and Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Triology. These are my favourite books ever but the genre I'm reading most of is crime. I simply love it.

Different from what some say I am not living in TV shows. But I love them and tend to react strongly on them. That might be a little crazy - I don't really know. The thing is that the greatest shock withing the last months was Emily's fake death and JJ leaving the team in Criminal Minds. Beside the fact that I'm a fan of Paget Brewster and AJ Cook and kinda mad about CBS fireing them those were my fav characters and now I take the satisfaction I need from reading fanfiction.

Okay, that souded creepy so lets just skip that. :)

I'm quite a bit of a nerd, geek or whatever. If these words don't really fit I guess you can call me a stranger to social life in general. I'm interested in things that people either find scary or plain borign. My interests tend to be very one-sided for a couple of months and then change to a different subject. I'm socially awkward, not really into going to parties (feels like being in some different, wrong universe) but do it because I hope I'll find out how people can have so much fun there. I like to read books about body language and communication. It's interesting to learn how it works. :)

Weird enough I learn from TV as well. I remember times where I found myself quoting characters from TV n a regular basis in everyday's life. I don't tink anybody ever noticed but I got along a lot better by using the words of fictional characters than my very own ones. I'm not a dumb person but I simply don't get the idea of communicating with people and feeling fine doing it. I'm not shy either, in fact I hate being called 'shy', but kind of socially unarmed.

I am not a huge fan of pairings but came to find some of them quite nice as long as they stay fictional. And by 'fictional' I mean that they are to happen in fanfictions and never ever come close to my beloved shows. The only exception I am willing to make would be Emily/Rossi in Criminal Minds. Don't ask me to explain anything, I don't know why I'd love seeing them together myself.

I like Rossi/Emily (Criminal Minds... obviously) and HATE Tiva (NCIS). It's just so, so aweful and boring and stupid and while I enjoy NCIS I dislike seeing how all the female characters, which are only Abby and Ziva anyways, become weaker and weaker each season. I like kickass women an TV. End of matter.

If there's one thing about fanfiction which I hate, hate, hate is if a story is rated M and I'm super-excited to read some aweful, goery, tormentous stuff and then it's just lame and T-leveled... at best. I dislike overly high ratings due to sex or "bad words" (I'm using american, see?) in general. -.-

Also, I hated the last NCIS season final. I thought Ziva was totally out of character but I liked the death of Mike Franks though for I hated him ever since his first appearance on the show. If you haven't watched the final yet... well, you shouldn't have read this. :p And I'm rambling but... yeah, that's pretty much adding to the 'weakness' thing above. :)

Anyway, Thanks for visiting my profile, if you should do so by the time I already posted some storys.. feel free to leave a comment! I'm glad for every sort of accolade and improvement suggestion!

Se ya soon,

AJ [Brightly Shinging] those were the first two words I coul think about. They have no meaning. Most things are dark and depressing. The name doesn't represent my modis vivendi. -.-

"Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always."

"I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life."

Ghandi. Both.

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I did not have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.
I am the person who is afraid of telling his loving Christian parents he loves another male.

Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. Please do your part to end it.

There are no sexualities. You love who you love and that's that. It's not restricted to one gender, no matter what gender it is. If you agree with me, copy & paste this into your profile.

just to get this straight:

I might not be updating frequently for there is quite some stuff w/ graduation and everything already now but I plan to complete all of my stories at some future time. Please don't un-alert or so just because nothing new is coming for a while. There will be a new chapter!

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Criminal Minds - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 68 - Words: 182,241 - Reviews: 733 - Favs: 295 - Follows: 439 - Updated: 12/2/2014 - Published: 4/18/2011 - E. Prentiss, Jennifer J./JJ
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