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It's been a while since I've been inspired to write fanfiction about a book or series that I liked, but Melissa De La Cruz's blue blood series caught my eye and my muse awoke.

Why Blue Bloods and not Harry Potter or Morganville Vampires or any of the other books I have recently read and liked? For a start I loved the history, the unique take on vampires where they weren't undead, just reicarnated fallen angels. I also found I despised certain aspects of canon.

In Blue Bloods, we were introduced to three character POV's, one was a typical YA protaganist: Spangly new and naive to the world she's about to find herself in and the poor orpaned child that most people can relate to; another was a queen bee of school society, rich popular and designed for people to despise and the final girl was also new but not as glaringly so as the first. Schuyler, our first voice was quite refreshing in that she wasn't vapid or overly paranoid and fairly easy to read. Mimi's, while occasionally grating, was strong and vivid and Bliss' tale was intriquing. Schuyler's tale is the one most on view and it is this view of her surroundings that I have issues with.

In this first book, we are introduced to Jack Force, Mimi's twin brother and all round hottie as Schuyler's first crush. Even though they have gone to the same school together for years, Jack suddenly takes an interest in Schuyler. It's as though something hit him over the head overnight and BAM, he's interested in this fairly grungily dressed loser. Even though they have about three lines of conversation in the beginning, he apparently is interested enough to tell Schuyler that a dead classmate was in fact murdered. They then start conspiring to find out info together, even though they know nothing about each other. Moving on a bit and Jack snogs Schuyler at a ball where they experience a weird 'mind-meld' and find out that they knew each other in a previous life. At that point, I was okay with the pairing because that would have made some sense, however after his sister passes on the information that Schuyler is not an old soul, Jack bails on her and runs off. Okay at this juncture if I were Schuyler, I would not be wanting anything to do with Jack Force, because a: He thought I was my mother and b: He thought I was my mother. (such a huge issue that I highlighted it twice). So things happen, people die and we get to the end of the book, with Jack and Schuyler talking to each other again.

Masquerade is where it gets tricky for me because Schuyler feeds off Oliver and uses him in every way possible when it is clear that the guy loves her and has done for ever. She also gets a hot snog from a stranger who may or may not be Jack Force. Meanwhile, it transpires that Mimi is not just being a snob about Schuyler and Jack, but has a genuine interest as her and Jack are destined to be together. In fact, the sequences between Mimi and Jack, convince me that they are the right pairing. A new guy turns up, trouble happens and we find out that Jack is mysterious masked snogger. In this book, I became increasingly disillusioned with Schuyler, she doesn't move on from Jack, in fact she seems to be almost obsessing about the guy and Oliver is right there. Yes I know us girls can be picky, but seriously the way Oliver and Schuyler have been depicted, it is highly improbable that she hasn't considered dating him. And then there is the feeding. We are suddenly told that the Sacred Kiss can bestow love on the mortal receiving it, which means that Oliver, who is already pretty devoted, now has to chemically fall in love with Schuyler, he can't not fall for Schuyler. And Schuyler basically forces him into it, well way to go girl. Wow you didn't want to pick a stranger, but come on, you don't mess up your best friend like that.

Revelations got more worrying. Well it's now love, or at least illicit sex sessions in a hotel, between Jack and Schuyler. Oh yes boys and girls, apparently lust at first sight is love and that someone who has known you and loved you for years, well that's clearly not love. Honestly I was becoming severely hacked off by J/S throughout this book. Once again we are told that Oliver and Schuyler are 'just bestest buddies'. Mimi improves drastically in my estimation and all her interaction with Jack makes more sense than Schuyler/Jack. I never see any connection for Schuyler/Jack, nothing at all, beyond physical attraction. The last chapter in the book really drives home how wrong Jack and Schuyler are for each other, because we see the side of Jack that Schuyler never sees. We see Abaddon the destroyer and it becomes abundantly clear that Schuyler is being lied to.

The Van Alen Legacy. All I have to say on this is 'I don't believe that Schyuler and Oliver spent all that time together and never once got it on. Clearly the love is flowing but apparently they never exchanged more than a hug. Is Oliver meant to be gay? because I don't know that many red blood men who wouldn't have tried to push the relationship further. And Mimi/Kingsley, while this is well written and works, it strikes me as an attempt by the authour to foist Mimi on someone else so that she can come to the conclusion that the bond is wrong.


I have now finally read Misguided Angel and despite many misgivings I really liked it. o.k I had some issues, most specifically with the Jack/Schuyler segment and the 'why is the Countess holding them hostage' questions. We are told that Jack gives Sky Venator training but don't see it happen. A lot of their interaction is told to us, but there is no real feeling to it. Apparently Jack/Sky are amazing together and he has no regrets, well I think someone ditching a ten thousand year old relationship for someone he's known for a year would generate some issues, but no everything's hunky dory. It also encompasses their sudden discovery of people crucial to the plot, this particular bit really annoyed me. They just stumble across this group with no investigation or anything, they just waltz right up to their door and find out stuff. I know deux ex machina and exposition form a huge basis in some books but really this took the cake. Sky also fades into the background, eclipsed by her 'love' for Jack.

Having said that about the J/S bits, I really loved the book. Mimi was ten shades of cool and her collaboration, albeit reluctantly, with Oliver was really heartwarming. It showcased what I thought Mimi really was, it showed us the loyal Angel Azrael as a separate entity to Mimi Force. Likewise Deming Chen was great, save the awful, tacked on romance with the obvious villain of the piece.

It was the Mimi segment of the book that really saved 'Misguided Angel' from being my last foray into the Blue Blood universe. From the start of the book, Mimi has been a favourite character of mine and in this book she owned every other character. Jack and Sky are now too luvvy dovey to even be taken seriously and I skim read a majority of their segment.

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