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Author has written 11 stories for Command & Conquer, Sonic the Hedgehog, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy X-overs, Final Fantasy VII, Halo, Misc. Tv Shows, and Merlin.

Name: Jethro

DoB: March 1989

Sex: Male


The Final Fantasy series
Command & Conquer
Half Life
Metal Gear Solid
Legend of Dragoon
Dragon Age

Personality: I'd say... screwed in the head? I wanna be several things, none of which are real and none of which are human. You wanna know? I want to be:

A Lizard man (as I am in IWGH2YH)
A Human/Dragon hybrid
A Vortigaunt
A Covenant Grunt
A Covenant Elite (Especially the Arbiter)
A Pilot (the species from Farscape)

See what I mean? I want to be any one of those fine examples (especially the Vortigaunt, the Lizard man, the Elite, ect)
My life is boring. I want a life like in my fanfics... Ok, not like in Tortured Soul, since I'd rather not be tortured to buggery... But you get what I mean don't you? Or not.


Tortured Soul- An angsty one shot Sonic fic where Tails is being tortured.

Final Fantasy Fusion- A trailer fic for my online RPG.

The Ambush- A one shot Deus Ex fic, where Alex races to save a group of Omar.

Troubled Night- Answer to a challenge. Arbiter/Master-Chief


Tiberian Birth (unless enough people tell me not to)

In progress:

Halo Shorts- An ongoing series of one shots.

I wanna go home 2! Ya hear?- A sequel of sorts for Kate's 'I wanna go home!' I have her permission, so no fears.

Coming soon:

The Final Fantasy- A novelisation with a difference.

Final Fantasy Hitman- What happens when Agent 47 is transported to Spira, and becomes one of Yuna's guardians.

Due to some confusion over Spikes appearance, I am putting this link up of my Morrowind recreation of Spike up. Obviously he isn't an exact duplicate, but anatomy and basic appearance-wise, this is Spike.

You know, I might make a sort of photo-blog of Spike's journey through Morrowind, just for the laughs...

Spike anatomy and crap... Even holding a gunblade...

Image of a Vortigaunt for those of you unfamiliar with them

Montblanc, in his Moogle Knight attire


Do not bog down my inbox with messages that point out all these little spelling errors. I’ve just run through practically all of the fic, correcting those spelling errors that got through before, so I know that if there are any more spelling errors, they will be genuine ones, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people that seem to insist on sending me which words they believe are spelt wrong, when they are spelt properly. Ok, in the US, they might be spelling mistakes, but they are spelt properly in the UK, you know, where I live!

Seriously, how hard is it to remember that the UK and the US spell some words differently? I don’t point out how ‘Defense’ should be spelt ‘Defence’, or ‘Honor’ is ‘Honour’, or ‘Armor’ is ‘Armour’ because I know that while it looks like a typo to me, it is genuinely spelt like that across the Atlantic. If you see an error that you don’t think is spelt properly in either country, tell me that you thought you spotted a typo, and I’ll look into it eventually. There shouldn’t be, because I just ran it all through MSWord (before, there were some chapters that you could easily tell I had written on WordPad for various reasons (read, using a crappy computer while mine was broken)) to iron out a majority of the mistakes, but I’m not perfect, so some might remain. Just don’t try to point out every error you see, because nine times out of ten, it’s a matter of different culture, different spelling.

Grammar is a slightly different matter. But in the case of IWGH2, keep in mind that Spike thinks how Spike thinks. Even if he’s not actively thinking and/or talking to the lizard within, everything read is still generally his thoughts and how he sees everything.

Sorry for my ranting, but even from the beginning, people seem to send me these messages saying ‘this is spelt wrong’, ‘that is spelt wrong.’ If it is a legitimately wrong spelling, I’ll get to it eventually, but jeez, most of the time all you’re telling me is that words spelt correctly are wrong simply because it isn’t spelled the American way. I know that this isn’t all of you faithful readers, but being told that my spelling is crap when it was spelt perfectly fine where I live is an apparent nerve for me.

Be thankful that this is a more censored version of my rant.

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