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Author has written 9 stories for Ben 10, Switched at Birth, Kekkaishi, Community, Skip Beat!, and Girl Meets World.

Hello my fellow fanfictioners. First let me say thank you for visiting my oh so fashionable profile page. As you can see my user name is SomosAmadas1013. Below are some of the shows I watch and my favorite couples.

Ben 10 Alien force (Cartoon):

Kevin x Gwen- The oddest couple that just works.

Ben x Julia- Just for their cuteness.

*Community (TV Series):

Jeff x Annie- Quite possibly the cutest couple I have ever seen! They are just so...perfect!

Troy x Britta- "Maybe someday you’ll fall for someone who’s healthy. Someone who, aside from his irrational fear of automatic toilets, is normal. Someone like me."

Abed x Robin (Secret Service Agent)- I have a theory that they are dating, but we will never know, because you know...they date through lamps and windows.

Abed x Rachel (Coat Check Girl) - One of the few things season 4 did right.

Chang x Veronica- the classic love story of a man and his manikin leg.

Kekkaishi (Anime):

Gen x Yoshimori- They made it too easy.

Gen x Tokine- eh why not?

The Prince dude x Tokine- Love Yoshimori's response to them together!

Rurouni Kenshin (Anime and Live Action):

Aoshi x Misao- I'm not really sure if I like them as a couple yet, but I love the older brother x younger sister thing they've got going on.

Kenshin x Kaoru- I don't even need words to explain it.

Sano x Kaoru- meh

Sano x Megumi- Ummm... yes

Yahiko x Tsubame- Come on, they're adorable!

Leverage (TV Series):

Nate x Sophie- They were made for each other

Eliot x Parker- The unexpected couple that just works

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (Anime):

Ein x Zwei- No explanation needed

Pretty Little Liars (TV Series):

Caleb x Hanna- They are perfect for each other.

Toby x Spencer- So cute!

Other shows that I love but am to lazy to write my favorite couples:


Akatsuki no Yona


El Cazador De La Bruja

Fruit Baskets

Kamisama Hajimemashita


Night Raid 1931

Nodame Cantabile

Ouran High School Host Club

Rozen Maiden

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Say I love you

Skip Beat!

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun


Asian Dramas:

1% of Anything

Angel Eyes

Boys Over/Before Flowers/Hana Yori Dango

Coffee Prince

Doctor Stranger (Recommended)


Itazura Na Kiss (Playful Kiss, ISWAK, and TKA included)

Killer Girl K

Lie to Me (K-drama)

Master's Sun (quite possibly the greatest show out there)

Nodame Cantabile (Japanese live-action version)

Secret (K-drama)

Shut Up Let's Go/Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Skip Beat!/Extravagant Challenge

Stars Falling from the Sky (Highly recommended)

Super Daddy Yeol

Thank you (K-drama)

The Greatest Love (Highly recommended)

To the Beautiful You

TV Shows:

Arrow (I love Felicity!)

Boy Meets World

Community (*=the funniest show you will ever find on American television, so great that it needed to be mentioned twice)

Girl Meets World (you know, I really thought this "new" generation Disney would screw this show up, and while it doesn't match the original gem of Boy Meets World which really went into the tough things in life, this show beyond surpassed my expectations! I think they are doing a phenomenal job! Kudos.)


The Flash

I promise I do indeed have a life, even though it doesn't seem like it

Story(s) Progress:

Ben 10: Chapter 10 is taking a pause. I will finish this story, I promise! I'm just taking a break right now to finish some other stories I am working on.

Girl Meets World: Waiting to watch "Girl Meets Forgiveness Project" to post epilogue. New story, "In All The Chaos" is posted.

Kekkaishi: On hiatus.

Please be patient with me. I have many story ideas, plots, and stories themselves that I have jotted down.

What to look for: I will be updating Ben 10 eventually. I am currently working my GMW story. I also hope to be adding new stories. We'll see, though...

Some of my pet peeves:

-When stories have way too many grammatical mistakes. I understand a couple spelling and grammar mistakes here and there.

-I don't like when authors take forever to update (this one I can let slide a little bit considering I am one of those authors).

-When characters are not even a little bit close to their actual character. Unless they need to be off character for plot purposes, I don't like it.

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