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Sup. Wanna-be Viking here. Well, you can just call me Viking.

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On the 26th of January 2011 I purchased a DVD which started a new, long obsession. This DVD was the wonderful ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Only seeing this movie several days before buying it, I immediately fell in love with it. Now, I have kidnapped the main character, Hiccup.

LOLjks, my profile isn’t going to be that formal, but I HAVE kidnapped Hiccup, he’s mine! I got this idea of kidnapping a character, who does not exist, in the real world, but in many fan girls’ minds, by the lovely author ‘St. Fang of Boredom’ who kidnapped Fang from Maximum Ride.

So yeah… I’m just going to start my profile now.

-About me-

Name – Viking or Fjam.

Real name – Guess ;D although, you probably already know it.

Age – 15.

Place of Origin – Australia.

Favourite song – It always has been and always will be ‘Sticks and Stones’ by Jonsi and my new favourite, ‘Spell’ by Lama (yes, spelt with one L).

Favourite food – Apples! Red ones!

Favourite movie – You’re kidding me right? Isn’t it obvious?

Favourite book – As much as I LOVE the HTTYD book series, my favourite book series is Maximum Ride.

Favourite game – Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda, Marjora's Mask. I’m getting Skyward Sword for Christmas, so let us see if it makes it into my favourites.

-Things I have learnt from How to Train Your Dragon-

Astrid's her prettiest when a massive fireball explodes behind her.

A rock is a suitable substitute for a tooth.

Tuffnut is either very much hurt or wailing on his sister.

Stoic’s so cool that he can ditch his own son.

Hiccup's stupid enough to get his shield stuck in between two rocks and get slapped by a tree.

Ruffnut and Astrid have big butts and look like dragons.

Fishlegs is scared of gas.

Safety is over-rated.

There is only one night fury, ever. Encase you hadn't noticed that doesn't work.

Lightning and death can have a baby together.

Hiccup's mother has very unusual breasts. Seriously next time you watch the movie look at stoic’s helmet and then Hiccup's. Stoic’s = / \ Hiccup's = /...\.

Some types of dragons have retractable teeth. I mean wtf?

(This isn't something I've learnt it's just something I realized) At the end of the movie it says that it snows 9 months of the year. It didn't snow once in the entire movie, only in the extras. Hiccup's a lair.

It’s okay to use boys for dragons, even if they are the least liked Viking in the village.

Hiccup's hand can magically turn into a rubber.

-My favourite people on FanFiction-

Affiliations – I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this boy. Yes, he can be a huge idiot at times and be very forgetful, but nothing can overpower his kindness. He gives the best hugs and will always be there when I need to talk. I love you. :)

NinjahRose - She always knows how to brighten up a situation. Also, she can make me laugh so easily, I can never stay mad at her.

ItsDestiny – I think everyone loves this girl. She has the most retarded, loudest laugh ever and it makes everyone else laugh. She says the most irrelevant things and the worst times, but that just makes her who she is.

Drivenbyrevenge – Wholly crap. She is the biggest fan girl EVER. I am not kidding. She has so many obsessions, I think even she can’t keep count. Although, she can be a bit power hungry, she’s still fun to be around. Also, she writes the best stories.

BlackPearl96 – Her stories don’t make much sense, but that may be because she doesn’t make much sense in general. She’s still pretty awesome anyway.

St. Fang of Boredom – Best story writer ever. No one can compare. Her and her kidnapped character, Fang, make the best duo and can always make stories that make me laugh until my sides hurt.

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