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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

Ich habe mich entschlossen dieses Profil hauptsächlich in Englisch zu halten, da ich inzwischen bis auf sehr wenige Ausnahmen nur noch Englische Fanfictions lese.

Dafür gibt einige Gründe: Zum Einen eine sehr viel größere Auswahl an Geschichten. Zum Anderen fallen mir Rechtschreibfehler und schlechte Grammatik im Englischen nicht so schnell auf (und stören deshalb weniger ;-) ). Und nach einigen Jahren englischer Fanfiction, fühlt es sich direkt etwas komisch an “Harry Potter” oder “Herr der Ringe” auf Deutsch zu lesen. (Selbst die Originale lese ich inzwischen fast nur noch in der Originalsprache)

Kurzsteckbrief ;-): Ich bin Anfang dreißig, eher nachtaktiv (meine produktivste Zeit!), lese sehr viel, schreibe manchmal und bin seit Jahren praktisch süchtig nach Fanfiction.


If I had to choose between night and day:

I would say night, because it gives me a sense of peace and freedom!

When you are standing outside and there is nothing moving besides the wind and there is no light, other than from the stars and the moon, it seems as if time stands still, and you could live forever!

If I had to choose between eyes and ears:

I would say eyes, because most things that make noise can be seen.

The other way around is a lot more difficult!

If I had to choose between staying awake and sleeping:

I would stay awake, because life is to short to miss it.

Every moment of your life you are dying a little bit more. So there really is no time for sleeping!


About my name: “Mikkalea” is a created fantasy name that has an anagram of my Real Life nickname in it. After typing it into google, I found a few other “Mikkalea's” around the world wide web and because of that I added “Luna” to my pen name. As you all probably already know, “Luna” is of Latin origin and means “moon”. I choose this as second name, because you could say that I'm more nocturnal than diurnal. In fact, after midnight seems to be my most productive time! (Naturally this account, and profile, were made in the middle of the night...)

About me: I am in my early thirties, female, someone who uses two libraries, and has well over 400 books at home. (And that doesn't include the four boxes of childhood books I have sorted out) So yes, I read a lot! :-)

About my Fanfiction history: I found out about the concept of fanfiction after I had finished the last Harry Potter book. And from then on I was addicted! I started with reading lots of German HP fanfiction and after I had all the good ones through (Or what I thought was good at the time) I crossed over into English fandom. From then on my English abilities increased drastically! :-)) Shortly after that I discovered LotR fanfiction, and I thought my world was perfect! ;-) These days I mostly read English stories, because there is a larger repertory and variety. And after a few years of reading HP and LotR in English it's actually a bit weird, reading a German story in one of these fandoms. For a long time these two were my main fandoms until I fell head over heels into NCIS fanfiction. After that I finally really realised just how many different reading opportunities there are and I went into the Mentalist, Star Wars and Hobbit section. Then my fanfiction history gets a bit backwards: After I finished Sir Arthur Conan Doyles original Sherlock Holmes books, I looked around the web for more and found fanfiction to the BBC series “Sherlock”. I started reading (and loving it!) without knowing the series until I finally decided to buy and watch it. I think it's needless to say I'm now an avid fan :-) (So much to the theories, that fanfiction is harming the original work!) Practically the same happened with Alexander fandom. Until today I don't even like the movie, but I love the (imagined) history of Alexander the Great. Recently I started reading Tudor and Merlin fanfiction, of course without having watched the series first... but at some point I'll probably end up buying it :-)

About my writings: Sometimes I write in German and sometimes in (I hope acceptable) English. At times I also enjoy translating my English writings into German. (Interestingly I don't like to do it the other way around...) I'm a slow writer, but I'm stubborn enough to finish everything I write (it just takes a while!) Finally, I also want to apologise in advance for all spelling and grammar errors that I will certainly make, because I was never very good in English! Hell, I even had my fights with German grammar!


In regards to fanfiction:

I do love stories were the main characters are strong and stay true to themselves. I have a heart for the underdogs and I am always cheering for them, when they manage to surprise everyone! Or when there is injustice and those responsible have to make up for it.

I am willing to read most about everything, but there are a few things, I don't particular like:

1. Mpreg: That is not an issue for me, if it is original and important for the plot line. For example, a story about how pregnancy helps Harry to find "the power he knows not" (not very original, I know, but I don't have a better example at hand) I can even stand it, if it is a well explained and "realistic" creature!fic. What I don't like, is when it is somehow completely normal that men can get pregnant! When everyone is like "hey, you are pregnant, that’s cute!" and no one is the slightest bit surprised or flabbergasted! I normally stop reading, if the pregnant man grows breast, adores his big belly more than anything else and generally behaves (and looks like) a woman. In my opinion, even if he is pregnant, he is still a man! I don't believe that most men would want to have breast. Or love to show physically that they are in fact pregnant. I also don't believe that there wouldn't be mockery or some form of discrimination from the public! A male pregnancy is something unbelievable, something that doesn't happen every day, so I can't stand it when everyone takes the new situation in stride, without batting an eyelash over it! That doesn't mean, that the stories themselves aren't good, but why, why does it always have to be the men, who get a baby??? I mean, if you just want to write a pregnancy fic, then why don't you choose a heterosexual couple? Sometimes I get the feeling, that in fanfiction male pregnancy is more natural and expected than female pregnancy...

2. There are only gay people: I don't have anything against slash. In fact most romances I read are slash, because they are somehow more interesting to me. But it is a bit much when every second boy/man in the story is gay! And surprise: The girls are all mostly lesbian! That is just a bit to unrealistic for me ... Wait a few years and earth's population would drastically decrease! (Please don't argue with Mpreg! :-) )
That said: I can understand that there are mostly main slash couples in Harry Potter fandom, because, in my opinion, there are very few interesting female characters in canon...

3. Rape without consequences or badly written: As with Mpreg I have nothing against it if it is vital for the plot. But I don't like it when it seems as if abused!Harry isn't enough for the author and suddenly someone is raping him! Most of the time it is completely unbelievable. For example when a group of Hogwarts students assaults Harry and gang rapes him! And after a few tearful days Harry is over it and has happy gay sex with his new boyfriend! (My fingers don't even want to type this totally ridiculous sentence!) Rape is a very serious issue and you can't just write about it, as if it is some vaguely bad thing! Rape changes a person. It hunts the victim for years (or life) and no one can just get over it! When I read a story about rape, I also want to read about what happens after this terrible event. The consequences, the slow recovery (if there is a recovery), the healing progress, how it affects the main characters in the story etc. In my opinion: If rape is mentioned in a story, it needs to be a big part of the plot! You can't just gloss over it!
That is not to say, that it must always have an happy end. I can read a dark or horror!fic, where one character is sexually abused, has Stockholm Syndrome etc. And where the Rape issue is never resolved, because the readers only see the "evil" side of the story, etc. But for me it must be clear, that the writer knows the sensibility of the issue and that he takes it serious. Even if his characters do the opposite! (After all, it is fiction)

4. Extreme bashing without reason: I think it explains itself. It is just to unrealistic for me. Even if it is fanfiction, the people in it should still behave like real people! Stupidity has its limits!

5. Everyone is suddenly good/evil: Once again to unrealistic for me! The Dark Side will always be just that: Dark. There may be some people who defect to the other side. Or it may be, that the Dark Side is not as evil as previously thought. After all nothing is completely evil or completely good! But that doesn't mean that the Dark is suddenly all peace and flowers! If you want that, why don't you write about the Light Side from the beginning? Sorry, but I can't see a Dark Lord who hugs pink bunnies with his Death Eaters in his free time! Or a Dumbledore who loves torture more than Lemon Drops and has the Order members as his slaves/evil accomplices! (For example)

6. Overemotional and completely unbelievable weak (main) characters: For example, “whiny weak girl Harry” or “poor little emotional Legolas” (because he clearly isn't old enough to know how to deal with his own emotions...). There are a few stories were it actually works, but for the most part it just destroys the story. (For me at least!) While not every character has to be strong (after all, that too would be boring!) they should at least develop something like a personality. Constantly needing a shoulder to cry on hinders that somewhat!
I like it when characters show emotion! When they aren't one-sided but multifaceted. When they make me cry or laugh. Some of the best fanfictions I've read have been an emotional roller coaster ride for me! But there has to be a certain balance.
Having said that, I know that creating a personality is difficult (I'm not so good at it myself!), and I can overlook much. But sometimes it's just a bit too much for me...

Please don't take my rant personally! The above mentioned pet peeves are only my personal opinion. That doesn't mean that they have to be right. If you have another perspective on things I mentioned, please feel free to PM me and I am happy to discuss it :-)
I also don't judge the character of an author because of what he/she has written! It is fiction, and thoughts are free. I don't have to read what I don't like. So, mostly I don't care when a story contains my pet peeves. But I just had to write them down! Don't bite me :-)

Please take also into account, that English isn't my first language. So it may be, that I expressed myself badly in some cases!

I may continue it, if I feel the need to vent once more! :-)


Vorwort zu "Harry Potter und das Vermächtnis des Dunklen Lords":

Diese Geschichte schwirrt schon sehr lange in meinem Kopf herum, so dass ich mich irgendwann doch entschlossen habe sie zu Papier zu bringen.
Ich habe inzwischen schon viele Fanfiktions gelesen, aber bisher noch keine mit meiner Idee gefunden, was ein weiterer Ansporn für mich war.
Insgesamt versuche ich die Personen und Geschehnisse möglichst stark am Original anlehnen.
Es ist eine Fortsetzung des siebten Bandes, bzw. meine Idee wie Harry Potters Leben (mit einer überraschenden Wendung) weitergehen könnte. Die Geschichte stimmt mit allen sieben Bücher überein, ohne den Epilog.
Ich werde das letzte Kapitel aus „HP und die Heiligtümer des Todes“ in dem ersten Kapitel meiner Geschichte neu schreiben. Nicht weil sich soviel verändern wird! Im Grunde ändern sich nur Kleinigkeiten - ohne die es meine Fortsetzung aber nicht gäbe, und die (zu Beginn) nicht sehr offensichtlich sein werden. Das Umschreiben des letzten Kapitels gibt mir die Möglichkeit direkt mit meiner Geschichte an den letzten Band anzuknüpfen.
Außerdem war ich nie besonders einverstanden damit, wie J.K. Rowling das Ende nach der Schlacht beschrieben hatte. Auf mich wirkt es irgendwie gezwungen und es fehlen einfach zu viele (wie ich finde wichtige) Szenen. Beispielsweise die Bergung von Snapes Köper/Anerkennung für seine Hilfe, die Wiedervereinigung mit Ginny, was passiert mit den Malfoys etc.
Zusätzlich sollte ich vielleicht erwähnen, dass mein Harry ein wenig mehr „Slytherin“ sein wird als Kanon-Harry. Da ich finde, dass es in den Büchern immer wieder Situationen gibt, in denen gezeigt wird, dass er dazu das Potenzial hätte. Auch wenn er es nicht nutzt. Was eine Schande ist, würde es die ganzen Bücher doch viel interessanter gestalten...

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