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Nickname: Ninja

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Race: Mexican-Amercian. To be exact.

Color: Red and Blue. It's either one of those two. Right now, it's blue.

Type of Movies: Action or Comedy

Type of TV Shows: Um... I'm not sure... I just watch whatever is on

Type of Music: Sleeping With Sirens. Pierce the Veil. Asking Alexandria. Falling in Reverse. Three Days Grace. Linkin Park. Thousand Foot Krutch. Paramore. Of Mice and Men. Green Day. You Me At Six. Eminem. Bruno Mars. To name a few..

Type of Video Games: Call of Duty. Minecraft. Halo. Tomb Raider. Sims. God of War. Mostly, violent.

Type of Tops: Tank-Top, Hoodies, T-Shirts

Type of Bottoms: Jean Pants or Shorts, PE Shorts, Sweats

Type of Shoes: Any type of shoes except High Heels

Type of Accessories: Bracelts, Necklaces, Glasses, Beanies... Well Hats, and Earrings.

Description: I'm 5'3 with brown hair and eyes. I have dimples and people say I have long eyelashes... I don't have the biggest... Well anyways basically, but it's okay. I'm happy :)

Personality: I guess you could figure that I'm a tomboy. I like guy stuff. Though, I'm perfectly straight. Sorry. It's just that many people have asked me if I was lesbian or bi. No no... I like guys. However, I have NOTHING aganist them.. In fact, I support them big time. I'm a rocker, as you can tell too. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic and I blame books for that. I LOVE to read. Like, I could never put a good book down, no matter how hard I try. Even skip dinner a few times just to see how the book ends.

Other: My friends are a second family to me.

And... I just told you guys random facts, didn't I? ._.