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Age: 15

Name: um, call me Kai if you wish

Gender:... I'm a GIRL!

Appearance: well, I wear glasses and I'm 5'7"...

Hobbies: sleeping, writing, playing violin(7 years), reading

Personality: nice, from close friends a little evil, relaxed (*cough* lazy *cough*), smart, funny in own way, quiet, when not quiet; random, can't spell

(If you want updates on my fanfics, scroll down until you see the update area. Thank you!)

Hey there peoples of the world, Rainbow Fedora here! To sum me up, one would say I was into pretty cool things. Seriously. I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, various animes, history, physics, hell man, I got a PERIODIC TABLE AND A MAP OF EUROPE on my wall! I write almost any sort of fanfic, and I do take requests. If someone wants to PM me and we do a story together, totally open. Scroll down to the 'Working on Currently' area to see what you may want me to finish and put up or what you might want to work on with me.

About Me

i My Favorite... !

Colors: purple, blue, black, white and green

Food: potatoes

Drink: faygo

Items: backpacks and books

Anime: Bleach, Naruto/Shippuden, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club, Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Inuyasha, Case Closed/Detective Conan, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, D.Gray Man, Black Butler, Code Geass, Death Note, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica (more but I can't think of any right now)

Artist/Bands: Coldplay, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Rammstein, Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, LM.C, Apocalyptica, Aqua Timez, Daft Punk, FLOW, Adam Lambert, Yellowcard, Kanon Wakeshima, Rob Zombie, Pink Floyd, the Beatles

Movies: Harry Potter(all of them), Little Shop Of Horrors, Happy Feet, Pirates Of The Caribbean(all of them), Zombieland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Men In Black, Lord of the Rings(all of them), The Hobbit

Animal: Tiger

Books: Fahrenheit 451, Rule of the Bone, anything by Margret Haddix, anything by H.G. Wells, The Picture of Dorian Gray, most old classic science fiction novels and tales (like the famous ones such as Journey to the Center of the Earth and Stranger in a Strange Land, among others), We Could Be Brothers, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series

i My LEAST Favorite... !

Color: red and pink

Food: tomatoes

Drink: Coke

Item: dolls (barbies, baby alives, etc.)

Anime: I can't really hate an anime.

Bands/Artist: um... I don't really hate any form of music

Movies: High School Musical(all of them)

Animals: Polar Bears (only reason is because I had a freaky nightmare once about them and *shivers* they are evil...)

Books: how could anyone hate a book?! I mean, it's a book. That's like hating a baby. You can't. It's just against life. You can hate an AUTHOR, but never a literary work.

My Otaku corner
(Just info about my anime loves. Favourite characters, favourite pairings, and cuz I have a reason to do EVERYTHING, reasons as to why. Note: The phrase OTP, which stands for 'One True Pairing', to me, means a pairing that you love wholeheartedly and you don't have any other ships you sail that conflict with it. It's that one pairing that you would take with you.)

from Hitman Reborn!:

Yamamoto, Gokudera, Hibari, Squalo, Shitto P - Chan, Belphegor, Spanner, Tsuna, Shoichi, Mukuro and Byakuran

Favorite Pairings:

from Hetalia:

Romano, France, Prussia, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine

Favorite Pairings:

[I am generally open to most other pairings if it pops up in a story I'm reading. As long as it doesn't ruin a good thing that's happening.]

(XxXxX RANT ABOUT FRANCE [from Hetalia] XxXxX)
*Read at own risk.*

Alright. So I've thought long and hard about this, and I have decided that France is maybe one of the most abused and underrated characters in the history of my anime watching. People call him all sorts of mean and rude things that are just so incredibly untrue and against his personality it's crazy! France is the country of LOVE! He LOVES almost everyone and everything! You can say something extremely terrible to him and at the end of the friggin' day he'll probably still value you highly! He LOVES LOVE. He enjoys loving love and will, given a chance, protect someone's love if it is true at the risk of himself. That's how sweet he is. Fuck yea he flirts. Don't most attractive, single, young French men flirt? It's all harmless. He likes handsome and cute and lovely things and you bet your ASS he will express it. The guy/country has been through a lot in those many years of his life, many of them terrible hardships. Does he seem to get a break? Nope. He's always that sweetie that wants to have fun but is somehow stopped by something. He fights. He tries and tries and tries and he doesn't seem to get any rest. When he thinks he's made it out on top, it's too good to be true, and it comes crashing down. He had someone he loved get taken from him twice by the same person. He was cheated out of things that he should have gotten. Made decisions that almost and ultimately lost him his best friend, over someone that constantly said, no SCREAMED that he means nothing to him. Not saying other countries haven't had it bad or worse, but France seems to be overlooked when people are handing out sympathy cards. But further than that, he gets a bad wrap for not very good/INVALID reasons. Calling him a rapist?! Of all the things France is, a rapist is NOT CLOSE TO ANY OF THEM! He has only touched his friends and family, no one that he knows would be really uncomfortable with it or someone he doesn't know on that level. Canada? Practically his son. He loves Canada so much. He would never hurt him, especially sexually! England? HE HAS KNOWN HIM FOR OVER A MILLENNIUM. ONE THOUSAND YEARS PLUS. He not only partly raised him, but he knows England better than a bunch of other countries. France knows exactly when too far is too far with him. Spain and Prussia? Those are his best friends. Please, they've done worse to each other than feel each other up, I'm sure. The Italies? Romano don't play that shit so he doesn't let France near him, though on the off chance that he does, same with England, France knows when too far is too far and Veneziano doesn't seem to express any sort of discomfort when France HUGS HIM AND KISSES HIM BECAUSE HE LIKES TO GREET HIS LITTLE BROTHER. Austria? They were MARRIED ONCE FOR FUCKS SAKE. They know each other. They are friends. Austria is a prude but he knows France and knows it's harmless. France wouldn't hurt ANYONE. Thinking he would is really sick.

AND ANOTHER THING! As you can tell, France is one of my favourite characters, so it's a bit natural that I love FrUK. WHY? Aside from the fact that it's extremely sweet, a great love story and very sensible, France needs SOMEONE to love. Go through and pair up all of the main Hetalia characters with each other. Go on. Alot USUK fans would most likely leave France with no one. Because he only has like two other pairings that make any sort of sense with canon that wouldn't be outrageous. Note I said MAIN CHARACTERS. Meaning characters that you don't have to dig through your brain to pick out and are there in the show and manga enough for people to know that they are apart of the show/manga if they aren't avid fans. Leaving him with what? With no one? YEA. I'm normally extremely happy to see a Francis (in AU) with a lovely wife named Jeanne, and two wonderful children named Matthew and Michelle (or whatever Seychelles' human name is). It's adorable. France is happy. But it's also AU. And fairly rare. My OTP is FrUK, meaning I don't search out fics that conflict with FrUK, so it's not likely for me to find a story like that. PLUS, I KID YOU NOT, if I JUST SO HAPPEN to stumble a fic involving USUK, America HAS TO SAY, "Oh I hate that long haired guy! He's nasty and has STDs and is a rapist and I don't want him near my Iggy because he might hurt him!" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It's ALWAYS something close to that, involving one or more of the negative thing people dump on Fran. I can't even deal with that without blowing up. America isn't THAT MUCH of a dickhole to insult someone that harshly when he owns his FREEDOM TO THEM. YEA, PEOPLE WHO FEEL ASLEEP IN U.S. HISTORY ALL 4 YEARS IT WAS DRILLED INTO OUR YOUNG AMERICAN BRAINS, FRANCE, ALONG WITH SPAIN, HELPED AMERICA GAIN FREEDOM FROM GREAT BRITAIN. What the FUCK, makes you THINK that he would be that shallow and forgetful? France is practically America's dad as well. Historically, France had more colonies set up in what we American's call the Mid-West, spanning up into present day Canada, touching the border of old Spanish colonies, present day Texas, South-West and Mexico. Looks like France helped America along more than England.

ALSO, America will ALWAYS have someone else to be paired with. Someone that will make some sort of sense. Japan, Canada and Russia are options. Man, Prussia and Germany are even options. Hell, even Lithuania or BELARUS would make a bit of sense. Just a bit though. Now, *calming down a bit* with FrUK, France has England, someone he has been with and known for an extremely long time. They have been together through a ton of stuff. More than alot of other countries have. They, to an extent I will admit, understand each other. And if they actually hated each other, do you THINK that they would of done ALL of this stuff together? France raising England when his brothers wouldn't, being for him more times in super serious war rather than against? Now I'm going real world. The two countries would NOT have allied together in both world wars if they seriously resented each other. Spain and England haven't allied together for anything recent. THEY seem to hate each other more than France and England hate each other. Sure, they know each other fairly well, have married off Kings and Queens and such over time, but they haven't been allied in almost 200 years. France, one the other hand, seemed to not be in a war with England (or Great Britain, if you rather) since the Napoleonic Wars, and EVERYONE was against France at that time because Napoleon was out for world conquest. Which he almost got, btw. Yup, our good old France is a serious ex world power. More powerful than Britain when he ruled, different times and such but still. Okay back to my other point. France, not many options for love that are logical, canon and fans would stick with. I would be on board with USUK, meaning I wouldn't go out of my way avoid fics about it, if SOME of the fans didn't have the URGE to BASH FRANCIS BONNEFOY AND LEAVE HIM WITH NO ONE TO LOVE. FrUK is just, perfectly sensible. And perfectly flawed, making it a more believable relationship than others! And just perfect overall cuz like, yessss...

Wrapping this up, I'd like to say, yes, I am a VERY picky and fussy fangirl. I LOVE France. I want ONLY the best for him. I want everyone to see that he's just a fantastic guy that loves loving love and will do anything protect it and would NEVER hurt anyone in any way to make himself happy. He deserves love. He deserves credit for some stuff. He deserves not to be hated for outrageous things people make up/exaggerate. He deserves some sort of happiness. Preferably in the form of the love of his life. He deserves not to be left out and ignored. He DESERVES ALL of this things, and more. I love Francis Bonnefoy. Fran, Franny, Frenchy Pants, Frog, the French Republic, République Française, France or whatever other cute nickname you'd like to call him. And I hope others will learn to love him as well.

I'd also like to point out that these are MY opinions, not anyone else's. I don't live in a democratic country for nothing. Wanna say my views are wrong, go ahead. I wouldn't ever go around shoving this down people's throats, so don't expect me to.


P.s., that FrUK part... I went off, omg. Sorry people. Also the history parts, I went off of the top of my head, excuse errors, people are bound to make errors during rants. Take it up in a PM with me if you have a problem.

Why I Joined FanFiction:

I really liked reading the stories that some of the authors had so one day I has like "Hey! Why don't I create some fanfics too?" and BOOM! I made this account. Writing doesn't come easy to me but I'm very, very, VERY creative. Hope you like my fanfics!

Reviews are what I like to write most so yea...mainly I'll write those until my brain can work again after writing a chapter. Plus school...so yea...

Rainbow Says Peace Out!

XxXx Fanfic Ideas/What I'm Working on Currently xXxX
(PM me if you want a more detailed overview of a fic and/or want to help)


Pact of the Frienemies - Friendship/Adventure Multi-chapter (Modern AU) [Russia, Canada, America] {RusCan, onesided USCan}
Clockwatching - Romance One-shot (Modern AU) [France, England] {FrUK}
Zusammenfallen - Angst One-shot (collapse of the Berlin Wall era) [Prussia, Russia, Germany...] {onesided RusPru}
Don't Make Me - (Modern Dance AU) [Canada, Russia, China, America, Japan...] {RusCan, AmeriPan...}
Broken Fairytale - Humour Multi-chapter (Mental Hospital AU) [England...] {No pairings! Well maybe, but I don't plan on having anything more than friendships} 5/?? chapters up!
To Win Your Love: Alfred's Story - Romance/Humour 10 chapter (Modern AU) [America, Japan...] {AmeriPan}
To Win Your Love: Matthew's Story - Romance/Humour 10 chapter (Modern AU) [Canada, Russia...] {RusCan}


(3/5/14) Hahaha, new year, not new me! Updates for everything are wonky, as my school is actually really tough and I need to get like straight A's not to get kicked out. Expect random updates, and a more solid thing going when/if I ever get a break.

(12/20/13) Winter break! Now, I hope to get back to writing, but it may not happen. I didn't realize my high school was as hard as it is.

(9/8/13) I am now in high school!! *does happy dance then death drops* Hope I'll be able to keep up with writing and such. I've started at new story called 'Broken Fairytale' and I really like it! It's interesting, and something new to test out my writing style. It's a Hetalia mental hospital AU, centered around Arthur Kirkland. Check it out if interested!

(6/26/13) I have taken a liking to writing stories on my iPod/phone! " Weird, yes, but it feels cool and different to do so. It helps me write more than one thing at a time, keeps my ideas and plots and such in one place as well as allows me to write as soon as something sparks. IT wouldn't be lost on a piece of paper if I get an idea while out. Good, yes? Plus I can write like 10 chapters before posting much easier so updates once posted won't be insane!!!

Regarding 'Meltdown of the Espada':
(6/26/13) Still no real signs of me updating or anything of the sort. My computer is back working but I wouldn't want to write something about a show I haven't watched a full episode of since early 2012. PM me if you'd think you'd be able to help me along with the story, but I've moved on to work on other things. It's the best option for me now.

(1/??/13) As much as it pains my to say this, the fic will be on hiatus until further notice. Reasons being 1) that I'm too far behind in the Bleach fandom and series itself to actually continue writing without feeling like it's totally incomplete 2)my personal life keeps getting the way and 3) my computer, no lie, crashed, taking away everything I had going with the story and even other fanfictions I was thinking about writing. Luckily, I saved most of my files somewhere else, so I have bits of previous chapters that are unedited, so they look and sound nothing like what's here on FF. I'm trying to get my computer back to normal bu it's a work in progress. Sorry to everyone that really enjoys the story, but I won't be updating anytime soon. Note that I'll keep my word of this; every chance I get, I'll be writing bits and pieces of the fic until it can become a chapter(as soon as I get Word back on my computer, of course). Once I get a chapter typed, I'll post it. Honest! Again, I'm truly sorry for not keeping up with updates and hope that you'll stay with the fic once it comes back.

(11/24/12) 'Meltdown of the Espada' isn't abandoned... I just have no time to do anything with the story. Again, not promises on when I will be updating but I will continue with the story. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this.

(8/16/12) School is back. AGAIN! Shoot me now. X( 3 THOUSAND HIT MARK!!!! And... 40 REVIEW MARK!!!! Updating will be... irregular. So sorry, I love you all!

(7/13/12) WOW. Umm, like, 2 months since last update. God, am I terrible. So sorry about not updating. I'll do something special when I update. Promise.

(5/29/12) 2 THOUSAND HIT MARK!!!! Out of school, YES! FINALLY! And I will update soon. And after this I hope to update every fortnight.

(5/13/12) Hi! Ugh, life. Sucks. Big time. Update will be soon. School's almost out for me so updates WILL be regular. NO ONE HATE ME!

(4/9/12) 30 REVIEW MARK!!!! Since I just got back to school from spring break and I have something huge going on I will be posting again on Wednesday.

(2/15/12) Ummm, I kinda sorta lied about the regular updates... Life is evil but fun and being lazy is so much easier so, yea. Oh and 20 REVIEW MARK!!!!

(1/30/12) THOUSAND HIT MARK!!!! Also... 20,000 WORDS MARK!!!! I should be updating regularly now so stay tuned!

(1/28/12) NO ONE KILL ME!!!! I'm still writing the story but plot bunnies are multiplying in my brain and I have a LOT going on in life right now.

(8/20/11)School has also started back for me...DAMMIT WHY!?!?!?! I'll have a new chapter out every other Friday or Saturday. Wendesday if I'm lucky.

So sorry about any late updates. I can't give a day that any new chapter will be out, but look on Friday, Saturday and/or Wendesday.

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