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Author has written 4 stories for Jessie, and Harry Potter.

Hello, everyone!

Before all of the fun profile stuff, I just want all of you guys to know that: I love you. Readers like you are who I write for.

(02.09.14.) Now, I want all of you to know that I am one of the biggest Harmony shippers in the world. Several years ago, I had written a story (it was written awfully, but I tried) and I now remember that all of my friends had thought I was crazy for shipping something that would obviously never happen. It had quieted down a tiny bit after all of the Harry Potter movies and books had come out, but I had still never lost faith in the fact that the epilogue was just...wrong. Well, four years later, I can say that I was always right. (I'm right a lot. I always win.) I'm a master matchmaker, and am one of the sappiest people I know. Everybody that I've matched together (so far) has ended up being very happy together, and I'm pretty proud of that! But on the Harmony side of things, I'm just very happy that J.K. Rowling finally understood what we've seen all along. It's always been the perfect relationship.

*sniff* I'm so proud.

Unfortunately, real-life hasn't been as friendly to me as the Harry Potter books. I haven't been attacked by dementors or anything, but you know, love hurts.


Sometimes, I just want to give up on love all together, and simply be happy and live one day at a time. Dream about Harmony or something. Of course, then I watch the sunset or something and just fall deeper into love. But the guy I love? I can't love him. I have to wait for a while for it to all be allowed. We've broken so many rules together, doing the things we do. I'm okay with waiting and all, but it's scary sometimes. I had always thought that we were so perfect for each other, but recent events have kind of made me less naïve. We've lied to each other. Hurt each other. He maybe (sort of) kissed another girl and didn't tell me.


But yet we try to keep promises.

I try to keep them.

I simply hold on to memories, and my hope in him.

Now, I know this is very deep for a simple FanFiction profile, but I just want all of you to know that love isn't as easy as it is in books. Believe me, it was more than perfect at the beginning. I simply hope it'll all turn out okay and even though this has all hurt very badly, I can say that I have hope and that I've gained a lot of strength. I no longer fall. I'll probably update this when the scary uneasy feeling dies down and it all shows some clarity.

He says he'll wait, but you never know.

Now that I've killed some of the innocent hope for love inside of us all, it's time for a tiny bit more about me. I love books. Les Miserables is amazing. Showchoir makes me happy. Something about peppermint tea makes me smile. I'm a horseback-rider. I'd love to someday dance in the warm spring rain. Singing is my life. I'm amazing at it. (No need to brag or anything, but it's very true. I've tried to deny it for a long time, but it's pointless.) I taught myself how to play the guitar, and if you play it then you understand that: barre chords stink.

Don't swear around me. I won't tolerate it. I try to stay super innocent.

*Innocently bats her eyelashes.*

If you ever need anybody to talk to, I'm here for you guys. Drop me a message, and if you ever find yourself in times of trouble, I'll be there.

And also, I know this was unnecessarily long and personal, but I always love reading these kinds of profiles. Thanks for sticking with me.

I hope to write for the Harmony archive soon, (as all of my old stories embarrassed me, so I took them down.)

Until then, farewell to you lovely, beautiful readers!

*Hugs the people that have listened to her rant about her life and it's hardships and happinesses.*

Random Update: (02.26.14.) So, all of you girls out there? Please never let a guy break you. It is never worth it in the end, and when you let go, you'll be a lot happier. This guy? He turned out to be awful. Absolutely awful. I don't know what happened to change him, and I tried my best to always stand by him, but I hit that point today. The point where if he ever apologizes, (which he won't) I won't ever run back to him. He's simply done too much. You can't go around kissing all of the girls, and then lying to them. It's wrong.

Other Random Update: (04.16.14.) So he's come crawling back to me. He asked for forgiveness. We have no trust. We've lost the friendship, but I'm still trying to make it work. He's not. You can't fight a battle together if you're not going to fight. I miss him, guys. He's no longer there.

Last Update: (05.18.14.) It's never going to work. I've given up. He's throwing his life away, and I can't watch this. I need to move on. I'm trying, and I never thought I would say this.

The Present Update: (08.10.14.) Wow, so I'm looking back on this months later and am seeing how different things are now. If you're interested, send me a PM, I'll explain. It's probably more interesting than any story that'll appear in the near future, seeing as how real life has been draining my writing muse. :)

(Also, I'm keeping the random updates that aren't applicable anymore simply because I'm fascinated by them. I'm all good now, it was just a very bad time for both me and this guy. We're still friends now. I still love him, and although it looks like I did, I never stopped loving him. Even though my best friend tells me it's pointless and that I should move on. I love her. I really do.)

"Maybe I can't love you because loving you would be a flaw. And to you, I was always flawless."

-The Voice of Harmony

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Luke's worst fear is nothing more than a passing storm. When Luke is home alone, Emma rushes to comfort him. She meets him, tears streaming down his freckled face, with open arms. She, his protective older sister, is there to hug him through the night. *This is not a romance fic. it can be read as one, but I didn't write it that way.* Fluffy sibling fanfic. Super cute. Oneshot. :)
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