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I am the Wicked Witch of the Gallifreyan West! I don't write Wicked fics, I just love it to much to even try to touch it. BUT what I do write is a crap load of Doctor Who fics, and some Firefly and Harry Potter to come. Here's my view on life-

Rose Tyler was a fling, Romanadvoratrelundar is the Doctor's sould mate.

Bernice "Benny" Summerfield came long before River Song, could kick River's ass into next week, and drink River under the table. (I don't hate River, Moffat really just kind of took the easy way out on her character I think. But, I have more patience with her becuase I grew up watching Alex Kingston on ER)

Rory could totally clobber Adric any day of the week, and still have time for Mickey.

Remus Lupin makes Jacob Black look like a chihuahua.

Louis and Claudia could take down Bella and Edward in no time flat.

Obey the words of Malcom Reynolds- Aim to misbehave.

Katniss, Gale, and Petta are ten times more belivable, and a thousand times less annyoing than Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Quigon is a Time Lord.

Mockingjay makes Deathly Hallows look like a Disney movie. (not on opinion, just on ovsercation, I think Suzane Collins got a hold of the death stick after JRK and RTD, and it's power had multiplied)

The fact alone that he wrote the lyrics for the songs in two of my top three favorite movies of my childhood both Pocahontas AND Hunchback of Notre Dame, on top of writing Wicked, one of the best musicals of all time, Stephen Schwartz is GOD.

(I'm not a Rose hater, But being a Ravenclaw, I indentify with the brainy one's like Romana!)

I love to write, and in fact before I decided to change my major, just becuase I thought I cojuld use all my skills in theatre, not just one, I was going to get a college degree in creative writting. I have a few things up my sleeve, I'm brewing up something that will make muptiple fandom geeks like me nerdgasm beyond belief, and I've got lots a poetry, So hold on tight to those wands and sonic screwdrivers, and Let's go!


The True Loss of The Time War

A look back for the Doctor after loosing Rose at Canary Warf at another lover he lost- Romana. Their last ‘adventure’ together, the destruction of Gallifrey, Romana’s last moment’s with Doctor, and how she has lived on his hearts.

Far Away series

Various Romana/ Doctor one shots. Includes: Far Away, For Far Too Long, All For you and Lovers Lullaby. (On going)

Poet’s Cry Series.

My Doctor Who inspired Pottery. Includes: By Taking the Hand of a Lonely Wanderer and the Oncoming Storm.


The Jade Heart Trilogy (My Doctor Who OC series)

The Asylum Children

The last living remnants of the Time Lords are the children of Gallifrey brought to the world Tearmann. Jade Heart is one those Children, and after a shaking brush with tragedy, she decides it’s time for her to put her dreams into action. (Prequel to Blue Jay)

Will include Chapters involving Torchwood, post Journey’s End, pre Children of Earth.

Blue Jay (Working Title)

Jade Heart Stumbles into the life of the Doctor in a very, interesting, way. It’s up to Amy and Rory find how the Time Lord and the mysterious young girl are connected

Set between A Christmas Carol and the Impossible Astronaut.

A Child No Longer

After her experience with the Doctor, Jade has new faith in finding her mother- alive. Who, and what will she encounter, and will this be the happy ending she hoped for? (Sequel to Blue Jay)

NOTE: I realize the descriptions for the stories in the trilogy are a bit ordinary, but I’m really trying to encourage people to READ the stories, because I’m trying to keep the element of surprise running in Blue Jay as long as I can, and keep my profile spoiler free.

Bandiúc Am agus Sirioldeb(the Duchesses of Time and Serenity) working titile.

An off shoot of my Jade heart series, gone Firefly crossover. Jade finds herself on board Serenity, held at gunpoint by Mal, Jayne and Zoey, and spoken to by River of her own legacy- in Gallifreyan. How strong are Jade and River's telepathic bond? And can Jade get the crew out of a pinch with the Daleks?

For those wondering, the title is a loose translation of Irish Gaelic and Welsh combined, a bit how I imagine Gallifreyan to sound.

Imbalance Between Worlds (Working Title)

A Harry Potter/ Doctor Who crossover.

Rose Weasly is on a mission to find out why time during the war against Voldemort is unraveling- while the 10th Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness are just trying to find their way back to their own universe. When a skirmish erupts, the three time travelers collide, and they soon come to find that this is bigger than any of themselves.

Major chaos, drama, humor, and just the results of a an algebra addled brain. The TARDIS is a massive extension charm, Jack gets AK-ed, Trelawney warns of knocks and children. The Doctor is imperioed. OH, and at some point, Jack and Dumbledore flirt…

Girls Night Out

Lucie Miller, Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble, drunk, in a bar, together, before they all met the Doctor (well, for Amy when the Doctor came back)- that should say it all. Crack fic, but fun as hell.

Ghosts of the TARDIS

Amy finds herself encountering projections of the Doctors past companions, even Rory- set between Vincent and the Doctor and the Pandorica Opens. Dedicated to Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney.

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Alternate ending to "Journey's End". Wrought with the pain of loosing Donna, the Doctor returns the TARDIS to be consoled by someone he thought he would never see again..… Because Rose can't be the only one with a happy ending.
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Another poem, this time centered around the moment in which the Doctor ended the Time Wat. I loved the way the last days of the war described in the End of Time, So a while back when I was rewatchting it, I just ran with it.
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A poem I wrote that tells the story of what I think every Doctor Who fan secretly wishes, to ve whisked away from thier ordinary lives by the Doctor himself...
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