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Author has written 30 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, Tinkerbell, Monsters Inc., Kung Fu Panda, Eragon, Treasure Planet, Planet 51, Toy Story, Casper, District 9, Rise of the Guardians, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Ever After High, 7D, Danny Phantom, Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania, Chaotic, and How to Train Your Dragon.

TODAY, FRIDAY MARCH 16 2012 I AM OFFICIALY TWENTY.Look how close I came to being a Saint Patrics Day baby LOL ;) that would have been just fun (sarcastic) always having to where green on my birthday.

I Found this by accident and thought for Halloween 2012 this would a great thing to post to just say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

This is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her in the ground when she was still alive. The murderer chanted,"Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this in your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded.


Ok So facts about me (at long last) ;) LOL

I'm currently 19, I will be 20 March 16 (I'm officially 20)

Currently Looking for a job (NEVER MIND GOT ONE AT REGAL AND IT IS THE BOMB... NO Seriously if is so 'AWESOME!' awesome people and Managers, everyone if you like meating people and love making friends, are good at selling stuff... Try to get a job at your local theater... Just as long as you don't mind being on your feet alot or walking around it's awesome)

Returned home after being put on Academic Suspension for personal reasons that affected GPA, and budget cuts forcing them to release any low GPA standing students of the last quarter

I'm a hard worker, motivated, perfectionist, and loves to work or be busy in my schedual

I learn fast... SUPER FAST ;)

Major fan of Transformers as of the last few years

Surprising after creating a story on it I've become a Kung Fu Panda fan, with many stories on the way or in the making... And am currently co author for one.

I am American, with Manx, Norwegian, Australian, Canadian, backgrounds and many others I can't quite remember.

I'm adopted, and not afraid to say it.

I'm a natural sweetheart as I have been told, and am kind to anyone I see, though I do get irritated or dislike people I try best to be kind to anyone no matter if they drive me up a tree sometimes or not

I'm not so tech savvy, yet I somehow find a way to find my way out of computer issues on my own (Go figure)

I love science and math, going into Forensic Science, Hopefully.

Proud Christian (Follower of Jesus)

Proud Republican who really is sick and tired of all the fighting in the capital, but I'm too strong of a Republican to change, it doesn't mean I agree with the Political war going on in DC

I love writing stories.

I am a artist.

I have sung all my life, and if Forensics doesn't work out may be the way I go once again.

I am beginning to write my own songs.

Want to desperately learn to play the guitar

Know or once knew how to play the Harp

I can play the piano

I love musicals

I love movies and books

I LOVE TO READ (Oh wait I think I already said this)

I'm told I smile a lot or at least look very happy a lot (which I guess is habit cause I think otherwise, but I guess everyone else sees differently funny)

I love to act and have done acting most of my life

My father works in the radio industry

I'm a gal of many talents that such as arts, music’s, math and science that the rest would take to long to list

I'm a sports aholic and sports talented girl.

Well rounded in so many things

I can proudly say I was a Captain in High School sports team

I am a proud happy loving Color Guard girl who simply loves the sport, and think it’s one of the most amazing sports around.

I miss my friends at school :(

I miss school

I miss my incredible amazing roommates, (Don't worry girls we're getting together soon I promised didn't I ;)

I miss my busy schedule

I have two dogs I adore Sophie and Shane both Shetland Sheepdogs and beautiful happy pups indeed

I have two loving parents

Many loving close cousins who are the closest thing to being a sibling that I have.

I have many friends, and I'm glad all the years we've known each other

I'm deciding to re-continue my years in Color Guard for the time being, and hope to join the big leagues since I'm around them come next year. (I also was invited into them automatically when I graduated but declined due to school)

I am very composed after everything that happened and happy for what’s going on in my life currently.

I currently can't think of anything else to say, then I'm in the progress of updating my Profile and changing it up... Finally ;) :) Don't delete on me this time please... (since I lasted updated every major change I don't want deleted is changed so here's to hoping it won't hate me...)

Thank you to Aerith The Evenstar as for being so kind to be my Beta reader I apreticate it and am very thankful to her for all she has done and had been meaning to post it on here...

This Transformers one I have up (I was discusing/wrote this when I only had one up and just started I was reffering to The Human and the Inhuman Affect; However this now reffers to all of my stories) will keep going for a long time. i will make refferences to Color Guard and Winter Guard as it tis my favorite sport to play, so it may be a bit biased on what certian characters play but I am a sports aholic so most of my stories the people are into all kinds of sports. Thanks and have a wonderful day or night ;):) :D ;D

Just something about me, when I read stories and stuff I love to write reviews and always (unless busy or forget to) I write a review and appoligizing here if they are really long I can have so many ideas and stuff I just type my heart away, recently nicknamed Blurr GIrl which in life I have been called but never knew who they were connecting me to until I became a TF fan this past two years... I like it so I can also be called that.. BUt I just posted that here to let people knwo that I tend to write long reviews and its just because I love to say more then just good story I like to write very thoughtful things to well as many ideas that may have come up if the writer dosn't mind someone saying an idea they had while reading a story...But just wanted to give anyone a heads up to know that I will most likely write alot also that happens in my stories.. LOL ;)

As of 4/28/2011 I recently became a devianart person, so I now have art on there as of today...I uploaded a image of what Bryonella looks like from The Silent Sneek! The Curcshitsu kid... So yeah check it out if you want

Note from Author/ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury as of 4/15/2011: THis has to do with my story The Human Affect and the Inhuman and I NEED YOUR OPINION ON THIS SO PLEASE MESSAGE ME OR TELL ME IN A REVIEW TO THE STORY: So please respond to the following message below I have thought long and hard on this and this is also one of the reasons I have not updated the story (even if I have worked on upcoming chapters) I need everyone's or anyones help with this statement I have bellow.

Also I have recently (As of March 10) come to mind about the dreadful Tsunomi that hit Japan and the earthquake, (although I never really saw to many videos as finals week was on its way and my Finals week happend) I worried about the three girsl I knew as a child in my first camp I attended, and also my good High School friend who came to the US for High School and then left after High School for her family, I still pray in my heart for those four that I know and knew as I pray for them and that their families are safe.

Because of this and one of the characters from the show Miko being just like my high school friend who came for school and had host parents and such, I thought it would be good to write a story into my already made story chapters or a side story about this and how everyone helps her as well as comes to the relization that people they know could have lost their lives too. Please message me about this and if you think it should be added in or added as a side story. I'm also thinking of a POV of Miko as this would have happend around the time the teens were resqued or woke up (I do want to admit that I had refused to watch the news for I was scared about my old friends (who I lost touch with since my Jr High years) and high school friend (who sadly dosn't agree with facebook or those sites so never had one) were alive or not I still havn't heard anything about them or from my high school friend and her other friends about her.
but I felt as I ran across simular stories the other day that it may not be such a bad idea and to dedicate it to them, their families, the people and victims of th Tsunami and earthquake as well as the families. (Please message me on what you think about this idea, if you don't like it I understand and will not write it but I want peoples opions I may even change some things in a few chapters from the begining like what Miko's mood is but I need people to respond so I will know what would be best to do...Thank you and enjoy...

Connected Message Thursday 4/21/2011 this is connected to the message that was posted on here 4/15/2011 explained in the paragraphs above: There was another earthquake today I found out in Tokyo I still havn't heard from my friends and am scared if they are ok or not I pray to God they are and that there families are, for this reason I REALLY NEED YOU TO MESSAGE ME AND TELL ME IF IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO WRITE A STORY BASED On or DEDICATED TO THOSE IN JAPAN WHO ARE LOST FAMILY, ARE VICTIMS, OR HAVE FAMILY OR FRIENDS WHO WERE IN THE EARTHQUAKE JUST BASICLY DEDICATED TO EVERYONE AND ANYONE OVER IN JAPAN OR CONNECTED TO SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE OR STILL IS...PLEASE EMAIL ME I WANT TO HEAR PEOPLES RESPONSES BEFORE I MAKE THAT STORY OR ADD IT AS A DIFFERENT CHAPTER...

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut. No-1 knows she was raped at 13. People call a girl fat. No-one knows she has a serious disease which causes her to be overweight. People call an old man ugly. No-one knows he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. Repost if you're against bullying and stereotyping. 95% of you won't.


A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone. Did you know that 98 of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93 of the people that read this won't repost it?

Repost this if you truly believe in God.

A Note to All Girls Out there, Girl In love, Out of Love, or in an Unhealthy Relationship read this famous quote from someone (Guys can Read too cause it can in a way relate to them to... if things are switched around of course ;)...) A Wise Man Once Said:

Find a guy who calls you BEAUTIFUL instead of hot, who calls you BACK when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and LISTEN to your heartbeat, or will stay AWAKE just to watch you sleep... WAIT FOR THE BOY who KISSES your forehead, who WANTS to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your HAND in front of his friends, who THINKS you're just as PRETTY without makeup on. ONE who is CONSTANTLY reminding you of how much he CARES and how LUCKY he is is to have you... The one who turns to his friends and says, 'that's her.'”
William Somerset Maugham

Just wanted to add two of my favorite poems both about life and I believe the Bible and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The Road Not Traveled

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

...Robert Frost


One night I had a dream--
I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord
and across the sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints,
one belonged to me and the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that many times along the path of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.
I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in my life.
This really bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it.
"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you would walk with me all the way,
but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life
there is only one set of footprints.
"I don't understand why in times when I needed you most,
you should leave me."
The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child,
I love you and I would never, never leave you
during your times of trial and suffering.
"When you saw only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

...Mary Stevenson

Copy and paste on your profile if this fits what you think fits you to what people sometimes stupidly label without thinking...

-I have ADD so that must mean I'm retarded.
-I have short term memory so that must mean I can't remember a thing.
-I have short term memory so I must be retarded.
-I'm a love child (bastard child) so that must mean I am a slute.
-I was adopeted so that must mean I have abandoment issues.
-I have ADD so that must mean I get F's in
-I have ADD so that must mean i can't be an A student in most or all of my classes.
-I have short term memory so that must mean I'm anything but an A student.
-I have short term memory so that must mean I can't do well in school.
-I have short term memory so I must only remember the weirdest things.
-I'm mostly an A student in school so that must mean I'm a geek and have no life.
-I havn't had a "boyfriend" but like guys, so that must mean I'm a flirtacious loner.
-I like to dance and party so that must mean I love to get wild and drink/binge.
-I'm in a world renouned school for drinking, so I must drink.
-My school made world news a year ago for a party that got about 20 girls hospitalized, so that must mena I drink, party and don't care for my health.
-I'm a Christian so that means I must shove my religion down your throats.
(Definitly no me at all ;) just saying this one cause i don't and wanted to let you know)
-I frenched kissed a hot guy in a deep kiss when I was a toddler or bellow the age of eight more then once, so that must mean I'm a bitchy slut.
-I have an opion and am heavily opinionated, so that must mean I don't have alot of friends and argue alot.
-I'm Conservative, so I must discourage newer ideals and shun those who do Liberal or new age things. (Of course not I'm a kind girl literally why would I do that?)
-I am a Republican, so I must agree with rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer (Trust me I've been asked this before... not at all I'm a Republican for my own personal reasons and beliefs)
-I'm a Republican so I must hate the Democrates and other parties (not at all if that were the case I'd have no high school friends nor my oldest group of friends... I was like the only Repulican in my oldest group of friends then my High school bff's were all Independents, other groups, few were Republicans and the rest would not say... While one of my oldest girlfriends (from kindergarden) two hot guys and I were on the far side of Republicans and became friends because of learning this and knowing we already were in 11 grade History)

Ok I saw this on someones profile and checked everything even if I'm a totally new fan since the first film my mom and I do this only thing I don't have is a sister (Technicle terms I do but was adopted so I don't know her actaully either of them but someday will)


1. Can recite the entire movies from memory.
2. Can tell you what Decepticon and Autobot is fastest, toughest and smartest and can give you exact specs.
3. Always has tabs on the best Decepticon and Autobot fanfiction, wallpaper and apparel.
4. Gets into accidents on the off chance Ratchet might pick her up.
5. Whenever she leaves home yells ROLL OUT!!
6. Will stare out their car window as a Camaro, Peterbuilt Semi, Pontiac Solstice, GMC Topkick, or Hummer drives by.
7. Dreams transformer pairings.
8. Wishes that her phone was an Autobot and would name it after a fallen Autobot.
9. Has used movie quotes to finish her sentences.
10. Cusses like Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Rumble, or Frenzy.
11. Makes references to Transformers in every school subject.
12. Wishes that Wheeljack could help blow up some certain people.
13. Immediately snaps awake from sleep when someone says something about Transformers.
14. Sings the Transformers theme in the shower, on the way to school, and on the way home.
15. Gives her friends labels as some of the Decepticons.
16. Gives her enemies labels as some of the Autobots.
17. Wishes she could use a double plasma cannon on her sister. (I'm gonna have to ask Hide about that one...
18. Has posters of her favorite Transformers.
19. Reads wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many fan-fictions about these guys.
20. Has her username having to deal with Transformers.
21. Listens to a song and then immediately thinks of a Transformer.
22. Pairs the TFs with other TFs because it's fun.
23. Squeals at the sight of a Police car and thinks of Prowl and Barricade.
24. acts and pretends to be a transformer constantly.
25. When she sees 2 or 3 jets automatically knows it's the Sexy Seekers and screams, 'OH MY PRIMUS! IT'S STARSCREAM, THUNDERCRACKER, AND SKYWARPP!!'
26. Will do anything to get her hands on G1 models.
27. Screams out the names of random transformers.
28. Can't help but cosplay as them constantly.
29. Talk to electronic devices, saying that they are Autobots or Decepticons.
30. Thinks every electronic device she owns is a Transformer...

Also I'm Currently working on something also in the transformer series that is call "The Meadowlark Hostage" I got the idea of the name from a song from The Bakers Wife called Meadowlark, I like the Sarah Brightman's version. I chose to name it meadowlark because like the song the lark who was blind I'm going to have a college girl being taken hostage she has a gorgoes singing voice and has amazing dancing skills (of course she will know color guard as I said most of my characters in my stories will because I love it so much) but she is unsure about her singing talents because she was pushed down but still loves to sing and knows she's good. She is blind to the fact about men for like most of my main characters she wouldn't have dated for she is always unsure of dating. You see I choose the name because the song a king takes the lark to the palace ask her to sing for him then one day when she sits and sings by the water a Sun God comes and gives her sight and ask her to fly with him. You see were I'm going with the story (nudge nudge) ;) ;) Although she refuses him in the song and is found dead that day by the king, I am going to revamp it and keep it going on what will she choose and how can she become free, as several twist and turns will occure forcing her into a whole new life and into new experiences that she wouldn't have to be in or have had to make if her life had stayed the way it was. It will be action packed with mystery, chaos, romance, and much much more. So I hope you will enjoy the idea for the story for this will be just like a good life sinking to a harsh abused life. I will worn that this story will be either rated T but highly rated and cautioned or it will be M but be ok I will leave out swearing but this is a hostage story so there is bound to be things that happen. Tell me what you think about this idea email me especially if you think certian things shoudl happen in the story.


About me: I'm going to be 19 as of this Wednesday the 16, I am in college as a Freshy and as I will have some characters becoming I am Double majoring in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigating so yes I will hopefully become a FBI or CSI agent, I love to help people and that is the reason why I want to do that as its one of the best ways I can see myself helping as a job. I have a very kind heart and don't jugde people as I leave my heart open to those I hate for I feel there is enough hate in the world and everyone needs a kind heart or someone they cna talk to who will be willing and able to see a different side to them (However I am opinionated very opinionated). I am the kind of person you can trust with secrets for most often I will forget as I was born with short term memory and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) yes I gentetically am born with it but I am a very smart person and don't tell people this unless I trust them after they see the real me because I want them to see me as someone other then dumb. Many people till I tell them count me as one of the really smart people in the school. My disability was manly in English and Writing but I have become really good since I takled that at a young age, that does not mean I can not write It means that I had issues speaking english and reading english as well as my skills to write but I could always type and write stories without a problem, but I do spell things wrong or have a small grammer problem that is just the normal grammer mistaches. I love musicals, books, plays, shows, and cartoons of all sorts I recently became a Transformers fan this past year and last year as I love the last movie the best even though alot of people in college think I'm crazy and the first one was better I love the second one for my own reasons but almost equally love the first, but around that time is when I started watching the TF shows, I just started and finished watching over on youtube the G1 series as of January 2011, but I watched most of the previous shows the past year (2010) so I am really new to the whole fan thing. The one thing I don't like doing is swearing I am the kind of girl who dosn't swear at all but for some reason maybe because I loved old western movies as a kid I use sayings like Shoot or Darn alot as well as others for reason that I can't explain. However I will use things like some swearing by certian characters however my protagonists will not or very rarly swear, I will have supporting roles swear as I have based some characters personalities off people I know well because I love there personalities. But I try not to do this often, and please COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, EMAIL, READ, AND REVIEW MY STORIES AS I LOVE FEEDBACK I ONLY ASK THAT THERE IS NO SWEARING IN FEEDBACK BUT I WON'T COMPLAIN IF YOU DO!!! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY STORIES I'M NOT USED TO SHOWING PEOPLE MY STORIES SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY...PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OR NEEDS IMPROVING!!! AND WHERE EVER YOU MAY IN THE WORLD HAVE AN AWESOMELY TERRIFIC DAY OR NIGHT AND ENJOY THE STORIES!!!! :)

ANOTHER THING ABOUT ME AND I'm not afriad to admit it "I'M A CHRISTIAN AND LOVE THE LORD AND LIFE" I TRY TO HELP ANY ONE AND BE FRIENDS WITH ANYONE WITH OPEN ARMS AND NOT JUDGE AS I WAS ONCE JUDGE BY PEOPLE FOR BEING DIFFERENT AND FOUND BY BEING THIS WHO WAS MY TRUE SELF I MADE AMAZING FRIENDS BUT I FEAR ABANDOMENT BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAVE FACED. I LOVE THE LORD FOR HE WAS THERE AND HAS HEALED ME AND MY FRIENDS IN SO MANY WAYS I HAVE SEEN MIRACLES PERFORMED THORUGH MY OWN SELF AND MY OWN FRIENDS AND FAMILY SO I WANT TO ASK PEOPLE TO RAISE THERE HANDS AND SAY IF THEY BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THERE ONE AND ONLY TRUE SAVIOR THAT THEY BELIEVE WITH THERE HEART IN HIM AND BELIEVE HIS WORD IN THE BIBLE AND TRY THERE BEST TO FOLLOW IT ASK HIIM TO WORK IN YOUR LIFE OR ASK HIM TO ALLOW YOU TO HELP PLANT THE SEEDS AND LET THEM GROW AS HE WILL HELP I HAVE SEEN IT MANY TIMES DO YOUR PART TO HELP AND POST THIS ON YOUR WALL'S DON'T REFUSE HIM AS HE WON'T REFUSE YOU HE IS THERE IF YOU CALL FOR HELP AND WILL HELP CAST YOUR CARES, YOUR FEARS, YOU DREAMS AND YOUR WEIGHT TO HIM AND HE WILL CARE FOR HIM FOR HE CARES FOR HIS LAMBS AND ALWAYS WILL. Also to let you know one thing I've done in my stoies is add the main character to be Christians not just because I am but I am telling some stories or trying to help the world by spreading a little bit of his own words through the bible such as The Human and the Inhuman deals with Lust Temptation fear forgivness and my favorite of all REDEMPTION (For that matter I use alot of refferences to Les Meserables and Phantom (you know the actual bordway musical loved the movie but they messed up the crash scene) but because Christen forgave the Phantom I'm having a scene like that, also the whole point or main point of Les Meserables is Redemption and forgivness from sin. Another story I am working on and began writing in September but am working out the kinks is called Uncorporated Love it takes place in the Monsters Inc world with college age kids. The story will have a beauty and the beast feal with the girl coming to terms with appeariances and love, there will be a chapter in which they discuss the words of the bible and love living on forever as they are pretending to be married as a cover it is. I will have several stories have bible ideas and for my main story I obviously have some Christian ideals placed in the Storm and am coming in with a chapter not going to name but has to do with some Interigation, the friends will question him on the Bible however I am still working out the kinks in this chapter and have split it into two. Later I will have Fury and Skywarp have a talk about the things in the bible in which she helps in face his monsters however it will not be untill the next day that you here them actually discuss the Bible. In my new story I will have the ideas of Phantom of the Opera mixed with the obvious song Meadowlark mixed with Mulon Roughe, however the girl isn't going to die or anything yet that is. But she is going to do things against her Christian morals but then she refuses and conitnues to pray throughout. I just want to let people know the Christian aspect I come from and to let them know they are in my stories and to just know It is me saying my views as a Conservitave Christian but trying to talk about the Bible and say little things that I can.

Also the picture I NOW have is my hand drawn photo of Fury in her Autobot form I drew her entirer body unfortunetly I couldn't have the entire photo on here maybe if I add it from phone picture oh well I'll try that later enjoy for now...I also am drawing my other charracters so far I've got Top Gun but need to color him (Never mind I don't like the head it was to weird for him so I'm changing it and am tryign to find the time however I drew a future beach seen to a story of this that will come when I have more time most likely during the sumer even if my mom trys to keep me away from it I will post I'm going to open up to her about my stories and my pictures I've never completly shown her and tried to describe the site to her she never got it wish me luck)...I may change from time to time as I create the team by drawing them and coloring them What do you think of Fury?

If you are insane but intellegent, put this in your profile!

If you have tripped up the stairs, copy/paste onto your profile.

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...
He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...
He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...
He had no army, yet kings feared him...
He won no military battles, yet he conquered the World...
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

Feel honoured to serve such a leader who loves us...
If you believe in the true God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
then copy and paste this in your profile
If you ignore him, in the Holy Bible, Jesus says...
" If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven..."

Charracters to know about: ANY CHARACTERS USED THAT MAY SOUND LIKE SOMEONE OR HAVE THE SAME NAME AND ATTITUDES ARE NOT REAL BUT SOME ARE BASED FRIENDS, FAMILY, OR PEOPLE A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER KNOWS. Also the people who are based off someone DO NOT live the same lives completly and for who they fall in love with has nothing to do with anyone... Also I will use in Several of my stories the name Breanna only because I know people with that name and its is so unike and is spelled differently and so uncommonn in the States. I also like the meaning of the name as it fits the kinda of charracters I like to have be the main character in my Stories

Oh and I have a couple friends who are attending Central, and got into a upper class dorm called Wendell Hill Hall I love the way the dorms sound that I will use this in my stories its better then using the school I'm at and the dorms here LOL ;)...

Linnea "El" Rosas Elliassen:

Age: 22-23

Does she have children: 2 both girls

Love: Cliff and some mysterious husband who left her.

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 150

Transformer: No

Best Friend: Cliff Jumper

Family: Unstable parents "messed up" and siblings both brother and sister not good influences she recents their foolishness, but is forced to leave her first daughter with them. She gave her second child up for adoption she was born on March 16, 1992. A few months before Linnea untimly dies at the hands of the Decepticons, affecting Cliff Jumper.

She loves animals, movies, books, singing, music, coffee, winter and snow, Washington, and her best friend.

Occupation: Unknown

Introduced: In chapter 1 of Transformers Prime Crossover with regular people, The human affect and the inhuman affect!

Schooling: Unknown not discussed

Life: falling apart (just like Ebonine in Les Meserables life was falling apart except she actauly has people who love her and our in love with her, But the song On My Own is were I got the idea for the character, thats what the first scene was created off of if you play the song and then after you read the story of her you will see simularities in the meaning of the song)

Nicknames: Lin only used by her when the voice recording on the phone goes, El given to her by Cliffjumper.


The name is a play with race as in the need for speed, race due to the racers difference in the type of Autobots they are geneticly.

Breanna Barker

Age: 18 going on 19

Education: Before the Vehicon attach she was a Freshy in college, after words the Autobots are helping her friends and her find schools near the base "A little more complecated then orininally thought.

Charracter: she is a kind and thoughtful person always standing up for her beliefs, she cares for any one and everyone including thoughs she hates. She will fall inlove with an unlikly sutter. Here's a hint he plays alot of pranks. Her usal dream guy is sweat kind funny and not affraid to show emotions and odly she finds that withen a guy no one expects to have the ability to. She is a very experstionive person some may say dramatic as her mother calls her "Drama queen." she is alot like her adoptive parents and thus will be stated that she is like both of her fathers indicating her biological and her adoptive father who is also very dramatic. She is easy to read in expressions when she wants to be but she had acted several times in her past making her someone who can instantly change her attitude and make it seem different then she really is. She is a excellent dancer and this shows in her fighting skills as she most often will use things she knows from all her years dancing. She loves life and smiles alot, but she feels she is more mellow then her childhood days. She may seem to cry alot in some scenes but those are only seens where she is worried for those around her. In reality this character is strong and usally not as easy to cry as she has gone through alot. Also she moves very fluedly, when she walks she always has posture like a princess walking and has the demure of a princess, but she feels that she is a slowchs which she rarley does. Like her mother she is supposed to have a heart to touch a thousand men (I took this and twisted the words of the girl that launched a thousand ships) but this has to do with something else that she is.

Best Friends: The Racers as she is the one who gave them powers for this reason, but her altime best friends Lil, Genevieve, Daniel, and Chris at least that have so far been introduced there are more to come she is very close with her roomies but she just counts them as really good friends. Also she starts becoming sort of best friends with Reed but thats only because he can rean minds and he likes to read hers since she's the leader, but this is also due to him having feelings for her best friend Genevieve who holds the same feelings so those are the reasons she seems to become close with him

Boyfriends: She will be someone (after he gets injured), and on there first meeting which is a huge fight seen he kisses her when he relizes she was the girl he was dreaming about. He wants to become an autobot to be with her forever AND she is madly in love with him, calling him "Her Romeo" as he micks Shakespear and calls her "His Sweet Juliet or sweet fragrensed rose. She keeps giving this guy a number of tests secretly to test if he truely has changed the first on is if he can say no to Lust, which will be a very interesting chapter. Their love relationship is very rare and somthing called "the Crossings" as you will read in the chapter by a simular name. They form a strong bond while he is injured, from then on he try's to propose to her. So Far her relationship with this guy is her first true relationship she dosn't run from before it starts making it her first relationship or first steady but does have people she counts as her ex's which will become occured in coming chapters to come later later.

Transformer: 1st known 1/2 Transformer/Cybertronian and 1/2 human, her mother acutally gave birth to her and she grew up as a human not knowing she was and Autobot or in any way a Halfling and giving her friends the ablitliy to become an autobot Halfling through her mysterious powers. Her friends for this and several other reason choose for her to be leader of their group (this group will grow in size and numbers.)

Transformer Name: Fury (she choose it after the meaning of her name which means Fury of the wind Fury of Nature a storm or a fource to be reckond with)

Transformer Power: Ablity to give people the power that is thoughs she cares deeply about the power to become a Transformer, she can also turn any Transformer officially to human, she's the only thing that could turn them back. She is said to be able to levitate an object but as far as that is concerned it can only happen if she is in a large train of thought. She has other powers not discovered yet that will turn up in mysterious ways.

She simply loves life, she loves to sing and will start singing songs really good randomly, she loves musicals and music, makes musical refferences, She loves acting, reading, school, family friend, her two shelties whom later will become transformers, and more, She always can find goodness in anything or most things, she quotes the Bible as I have made her a Christian this is seen to reflect in a funny way as she say the Lord while the Autobots say Primus I thought it would be good to have the differences as a bit of comedy cause the Autobots always seem to correct her on that but she stays a Christian after everything.


Age: 19 Hieght: about 5'6"

Education: Undeclared, she was one of the original twelve who attend college with Breanna before the Vehicon attach changed her life, she hates math and is ok in science she's not to fond of English, but loves to exercise and dance. In college she was the party type girl and always ready for a party.

Character: She is the party social type, once she is at a party she can get into crazy situations like leaving with a stranger, getting into fights, or someother wild things. She is always up to find a way to dance, she love to drink Alcohol, which becomes a problem the first time the Autobots catch her she has to sneak around with it. She longs for freedom and to live her life to its fullest. She loves people and is easy to make friends and cares for those around her including her roommates she can lighten a sad room. She loves frozen food items. And can be a tuff girl when she needs to be, alot of tramatic events have happend in her life which caused her to be the party type. She fears getting into trouble but is a great friend.

Best Friend: specifficaly Carly who went to high school with her and our best friends, then her roommates.

Boyfriend: None but there will be a love triangle but I have yet to determine whom exactly the love triangle will happen with (hey if anyone has ideas please message me because I keep restarting the relationship of who she falls for so please message me even if its an autobot thats not in the show yet)

Transformer name: Hot Stuff (she choose this to reflect her party dance attitude as well as her happy attitude)

Transformers power: unknown if she has any at the time but there is a possibility

She would do anything to protect her friends and the people around her, although she can be reckless and makes mistaches she always cleans up after herself, she is a kind heart, loves life, loves nature, and social networks are part of her life and any electronics that help her social life. She forms a father daughter bond like Breanna does with Ratchet and Prime. Her and Miko have simular personalities but rarly mix.


Age:19 Height: 5'10"

Character: he is a sports guy any time he can play sports he does. However he perfers Golf and Tennis. He always is ready to play any game thats sports related. He talks in slang somtimes and dress on the occasion like a scatter boy, but does not hold the personality of one his charracter is alot like Breanna's they both hold the same beliefs and kind of attitude and he dislikes drinking. He is level headed and keeps his cool but like to be in the back and go with a flow. But would lead if asked to, he perfers to let things be, but is a strong person able to take on anything.

Best Friend: Chris, Reed, John and the possibility of David.

Girlfriend: also trying to figure this one out He has none in the story so far but I'm trying to figure out someone.

Transformer name: Torpedo (he choose his name because he thought it sounded sporty and he is a Sporty Athletic Transformer) he will somtime have a scene in a battle where he is hitting the bad guys with a giant tennis racket I think but that may be for a while.

Current Stories:

The Human and Inhuman: (takes place in the Transformers:Prime world) What would the Autobots do if they found there dead comrade kept something very secret from them that could mean a new way of life for the Autobots and took the secret to the grave. What if a message that should have been recieved at his death made it to the base late? What if he had a Halfling daughter, and she had powers to make other humans Halflings. Could this turn the tides of the war and help bring life to Cybertron? Now they must race to find the other Halfings the girl gave the gifts to, and also protect her from the Decepticons who killed every one of her genentic parents, and her halfsiblings (or did they). The Autobots have found a duaghter amoung them and her friends are like there own children to protect. But can they protect her forever, and what secrets are they hiding from her about herself? What secrets is she keeping from the Autobots the only gentic family besides a disapeared older sister that she has left?
What will happen when a girl who's lost her old human life, her genetic parents and genetic family, and more to the Decepticons, suddenly falls for a Decepticon in battle. And what will happen if the two are the fabled, thought extinct type of Transformers known as "Crossling Stars" find out as she jorneys to discover herself and the destiney she must face. (FILLED WITH HUMAR, LANGUAGE, SOME NUDE SCENES, SOME SEXUAL SUGESTIONS, but Also dealling with what College Freshies have to face and pokes fun at the parental figures coming to the relizations of a college student.)
Note as of 4/15/2011: I am so so sorry that I havn't updated this story since 3/4/2011 I thought I had updated it sooner then that please forgive me on that. Last night I took a look at the chapter I decided to add before the one I completed some time last month which is split into two seperate chapters. I relized I wasn't as far on the chapter I'm deciding to add so this may not be updated until this weekend or some coming week.
I also am going to be fixing the errors or weird spots in chapters allready up as homeworks seems not to be to bad this weekend and unfortuntly I was unable to go with my school youth group I'm affiliated with called FUEL to Spring Retreat as I don't have sleeping bags or such. But so I will spend time on fixing my other chapters as I have been meaning to do. I also would like to inform you that the chapter I've been meaning to add but is not as complete as I thought it was has several errors which my guess is I was either sick or tired when I wrote it, so it will need several corrections and added things just to the first part to allow it to make more sense AGAIN I'm super sorry for not doing much to this but wanted to inform anyone who was waiting for the next chapter to know I havn't forgoten it but have been busy with other stories, life, school, and some personal issues that needed to get resolved my life seems to just be getting back on track. So don't worry I havn't forgotten you, nor this story and have been meaning to work on it so you should expect a new chapter in the distant future and then a really good one shortly after, however I also have thought of adding one more chapter before the large and interesting chapter I wrote last month. SO please keep patient and know a really good chapter is on its way soon after I complete the next chapter or two so don't lose faith in me. ALSO PLEASE WHILE YOUR WAITING WRITE A REVIEW FOR THIS STORY I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR PEOPLES OPINIONS TO IT AS IT WAS THE FIRST ONE I EVER POSTED AND ALSO COULD YOU PLEASE SUBMIT IDEAS OR THINGS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THIS STORY I WANT TO MAKE SURE I HAVE THINGS THAT PEOPLE WOULD LIKE OR WANT TO SEE HAPPEN.

The Meadowlark Hostage:(takes place in the Transformers: Armada world) Its been five years since the horrific day that Alexis, Carlos, and Rad were captured and taken hostage. Leaving Alexis a sixteen year old teen, Carlos and Rad now twenty and are not exactly themselfs anymore. Still being in the captivity of the horrific Decepticons. The Autobots refuse to fight as they are afraid the children will be hurt, the Minicons refuse to wake up due to the knowledge of the children and fear the Autobots are faceing. The Decepticons blame the Minicons not waking up on the Autobots refusal to fight (of course wink wink). And Meghatron is under the idea that he would like a new pet, but not just any pet he wants a female who also has many talents.
They find a girl singing while walking to her dorm, and try to capture her. Now the fate and path she was choosen to lead is forever changed. She escapes but with the harm they caused being the life of a boy who just told her he loved her.
She is resqued, but her life is ruined she no longer can live as a college student nor go out in public for the Decepticons won't give up till they have her. Her life will be doomed, but finds the light in a particular Auotbot who helps her find happiness again.
Problem is a Decepticon is obbsesed about her and will do anything until she is captured and can be his even if it means secretly behind his leaders back.
A more horrid fate has wraped itself around her as she is destined to be captured and be the Decepticons and be their unwilling Meadowlark, and their hostage they hope to keep.

(this story is dedicated to people who have been and are victims of abuse, rape, date rape, hostage, kidnapped, threatened, stocked and much more this story goes out to them)

You will see that the main character fears any kind of abuse and thus is trying to cope with everything while having to live with the Autobots and try to escape being captured by the Decepticons. Just to let you know if your still reading this long description and content warning I WOULD like to inform you, that I was originally going a defferent route with the story HOWEVER, after adding Bo and changing certian things in the first part of the first chapter I felt I'd take a different route to have her be able to have certian things happen first before worst comes. ALso if you know how alot of stories are you either start at the end of a tragic event, begin leading to horrific event, or introduce the charracter and there life while other things happen other places and gradually build. For this one it immediatly starts into the plot and then I'm building into knowing the character and watching her change. If you have ever read (as my fifth grade Elementary school class had to read) the story Esperanza Rising where the girl has a good life that starts going bad the "ANTI CINDERELLA" story is kinda what this story is but it will have its happy moments...

Discovering The Seekret Sneek: (I only added in the part the Circuit-Su kid because I couldn't get the Karatee kid out of my head but the reason is I was trying to give you a hint to the story)
You see I'm not saying much on this story as its a Suspenseful Mystery you have to read the first chapter to get any hint then each chapter will build up I'm revealing the first secret somewhere in the fifth chapter. But there are more to come and surprises. So this story takes place instead of in the year 2050 somthing to which Isac Sumdac is like 60's of 70's raising a 8 year old on there own (did any one else think that was a little weired and him not haveing any old man like problems) SO he will be in my story some where around 30's or late 20's so he would be like in his fifties when Sari is eight (Please don't hate me for that change giving puppy dog look) I thought it be best to make it all happen starting from the crash withen fifteen years then plus however long the three seasons took place pluse three years to make it 2011 (Don't ask me why I choose three years later for the story to happen I just picked a random number from my head and odly 3 came up (I think I thought of the lucky number or how many months I had till Summer starts) Seriously was random, but that means End Game happend somewhere in 2008 or 2007, also I choose the tiem they were out to be like fifteen years or something because it can take a short time for someone to change things AND BECOmes HIGH UP IN THE class system (example Facebook creator) so I thought why not SO The whole thing (that is this story) starts in 2011, but the show had everything happen the same way same bad guys etc.. Everything still runs the same so don't worry.

Ok here's the simple description: The story begins three years after the events of Endgame part 2. The Autobots (Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Jazz and also The Twins (you know Jetfire and Jetstorm) and Sentinel Prime (who of course isn't thrilled and a jerk as always)) return to help Earth especially since there are still Decepticons around. Sari now has the body of a seventeen year old girl but is really eleven years old, Bumblebee and Sari had started dating somewhere after the events of End Game. Of course Arcee and Ratchet are together, Optimus is now the leader of the Autobots, but personality wise everyones still the same.
Well our story will begin not with any of these characters but a girl who feels that she needs to find her real father, and was flunking college because of it. She has no clue as many people in other states don't know about the Autobots and Decepticons, nor does she know who Sumdac's are exactly. She is droped off at the mall by her cousin and her cousins husband, soon after someone calls "Prowl" but she mistaches this for Pal and goes in to shop. A bit latter she is mistacken even by Sari as a female human version of his hollogram. Even through the mistaken identy look, the two become instant friends through there similarities and personalities (The main character has no clue that the girl she's speaking to is a rich girl just thinks she's an average teen). However is there more then meets the eye with the simular look to a diseased comrade or is it just coincidence?
What will happen when an autobot starts to have feeling like spark mate feelings for this human college teen. Seems the Autobots now have more on there plate then just a girl looking for her real father and siblings. Or is it more then it appears?
THIS STORY WILL HAVE HUMOR, LANGUAGE SUGESTIVE DIALOGE, NUDITY, ALMOST SEXUAL THINGS UM THE USUAL STUFF, ROMANCE, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, ACTION, ETC.) Oh and in Chapter 3 there will be some big fight seen (I mean fight seen in language) I think you can easily guess who that is but you'll have to read the story to find out...
OH I HAVE NEVER EVER NEVER BEEN TO DETROIT (HOWEVER MY DAD IS A NATIONAL SALES DERECTOR FOR A COUPLE RADIO STATIONS SO HE HAS BUT I WAS ALWAYS IN SCHOOL AND NEVER COULD GO THEN WITH THE ECONOMY WE ONLY COULD PAY FOR HIM TO GO ON THOSE JOB TRIPS) BUT SO ANYWAYS YEAH IF THERE ARE ANY SPECIFIC SITES OR FAMOUSE THINGS OR MUSEUMES (I know I spelled that wrong in a hurry at the moment will fix over the weekend)but please let me know if there are cool things the characters should go to in Detroit in this story not know the place except movies and maybe here and there in US History in grade school (Elementary, Junior High, and High School) which I don't remember much about it SO if you could help me with things in this city that would be awesome I would like the characters to visit famouse land marks and other places in Michigan I would love to here them and put them in as a little side or small part of the story to someplace they visit or some place a fight scene occures etc... I'M ALWAYS UP FOR ADVICE when I havn't been somewhere I like to get the details right...So I'm up for any of the things (But the one thing I ask is that the famouse places people suggest are family or at least PG-13 places I don't wont to have my characters go anywhere mature especially since my main character isn't 21 and is 19.

Unicorporated Love: Takes place in Monsters Inc. world years after the whole changing to the laughter of children control the electriciy and power in the monsters world. [This story came to me in a dream over summer vacation of 2010 (the year I Graduated High School so yes I was having summer without worrying and getting ready for Freshman year of college) but I was watching in our large tv/family room Monsters Inc (I think our dvd of it) but so I fell asleep watching it or was almost falling asleep I left to go to my room adventualy when my dad woke up and woke me up to tell me I fell asleep like when I was a kid (except if was late late late at night and he was mad cause he had to work) well so I went to sleep again and both times had a dream about this kind of story so I wrote it down Note that I havn't worked on it since last sumer the summer I started it, but my dream had ended at somewhere in the begining of the story maybe with some off story parts to my dream of course (you will notice the randomness in the dream sequences to this just to let you know my main character dreams are somewhat based on what I dreamt with the story and what went off topic in my dreams.) I created the story from the dream although it ended near the begining I knew what I wanted to do to it and wanted to write this was the start of me actually writing I mean typing (I would use journals/more notebooks I meant for diary to write stories since I was little the furthest back I recall was fifth grade but I know it was way before 1st grade I started writing stories its just this is my first actaully typed one thats not an assignment I think) such stories instead of creating them in my head and thinking of them during the day or at night going to sleep. So this one is very speciall, I keep on switching the beggining scene which is a sort of the reason it hasn't even been up. I wanted to but I need to get to it and seeing my other stories and ideas are taking up some free time, then my homework, school, friends, roomies, dorm living (cleaning) and such is taking up my life I just may have this up in the next month (May) or two I'm hoping I don't get it up by the time that would be a year since It started that would be kinda weird...LOL...]]
About the Timeframe: Yeah since I still have no clue when/what time frame Earth was supposed to be at the time it was out (even though I was a kid I knew what things were like in the fifties to seventies since thats the time frame my parents grew up) so I'm a bit confused what timeframe Boo was a kid there was nothing like gameboys (which I know were the electronic back then because they were out for many years when I was little this movie came out sometime in there) So for that reason I'm just going to say seventies or eighties because the human tv set they showed at one time reminded me of tv's from what I know they had back then (although there were attenas for tv's even when this movie came out (we had one on a small cheep tv) and the shirt she had on reminded me of the bold colors that I guess were in back in the 80's and the kinds of clothing that was in even if she was a kid I look at that kinda thing. So what I'm emplying is that the Monsters Inc world was further in technology and stuff then the time of earth (Also the jumping from on world to another is advanced no matter how the factory looked like a airport or hanger. So I'm having the time Boo went missing maybe somewhere in the eighties possibly late eighties because of her clothing and such. But the time of the story is of course current until i find out from someone what timeframe she was suposed to be growing up in.
Story/Idea: A group of college boys who's fathers work at the factory (and yes of course some of these guys are the children of Mike and Suley and to answer your question yes Suley settled down with someone, then yes of course Mike and Celia are together with kids and all) So yeah these guys get drunk one night and all sneak in to the factory and each play a dare like game. Yes this means using the doors but they use the doors that are to be shreded do to them being older or college students. Of course the guys (there is a girl in this group but I can't seem to keep her in this seen from what I recall i wrote her in but then took her out just so it was a guys night but you'll see when it comes out the girl is more like a boy alot like Leah Clearwater in Twighlight but also like Anybody's in West Side so shes like one of the guys) but so they get to drunk betting, choose rooms that were new college ones and set to be shreded soon, then what do you excpect from drunk guys, under 21, and college students whether monsters or not they choose college girl rooms and of course there is more to the bet but I'm not telling. wELL one of these guys stumbles into a girls college room almost is seen by her and runs back, unfortunetly not closing the door behind him. She decideds to follow after grabing her beach bag and putting things in it just incase, she follows him with plans of beating him up for bieng in her room and doing something to part of her closet. So what happens to her? Will she get home like Boo or will something happen?
Ok another thing is Someones escaped prison, dastardly plans the day to murder the oldest children and there affiliates, and the mysterious girl he has worst plans for her, but only thing is will he succeed? Who is he? Why is he interested in the new girl? Who put him away? What are his plans? Da da dan
Also I will bring an older Boo in I can't remmber if iI did already or not I should probably read it...Also This story is definitly a M because thing will happen that arn't for kids. This is a mature story from the start. Also I plan on answering questions in the story about how this all was started (the monsters inc), what caused or how they discovered Earth and that they had portals through the closet doors (this won't be easily answered as only few know the reasons and it will be surprising who does)...

Suddenly Life, well Hello Life! (A short story off of The Human and Inhuman) This is one I just came up with today (4/8/2011) its a oneshot of Lightspeed (aka Chris), as he thinks about his life with Fury (aka Breanna) since childhood, this chapter is to reflect there life together before them being transformers. It goes deep into there friendship, and shows there was more feelings between them both them they let people think or even themselfs think before and after. This will reflect on the posibility that he does have a power, and will also reflect on them flirting. This is supposed to show what happend to the feelings they had after they transformed and accepted there Halfing selfs, what happend to there feelings. I am going to have the seen I wanted to have as a short story (and still will be) on the plane ride Chris promissed Breanna, and what happens on this ride. This all will be posted as soon as I write it and after I post part one and two of Torture as he will have some flashbacks in this scene. This chapter will show heartache as you know my story Fury and Skyfire hit it off large on there first meet/fight agianst eachother and after the cave truelly feel the need to be together (no they arn't spark bonded, yet (evil laughing then childlishly singing with a childs laugh and voice "I'm not telling I'm not telling" :) sorry a bit borred and happy had to joke.) So I will say as you should know its not meant to be, this also will reflect on what could have happend to LS (C) and F (B) if the Decepticons didn't attach when they did and didn't find her till they were adults. This will be a fun chapter. This will most likely be Pg or Pg 13 Its not M as there relationship isn't a M one and like I said int the story they feel like siblings and best friends this just reflects on how he feels and will show that Fury does hold on to her old feelings for him but at the same time she wouldn't want to lose a guy who has seen her since children adn was her best friend in college.

Unprepaird College: Ok so this story would be simular to Pleasentville, there are teens in a college dorm who love the generation 1 and other series, but what if the whole dorm all of sudden disapeared and when they woke or something they found the dorm was somewhere in the generation 1 series in the middle of the Autobot city or base or something. Only a few relize where they actually are. What if the dorm still excisted in the real world but the teens all disapeared and someone believes hostages or something. Then what would it be like for 80's to meet the new mileniom or even just something with the kids. It just be interesting and I'm saying a college dorm because people have things from the real world rather if they were in 2005 or in the originial timeline of the series all the things they would have would be different it would be just pure fun and hilariouse tell me what you think of this one

Upcoming Stories and Ideas:

As of 5/20/2011 at 11:06 PM PST, Ok I woke up at 9:35 and was 1 hour late for a friends frencing tourtament due to falling asleep doing hw during the afternoon I felt bad I guess I missed it...But on my way to grab some dinner since i didn't realy eat I drove to Arby's but I'm still not hungrey..Well around the time the film Scary Godmother came out I think I was in Junior HIhg but I started comign up with stories for it and every now and then remember them or come up with new ones and I came up with a really fun story I'll try making tonight and adding tongiht or tomorrow.

As of 4/28/2011 at 3:14 PM PST, I came up with a story I thought of months ago but totally forgot about it had to do with Transformers Armada the name will probably say who the characters are or what's up with the story and so I'm just telling people it is one I may start today... Dear Life since You've Been Gone!... So you know who I'm talking about right? if you don't I'll just say it AlexisStarscream... SO here's what I'll say when I saw the episode where he died well I couldn't help but think what if there was more to the ways she acted around him reacted after he died? Well that's all I'll say not giving one single thing away other then the short bit I did...Look forward to this story...

On 4/28/2011 post AS OF 6/15/2011: So I looked back at this story during finals week and man did I add stuff I really had writers block on how she was to leave home as my idea was she'd call a cab and sneek out or hicthike but I can't see the character doing that she was a planer after all so I came up all of a sudden with a better leave home scene and may add songs PLEASE HELP ME BY SUGGESTING RUNAWAY SONGS (OH AND I HAVE RUNAWAY LOVE USED IN ANOTHER STORY SO PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST THAT ONE I LOVE IT AND JUST LEARNED OF IT THIS YEAR ITS SAD BUT I DON'T LIKE TO REUSE SONGS FOR OTHER OR SIMULAR STORIES.)

Ok its 4/14/2011 at 4:26 PM I was driving back to my dorm from gettin the meds I'vee needed and had to go to a doc in college town cause my normal doc forgot the number BIG HUGE MESS I'LL JUST SAY Well anyways I saw my dorm (which is a newerish dorm tall 4 floors tallest on north campus) And I came up with a perfect idea for a story...Well I just finally got the movie Pleasentville (One of my all time favorite story it basicly slashes all these things in history and says this or that weren't right in the fifties by having two modern day kids getting transfered into this show Pleasentville with the normal 1950's like things happening but nothing outside the city when things begin to change cause of the two teenagers things get really contervercial)...

Another story that I'm working on I have quiet a few...

#1 I have an amazing story called "The Family Ties" it takes place in Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 world...SO the story descritpion:
Well Stanford isn't as arrogent as everyone thinks, ok well he is truly arrogent but not many know the real him. One day a girl who attracts all the guys in town comes for a visit surprises everyone to whom she's related who knew the man had family? (Not saying who have to read story when I post) Funny thing about old romances they find a way of finding eachother, turns out she's Stanfords old best friend from summer camp since eight but there families split them up and forbid them from seeing eachother, now they have one day to recendel and be what they allways wanted before life splits them apart as they are star crossed lovers...However a series of events occure and turns out she has a surprise of Stanford, but while he's battleing and she's talking on the phone to him and unfortunet event occures, followed by several horrendous events, Stanford has to learn to cop with through thee years after. But twenty years later an event happens and it turns out there were several mistaches and his lost to lives that came to find him...Now there is two familys mixed in the mess and trying to seem together the connections that should have been while keeping there old relations... This is harder then it looks.

#2 Another great story

We Belong Together: Short story off of The Human and Inhuman Affect) So as you know Jack and E-Raze (Katrina, and by the way I know her best friend Elizabeth name starts with an E but the reason i choos E-Raze for her was because she likes to race I thoght of the term of Evolution of Rasing, Energy Race, or Lets Race and thats how I choose her name remember she is one of the spunky perky members who can also be mellow) Well this is a one shot of her and Jack's relationship from day one, and then will relfrect on the events of Instant Trouble. Then will get to current things in the summer. I will make other stories between them but right now this is of past events and just watching them grow.

Someone to Love: (Short off story of The Human and Inhuman Affect) With everyone becomeing so close to eachother falling in love, her or the the Racers Leader and head Fury dissapearing to get her time, then suddenly being gone saying she was caring for an old friend that she used to know but isn't a Transformer. She knew the sound in her voice was love she wasn't coming back till she needed to she knew that two well. But most people had someone even some still had relationships with there human partners. Now Elizabeth starts feeling out, sure the single Racer Jets were company but none of them intrigued her past friendship, then the guys back home weren't much that she was interested in. Her best friend would have times with her boyfriend but always tried setting her best friend up it never worked. Everyone was worried even the Autobots knowing the single Racer Jets were fine, and Kimmey not wanting anyone, Fatima at the moment alright with singlehood, she didn't have a guy. That is until a old friend of the Autobots with a fun loving perosnality comes and whoos and is whood by DashT (Dashingthing-like someone being realy cute also her middle name is supposed to be Tamra and her last name is Duntle I just havn't used it yet but wanted to let people know thats how she formed her name from her middle and last name ad switching their places) She's scared that someone will reveal her being a halfing because she dosn't want him knowing who she is. (one shot)

Farwell To Arms & Be Gone With The Wind:(Possible one shot also during my story Th Human and the Inhuman ALSO THIS ONE I NEED YOUR (YES IF YOU ARE READING THIS I NEED YOUR ADVISE FOR THIS ONE READ THE SECOND AND THIRD PARAGRAPH FOR MORE INFO ON WHY I NEED PEOPLE TO HELP) So yeah everyone knows Militia (Fatima) is a gorgeous girl who chooses not to date no matter how beautiful she is. She is strong and has hopes to be a military officer or marines officer she has yet to decided between the two and has no clue that Fury/Breanna is thinking of making her second in comand knowing her ambitions and also knowing how dedicated she is to being the Autobot Racers Weapons/Tatics specialist she is dedicated to the Autobot cause. Yet she still finds a strange way to find love even if she's not wishing to love someone at the moment she finds sometimes fate and life has other plans even if you don't relize them happining. People have speculated that she liked one of the Jets but they have no clue that their feelings are just simple friendship just like that no ones trying to set them up. (I've thought about who'd she be with but have had to change that for several reasons one there is another Halfling as I said there would be a couple more I'm bringing in that will have the girl ment for this guy.) Since I changed who she would be with I decided to make hers a love triangle hense the name being connected with Gone with the Wind. Unlike Farwell to Arms she's obviously not a nurse or doctor but that should give some hints as to who the guy I'm planing is, at the same time I have a few in mind who are Autobots or maybe have her fall in-love with a Decepticon like Fury did but have theres progress slower I'm still not talking you'll have to read it when it comes a story, I will say one thing I want him to be a good if not great fighter I thought of Percepter but thought that could take away from her character who is tough, sweet, yet she's not a pacifist as you should tell by her Autobot name and I don't want her toned down as she already is toned to sweet (the reason I thought of them as a couple) but I thought he would have issues with a girl being pro war or wanting to fight.
For that reason I thought it be best to put together with a medic maybe but also someone who's a good fighter (so if you wish feel free to message me upabove and give me and idea who she should be with I'll release her character description up above this weekend 4/8-11/2011 the only problem is last time I tried to change things I stayed up late fixing and adding characters like her but when I hit update it didn't save because I had to relog in so I've been mad and not updated or added much because of that besides the little things about me or things I ask I havn't done changes on the characters but plan to soon. JUst email/message me on this site i havn't heard from anyone when I ask them to message me on my profile or stories but would like to I am in a writers block for who she should be with and need advise this can be anyone from either world cause this is a newer series they could have anyone in them just a bit different because the shows new ONLY Autobot I ask people not to sugest is Bulkhead (who originally I thought of but came up with a better idea) and not Bumblebee (because he has someone who will be alot like him coming along and because he's to childish for Fatima I have thought of it almost writen a story but both times say no it just wouldn't be the best as she may party but on a normal day sounds tired and is normal not hyper or excited like Kimmey. For that reason I have someone else in mind who is better for him)
BUT ANY OTHER AUTOBOT OR Decepticons I'M UP FOR ANYONE AND AM DESPERATE that might like a Autobot is welcome so please message Message MESSAGE me (if you know what writers block is like and how much I wanted to write a chapter on her before changing hers to a story of its own thats a short story off the original but if you know what writers block is like I appreciate you mailing me an idea of her love interest thats a transformer is I already know who her triangle is with and yes the other person in the triangle is a Racer holds simular personalities. JUST PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON WHICH TRANSFORMER WHETHER D OR A SHOULD COME AROUND AND LIKE HER AND REMEMBER I WOULD LIKE HIM TO BE A GREAT FIGHTER AND TOUGH STRONG ETC BUT THINK OF SOMEONE WHO WOULDN'T MIND SOMEONE WHO'S QUIET, LIKES TO TAKE DAYTIME NAPS, LIKES PEACE AND QUITE AT TIMES, DOSN'T MIND LATE LATE NIGHT OUTINGS). The thing is the reason why I choose her to have the love triangle is because she is a kind, sweet natured girl who wouldn't do such a thing. But somehow finds love in two places and finds her in the middle of it would be hard as she's not that easily stressed out about stuff but it would be nice to show more of her personality and story and add stuff thats not in the main story.
Her story is one that I've been wanting to write forever since before I even wrote the first words I knew I wanted to because she is alot like Fury/Breanna she is so different to and Fury even thinks of her as prettier then her, for that reason and reasons I wanted so badly to write a little bit on her if not show her a bit cause my story hasn't been able to show her as much as I want and the coming chapters I've written before have a bit more of her, Katrina and Elizabeth but I still want to show her story seperatly. just have had issues deciding I thought of making a poll but since I have no idea who i want that made it harder to make one and seeing only one person responded to my last poll I desided to wait and ask on my profile.

Brothers and the Family: (This will be one that I show the one shot of three people but also I may just write this like the other stories instead of a one shot) So wondering about Daneil and his brothers Johnathen and Samuel, did you ever want to here the full story of the day Daniel discovered his powers by protecting his brothers. What about training them with advise over the intercalm. What about his parents and how they took it? Don't you wonder what they were doing all Spring while the other Racers were at the base? Well this is supposed to tell the readers that and more. You will see the views of all three brothers the day the Decepticons attacked their house. You will find out what they look like and what they choose to transform into. For one thing being trained by your brother who's a newb too can't be all that fun, especially if your brothers that have had to share rooms together and long for freedom. This will discuss how they have found there abilities to be a blessing.
The brothers will have a delma of coming up with a better idea for there sections name then just R-Racers, which the R stands for their last name Robinson. Also what abilities might these boys have if anything how do they take there new found life? Also wonder what they were doing back home besides trainging, lets just say they may see more action then led to believe, as well as staying in comunications with Fury as to possible Halflngs if not finding them themselfs which can be easier said then done. This will also examine how they take Breanna's attraction to a Decepticon imparticular Skywarp as I have described this family is exactly like silblings for Fury and she's the closest thing to a sister that they've got, so of course she would tell them like she could hide anything from them in any case. Just how close will they come to letting the cat out of the bag and telling her parents? More so what will happen once they findout that she is staying away to help some strange frined no one knows, will they be told who this is and what she did? Also this will lead into a chapter that they will interigate Skywarp, but that will not be for several chapters in the book it will be during the summer timeline of the book. I might have to make a sequal to show there plans for the interigation and show what they think.

We Can Rock!: (Finally I'm telling you about this story I've planned to write for a while and will definitly start typing soon) So it seems like usual Miko has gotten the group of human friends and Autobots in more trouble then they need. Thing is she entered her rock group of Raf being the techno soundaffects/keyboarder, Bulkhead as the drumer or base, and herself as the lead guitarist with Jack still unable to play anything the the harmonic he is still undecided on what he can do. This causes trouble as for one she enterd them in a band competition that took place inside but it was indoors, second they didn't have a singer and Jack could sing only a little but not for a long period he was better at wrap then singing. Second problem was Bulkhead wasn't human he couldn't fit indoors and couldn't be seen nor could he reveal his cover and the autobots. Thirdly he couldn't be both percutions and bass they needed more in the band then they had but where to find them?
Optimus may have said he'd keep it quiet about Breanna's singing but he hints to them and tells them where to go. They hear her, but it seems this time she's not alone and is hanging with her two friends Lil and Genevieve, they are all singing along to a song on the Ipod boombox. None of them are thrilled when they are spotted as two of the girls are not as happy being caught singing as they arn't to proud nor do they have as much confidence in there singing. But they all agree with Bre being the lead singer even if she isn't into much rock she still could sing and had better confidence in a group singing solo's by herself.
What about the Base guitar problem? Well it seems it was a great idea to ask Breanna/Fury as she knows somone in the team who could help, only was unsure if he could trully play or was just superb at Rock Band and Guitar Band. Only Problem with the plan was how in the world would they change Bulkhead into a human. Breanna dosn't have control of her powers even if she was a human teen she was a new autobot who barly knew of her powers till recently she would have years and years to get them perfected till she had complete control. Secondly what songs would the band perform, they would have to do several compesistions and one of there own, what will they choose? And the human kids have no clue, thank Optimus for sugesting Breanna, Lil, and Genevieve because thanks to them bieng in choir and Breanna doing private voice, they don't only know how to read sheet music and teach the others too, but they can write it if they wanted. It seems the Girly trio has more then just personalities up there sleaves but a perfect song that the whole group easily helps complete.
Will Bre have some control of her powers? And will they be able to compete? If they compete will they win? You'll find out.

My Best Friends and our Young Sparks: (will be narrated might have a few one shots and is a prestory to The Human and Inhuman Affect) this story will discuss how El (Lynea) and Cliff Jumper first met and hit it off. It will be told more like a timeline short and sweet I'm kind of writing it like a dairy from both so dates will appear at the top and things but occassionlly there will be a date just no one imparticular telling the story. This is supposed to show what they went through and how they hit off in there relationships. This is suposed to show Cliff Jumpers imaturity at finding romance and dating and how he was a bit of a player. It explains how he found or confused to women to be his spark mates but loved them equally. And will show how hard it was for him getting over there deaths. I may have one chapter told by Optimus and Ratchet, telling Breanna about trying to help her father cope. There will be short timeline things of how Arcee and him grow into a relationships, and gets him to see that although the two women who died were also his sparks he found one in his best friend he knew his whole life since sparkling hood. This also will explain the few times he actually met his daughter Breanna, it will answer the questions about the question when she was waving to him in the photo (Hint she knew who he was as a toddler, she knew things as a toddler that she had no clue of I'm calling it the childhood innocense were children can be really smart but naive)

Night of the Rest of My Life: This is a one shot on Bo the night he died saving the girl he crushed and hoped to marry somedays life. Very sad but able to give you something on the character. It will be a tear jerker so be ready with a box of tissues/kleenex and let those tears fall out if you don't know who Bo is READ The Meadowlark hostage, I've been meaning to update but currently am on the first chapter its really good you'll enjoy it trust me...

The West Side of Cybertron Story:Ok I was totally thinking today of West Side Story and thinking how great this would be (actually more the past few days) in the Transformers world, thus I decided to create the story. I will use some of the characters I made up in The Human and Inhuman affect but this does not take place in the same world or story its seperate just wanted the same characters. I'm thinking of having it in the G1 series however I will have the main character be Fury (just because for the tail her personality was the best and I couldn't get the other people right with other femme transformers, cause i wanted this one to be on Cybertron.) So the Autobots represent the Sharks and the Decepticons Represent the Jets. It takes place after the events of season 2 not close to season 3. Maria is of course Fury, who is being cared for by her cousin Chromia and her husband Ironhide (Represetting Anita and Bernardo) who are happily awaiting sparklings. As the war is going on Fury still isn't of age to join and has mixed feelings on that, but she attended public high school, and now is in a public Cybertronain University which has the same thing as the high school, in which sparklings of the neutrals, Autobots, Decepticons and humans affiliated with any side attend for a better education. For Fury she and her friends had no choice but to attend as there her parents the once human now Autobot Lynee aka Rush and her dad Cliff Jumper forced her to live with her cousins for her high school and college years, the same was with her friends.
Well little does she know that some of the Decepticon army also attends the same University (Central Spark Canyon University), a few who are the worst enemys of her cousins and his friends that are trying to protect the Northern most part of Canyon City (made up hope no ones mad it just sounded cool to be don't know why please don't hat me or the story for that).
At this school the youngist of the Decepticon seekers attends forced more by his brothers but is very curious and happy with college life this seeker is Skywarp (Representing Tony, and yes this means what you think I'm keeping the Fury Skywarp relationship that I had before its just I created the character and found they had simular personalities just ones good the other evil so I thought why not).The university holds a comunity dance in which the families or caretakers of the attendies attend forcing there children attending the college to also partake in attending the event. By the way I am going to still have the dress shop but have it more as a color and special occasion armor shop for things like weddings and stuff and yes Chromia owns and runs it in her spair time also making something for her cousin for the dance, and also forcing her cousin to work at the shop when she's not at school. Her cousin in-law Ironhide set her up with the nice and handsome autobot Sideways (no hes not evil yet but I couldn't think of someone who would be good and believable enough to go evil.)
What do you expect from a West Side Story, well they meet by being pushed together by accident on the dance floor and have a dance together neather knowing the others ties or affiliations, that is until the families relize and start a fight, being forced by the college dean and the local military to only do a dance fight due to this supposed to be a public fight free event.
What happens next Skywarp and Fury? find out it will be good just tell me if you like the idea? THis will be fun I'm putting twists on the famouse songs from the musical.

Tonight and Somewhere Forever: ANOTHER West Side Story themed but in the Transformer Armada world. Here Alexis (represents Maria) is now around her mid twenties (age to be explain in the story heres a hint friends not wanting her killed), and living with her friends the Autobots after being tired by her job, she thought she could change the world but found it harder to do and needed time to discover what she wanted to do in her life. She owns a small dress shop her mother used to run, and it helps pay the bills while she trys to discover herself. Hot Shot and his wife Override are helping care for Alexis. While the Space Bridges other places are still being worked on Hot Shot was put incharge of leading a team on Earth (Anita and Bernardo are Override and Hot Shot). Override helped alot but couldn't do much on Vehicon being pregnant and couldn't travel back so she choose to stay on Earth till there children were born. She found the earge to do thing even helps design a dress for Alexis to a public ball or dance the local comunitee was holding, and the autobots were going using holo forms so they could fit in. However thats not going to be easy with the Decepticons or ones who want to renew the war becoming larger and some of them are even attending this dance. With Megs dead someone else is now a war craved but controlable one leader of the D's and they have also found Starscream who is less crazed to rule with Megs gone and seeing that some fights were actaully won. So he also decides to attend just for small kicks before going back to fighting. The holorframed Starscream bumps into a mid twenties Alexis who should be in her forties but isn't. She recognizes him immidiatly, he remembers her and everything, but they both forget or hide from eachother that they both were still on the sides they were left on before he had died. Funny thing is this leaves them both clueless and dancing on the dance floor with people they didn't come with. A fight breaks out but to keep disguised they abide by the local police but still fight in a dance off with there partners. Two love torn heart aches who lost eachother found eachother won't be able to lose eachother nor forget eachtoher so easily and begin a relationship. However like West Side someone will die from each side start a war etc. Twists on Famouse songs its going to be Totally EPIC (yes I'm a West Side Story Fan) :)


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PRESkywarpDXFuryAThat's A Woman,Skywarp story
pre-Skywarp D Fury A , this takes the minutes leading to Skywarp falling for Fury and his restistence to love her,Cliff Jumper comes to SW as an angel in mind to hook his daughter up with him turn him good; FUN WITH CELTIC THUNDER "THAT'S A WOMAN"
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Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 12 - Words: 83,087 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/4/2011 - Published: 2/25/2011 - Cliffjumper, Ratchet
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