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Author has written 5 stories for Gilmore Girls, Dark Angel, and Vampire Diaries.

I'm still alive and I'm still writing. But for more than two years now I haven't had Internet at home. So, publishing on this side got difficult.

I swear I'm still writing for 'The way to a witch's heart'. And I can't thank you enough for all your support you still keep coming.

So ... what to say about me ...

I'm 20 plus years (and that is as much as you'll get out of me about that).

I'm on this side for years now, it all started back in the days when I was looking for anything "Dark Angel" related.

Though I write now and then I'm more of a reader than anything.

The most important thing you need to know about me is: I love sarcasm! I really do. And coffee.

I'm sarcastic, I don't think before I talk, I crack silly remarks (I don't know how often I got into trouble because of my big mouth), have conversations about nothing, I prefer to do it like Peter Pan and (pretend to) never grow up, I need heat, sun and summer but I love christmas and the first snow (as long as it doesn't fall before the end of November), I have a strong opinion and I'm ready to defend it, I talk with inanimate objects - especially my TV and those silly characters on shows - when they're acting stupid, someone needs to tell them what to do ... But all the other times I'm just a normal girl...

If you want to know anything else, you're bored out of your mind or want to escape some tasks or assignments, pm me.

My stories:

Changes: After all those stories where Max had a terrible first heat I thought: Why? Why does her first cycle have to be a disaster? At least sometimes Maxie needs something nice - and I kept it in the tenor of the show. (Nothing graphic.) I tried to write a sequel to my Dark Angel story. However, it didn't come out the way I had planned it because I wanted that story to lead to the first season but no matter what I did, it just sounded forced. That's why I decided to leave it as a one-shot.

True Love's Kiss: The idea to that story came because of some ranting about Damon becoming sappy. In one of my complains I made fun of him Disney-style. After a few mails with friends (mostly my beta) and a few kicks in my -you-know-what- I started to develop it. Though, honestly it was supposed to be a One-shot, and never a story with a sequel. C'est la vie.

The Way to a Witch's Heart: Sequel to 'True Love's Kiss'. After the open ending of my first VD story I decided to write this sequel. It's still a work in progress, so though I have figured out what I want to do with it and how to end it, I still need to cross the in-between. And because it's my plot and I'm not happy with a lot in the show I decided to mostly ignore those events and concentrate on Bamon.

Realizations: Vampire Diaries' One-Shot. I was in a mood and started to write something without any real direction to take it. While listening to the radio, Taylor Swift's 'You belong with me' came on. (I know, it's been done before.) But suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do with it, where to take it. (Bonnie's) Realizations is the outcome of it.

Wrong decisions: Not my best shot. But after watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls (the whole show up to season 6 'The Real Paul Anka') I was in a mood and was complaining about Logan to my TV.





Sorry, but I can't link the other items here. If you know their style, you know why. If not - you're too young. The bodice, however, is similar to the bodice of the dress.



Dark Angel, Roswell, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, True Blood (though I prefer the books), White Collar, Arrow and those series you don't have to think while watching: Glee, Popular, Clueless


Marvel's The Avengers, Romeo Must Die, Blade, Snatch, Crank, Crank 2, Smokin' Aces, Shoot' Em Up, Dance, Step up, Enchanted, the classic Disney tales, Kill Bill 2, Bad Boys 2, The Fast and the Furious (1, 2 & 4, 5), Not another Teenmovie, The Wizard of Oz, Dance Flick, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Ten Things I Hate About You (Is there a single girl out there who doesn't like that movie?), Cradel 2 the Grave, Urban Legends, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, From Dusk Till Dawn, Ella Enchanted, Dead or Alive, and a lot more


Agnes and the Hitman, Wicked-Series, Blackdagger Brotherhood, His Dark Materials (I loved Lyra from the very beginning), The Wizard of Oz, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Fingerprints, A Christmas Carol, The Trophy Taker, Attic, Queen of the Damned, Don't look down


Dark Angel: Max and Alec

Arrow: Oliver and Felicity

Gilmore Girls: Rory and Jess, Lorelai and Luke

Vampire Diaries: Bonnie and Damon (but please can someone give him his balls back?!), (and is there a reason why Elena has Katherine's hair style??? Idiots, noooo!!! And what kind of girlfriend flirts "innocently" with her boyfriend's brother while he is incapacitated??? [I've got my answer to the last question: a dead one])

Blade Trinity: Abigail and King

Supernatural: Dean/ OC, Dean and Carmen (the one from the alternative reality in season 2)

SVM: Sookie and Eric

Roswell: Michael and Maria, Max and Liz, Isabel and Jesse

HDM: Lyra and Will

Mutant X: Shal and Brennan

I love fiery pairings. I can't stand it if one partner is inferior to the other one. A relationship needs passion! Not that my favorites gave any hints about my opinion.

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Sequel to "True Love's Kiss". Damon survived the werewolf bite with Bonnie's help. Now he's determined to make her his. Can he convince the witch? -On Hiatus for now because I broke my wrist. I'm definitely going to continue this story when I'm able to write again.
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