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Author has written 4 stories for Prince of Tennis.

There's not much to really say about myself. I love to write, as obvious as that sounds, but I prefer to write novels. As such, I'm currently writing a trilogy and two romance novels.

I also love food, more specifically Japanese food. I definitely like to try new things, but I hate how I have specific tastes.

I have many favorite anime/manga, but here are just a few: Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Bleach, Reborn, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Ao no Exorcist, and Fruits Basket.

Right Now:

I'm re-making To Stand Among the Stars, my Fuji Shusuke story. Now, it's going to stay up until I get a good chunk of it written (I'm nearl done with the first chapter!). I'm re-writing it because, well, it needs to be. I'm kind of embarrassed by it, because I first thought, 'Oh, I'm doing so AWESOME!' and now I can see that a lot needs to be re-done. Good news is I have an exact amount of chapters, so things should move more smoothly with the re-make

I have a new story I'm really into making right now as well and it's a Kakashi x OC story. I'm planning on calling it Finding the Way, but we shall see. It's going fairly good and I have chapter 1 done and working on number 2. My Beta's are awesome and getting through this one fast.

The second story I've finished writing the first chapter for is a Hibari x OC story for KHR. I haven't decided on the title yet, or even thought of one, so that will be updated later. I'm waiting on the Beta'd chapter 1 to come back. Also, this one is entirely planned out as well, so shouldn't be too many delays due to planning.

If you're interested in my writing:

My trilogy is... Interesting. I'm not sure how to describe it. I tell people that there's fighting, murder, danger, a bit of love, and plenty of secrets. I have the plot line for all three books and am just fixing up the rest of the kinks. My wall next to my desk is full of pictures and info for these books, so I definitely can't get lost! If anything, there's a bit of sci-fi, a bit of romance, and action. Think Covert Affairs meets NCIS: Los Angeles. There's no way to explain it unless I give my plot away or tell you an excerpt. There might be an excerpt once I starting getting into publishing.

One of my separate novels will be under an alias, because I don't normally write this genre. It's a vampire novel that's quite different from what I usually write. It'll have some kinky scenes, an actual plot, and there are reasons behind everything! It's set in an alternate universe, so it's more conceivable than your average every-day type of blood-suckers.

Another novel is set in an alternate universe. This one is... Well... Mostly kink and sex with plot. It follows a few girls and guys as they use the reality chamber and have different escapades. Yeah... It's in the works. I haven't planned ANYTHING much for this one, unlike the vampire one.

If you're interested in my life:

I'm a working girl. I work full-time as a cashier, I'm writing 3 fanfics, my trilogy, and working on the planning of my separate vampire novel. I intend to return to school part-time in the summer. I live in Florida, so I love the heat and can't stand the cold. My whole family, except me, is from Michigan and somehow they can't stand the heat.

My dream is to publish my works and get my name out there. I absolutely LOVE writing and I want to share the stories that I create.

If you'd like to stalk me some more, my twitter is @LiveWriteTKD. MSG me what story you want to follow and I may post up what I'm doing with then every couple of days. If you'd like to stalk me via LiveJournal, tough, because someone needs to convince me to get one.

I drew pictures of some of my characters. I'm not very good, but I may post them at some point in time.

My past: I grew up... Differently than most people. I started talking, reading, and writing at an extremely early age. When I was six I started learning Japanese as part of an accelerated program. Mind you, I can't speak or understand a lick of Spanish, but I tend to hear words in sounds and try to translate them into Japanese when attempting to listen to people speaking English.

Sadly, due to recent events, I have memory issues. I don't remember a lot of things about my past, even people, and I learn about myself through word of mouth. I'm still learning, so please be patient.

About my Fanfics:

Currently Writing:

TSAtS: Planning completed. Ch. 1 re-write in progress.

Finding the Way: Planning is semi-complete. Ch. 1 complete. Ch 2 in progress.

Hibari x OC: Planning complete. Ch. 1 being Beta'd.

Sakura x Sasuke: Currently thinking

Natsu x OC: Fairy Tail story in planning.

Laxus x OC: Fairy Tail Story in planning.

Depending on the chapters I get done and what's going on in life, I should start posting soon.

I love encouragement and appreciate any thoughts or concerns. Usually I try to make sure my brain stays on the topic long enough to explain everything, but that's not always the case. If I say something wrong or misinterpret, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm happy to write to get the story out, but if the readers absolutely hate it then it will be fixed. If you don't like it, then keep going and see if it gets better. I don't do a lot without reasons.

My forum:

I'm also a part of a really cool OC forum called NXYZ, so come check us out! You'll love Frog-kun, EP, Mercy, Yuuki, Tensai, Coco, Aqua, Doro, Jab, Sadist, Temari, N, Tally, and everyone else!

My Beta's:

All my thanks and love them :)



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