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Hi, my name is [insert ridiculous name]. I am [insert absurd age, ex. 135] years old. I am a [insert arrogant word to describe what a great writer you are, even though you're really an amateur.] writer here on FanFiction.

Well, that was fun. Though, seriously, My name's Jedediah and I really am an amateur writer here. You can tell by how long I've been here (though, I don't know how long i'll be leaving this up. But as I type, I've only just activated my account.) that I'm new to the amazing art of fan fiction writing-- though i've been exploring this website for over a year or two-- oh, but that's not important, is it? -wink-

Yeah, flames are actually pretty fun so send all you like, and I'll be sitting here with my marshmallow stick. (-- that was said because i'm also cliché

Wheew! I'm glad to get that off my chest! It was a heavy load, wasn't it? It's a secret passion to love flames, you know. Is it masochistic to love all the hate comments that come from a work that you created? I know, I know, the pain puts a nail in your heart. ("Oh no, someone hates/is offended by/ is bashing my grammer on my fan fiction!") But you know, you just gotta get over that pain and move on to the laughs of: "Someone took the time to hate-comment on how this was a 'waste of their time'."

Seriously, find the humor-- folks, find the humor.

Alright, we're past the masochism and the fire, and the cliché. ("Finally! Took you long enough to pass the subject, jackass!") Next!

Lets get to the stuff that I like to squeal like a little girl (ahem, I am a well respected male!) over, okay? Great.

So, who loves Fullmetal Alchemist, out there? FMA for the win! Am I right? Who doesn't love all the angst and the tied in humor and fluff? What? You're saying that the 'original' was better? Well, good sir (or ma'am! I'm not sexist! I swear! Don't hate me! Oh crap, that's just bringing us back to the marshmallows...), by the way you said that, I'm going to assume by 'original' you mean the 2003 anime? Well, newsflash, it's not the original, and the real original is waaay more epic. Sure, it's an opinion, but it's my opinion, which automatically sends your opinion a huge middle finger and into the deep, dark pits of hell. Oops, I'm getting personal, aren't I? Oh well. But no, I'm not talking about 2003, I am referring to the MANGA! The manga (or the 2009 anime, your choice) is just better okay? Majority vote. It is the superior being. Hey, the 2003 is convenient for us writers to toy with (come on, Fluffy, chase the string!) and Alfons was a great character! But... alright, here's the hard truth. This is why it's so much better, just one thing, and that is this: EdWin. Which brings us to number dos!

Another thing that makes me squeal like a little girl (I am still a well respected male!) is Ed and Winry. Not to sound like a fangirl (Ahem, BOY.) but they are just too cute, and if you want me to get more 'Manly', then I'll say this. They're fucking hilarious, and meant to be, and (lets face it) canon. Also? If you want to get on the mature side of the playground, there are so many opportunities.

Well, boys and girls, today's lesson on "How to make Jedediah turn into a pile of squealing mush in front of his computer" has concluded. There are many other things that he likes, but those are the main things for now. Now, just go down just a litttle bit, and you'll find that box-- see it?-- that box holds all the things that Jed here has written, squealed over (favorites), and wanted to stalk (favorite authors). You can go in there and find some (hopefully) cool shit. Alright? Good. If it's not cool, go ahead and flame because transmuted fire doesn't make quite the perfect marshmallow-- but it'll do if you actually like any of it. -wink-

15. Mar. 11

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I have found yet another thing that makes me positively squealy!

I am such a girl. -shakes head-

Alright. You guys know Harry Potter, right? -BRICKED- Well I was going through the Fullmetal Alchemist crossover section thing, and I noticed that there was a popularity button up there. Crazy, right? You could organize the things that come up by how many stories are there and how many people have reviewed them! (at least, I think it goes down that way) So I clicked the little blue button. Here's how things went.

Harry Potter: I looked at it for a second before going over it and saying i'd come back to it.

Naruto: I kind of rose an eyebrow when I saw this. Naruto? Really? I'd heard of the series and even tried to watch it for a little while before getting bored and moving on to something else. Naruto... It didn't really pique my interest. It was okay, and all, but not my cup of tea. I just scrolled over it.

Inuyasha: Alright, i'll admit that I was hopelessly obsessed with the series for a while, but that was when I was totally new to the world of anime-- and once you broaden your horizons you notice that Kagome is something you call a 'Mary-sue' and a 'damsel in distress'. I skimmed over this one.

D.Gray-Man: Never watched it. I'll probably get to that later.

Bleach: Never watched it. I'll probably get to that later too.

Kingdom Hearts: It's turning into a second Final Fantasy. XD I scrolled through this one for a while before tabbing out.

Twilight: You know, I actually wrote half of a fan fiction for this one. Sorry, I'll probably never post it though. I skimmed over this one too.

Ouran: Love this place! I visit it often and I actually wrote a fan fiction for it. I'm also beta-ing for The Phantom Marshmellow's crossover.

Death Note: I stopped watching the series after they killed L off. ;_;

Soul Eater: I wrote something for this too~

Pokemon: I'm GOING TO WRITE SOMETHING FOR THIS! Haters gonna hate, I love pokemon.

Alright, this is going to go on forever-- Is that Avatar the Last Airbender-- FOCUS. So I scrolled back up and dwaddled with Harry Potter again, considering and reconsidering it. I'd watched Harry Potter and read a few of the books, I mean, who hasn't? Harry Potter is a big part of my childhood. So, I leaned back in my roll-y chair and I thought about it. Lets see, Harry Potter, what are the possibilities?

I thought back to the days of my using-chopsticks-as-wands and watching Harry grow up into a angsty, but normal, teenager with a huge burden (not as big as Ed's) on his shoulders. Then something struck me. The Philosopher's stone.

I went ahead and clicked on the link and the first thing that came up-- oh, do you want to know what the first thing was? an Ed and Winry drabble by 'Annie and Summer', published by 'The Flamel Cult'. I was curious, and I read through it.

It was really good.

They're very good authors, those two. I decided, so I clicked on the link that was titled 'The Flamel Cult'.

The Flamel Cult is a collaboration penname for four people. Fuocoso, Maya Sushi, Anatidae, and A Pandemonium-Chaos Disorder.

I was... intrigued by this. (They even had a mascot!) So I went to the fan fiction that they're writing together called Playing God.


I'm not going to give anything away here, so just go read it yourself! I'll put links up riiiight here:

Playing God | A Pandemonium | Anatidae | Maya Sushi | Fuocoso | The Flamel Cult

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