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Author has written 3 stories for Toontown.

Im a like MAJOR Toontown fan so most or all of my stories will be on toontown.
Also, im in middle school so i MAY not have the best spelling ever.
so PLEASE critisize me (see? BAD SPELLING!!!).
right now, mojo and dragon are the toons i will be useing in the stories and ya...


favorite online games: Toontown (ofcourse) and Lord Of The RIngs Online.
favorite books: WarriorS and Bone.
My current toons are:
Mojo: Dog, short legs, short, body, and short head...? blue fur, 65 laugh.
Dragon: Dog, medium legs, short body, and short head...? blue fur, 20 laugh
Rosethorn (its rose thorn. not roset horn -_-): Cat, same as Dragon for body, cream fur, 16 laugh
Yunna: Cat, same as Dragon for body, blue and purple fur, 15 laugh
Waterstar: Cat, same as Dragon for body, blue fur, 16 laugh

About Waterstar: I made up Water clan wit my friend and my like bff was the leader of slver clan. Silver clan didnt know that it was the leader's bff (leader didnt know either) and so they attacked us for being in the land next to them.(its a warriors game we play on toontown) And so, now everyone hates Water clan and Waterstar. -_-. IM NOT GIVING UP THO :D.

stories im doing:
the cog whisperer: ok so, this is my abosolute FIRST story ever written online so PLZ give me some slack. and honestly, i have no idea what im doing in this story...

(unknown tittle): IMSTARTING ANOTHER STORY!!! its gonna be about mojo or someone else, i dont now yet. but ya. its gonna e about a new cogs type and stuff like that!!! im gonna need some ppl to be in it tho... so it u wanna u can pm me and i would need your personality, the look of ur toon, what he or she wears, and other stuff.

The Orthadontist: ok so i just got my braces like two weeks ago so im gonna have mojo get hers too! its probobly gonna be a one shot type thing though. but ya!
PS: im still working on it! its in my computer ready to be typed up.

Ok so this is my profile... plz look at my favorite authors. the power of the wol's dysfunctional is the BEST!!! so is The Evina's Gears. its supposed to be the longest story for toontown! my dream is to top it :D

so ya... hope you like my stories!

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Worthless reviews
Stephanie, an 8 year... you know what? im terrible at writing summaries. you should just read the story and tell me what you think :D
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