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Hi everyone,

I apologize first and foremost for the lack of updates here in well quite some time. I will try but I can't make promises... again I am so sorry...
If you are interested though I do have another page that has completed works there, stories done with my sister and writing partner. They can be found under this sn: Isawien Malfoy

It took far too many years, but as of 11/30/17 Dark Secrets is finally complete.

Thanks for reading and putting up with me just the same guys
Day aka Carebear

P.S. Below (after my list of stuff) you'll find the 2008 Fanfic Writer Questionaire filled out by yours truly

so, here is a list of my stories, sorted by show/book


7th Heaven

The Choices We Make - Takes place during the episode where Eric and Annie discovered a joint in Matt's things. AU from the show... - Matt left home when he was 17, and no one has heard from him since. Seven years later, he comes home, how will his family react.
~Incomplete, last updated 4/23/2003

Power Rangers

Dark Secrets - Starts when Kim sends the letter, then moves ahead nine years. no one has had any contact with Kim since the letter, until Jason and Kat's wedding. Can Kim finally tell them the secrets she's been hiding all her life.

The Stranger - A stranger comes to town, one who isn’t quite a stranger. Someone who knows a lot more about the rangers than they realize.

To Death Do Us Part - Rewritten and updated Jason and Kim have a secret they've kept from those in the group that followed the original five. One that will change their group as they know it. One that brings the entire gang back together in Angel Grove for the first time in two years.
Warning, character death.

The Pretender and Profiler crossover

Learning To Live - Five years after Sam left, the VCTF is dealing with a serial killer eerily similar to Jack. Running out of time to find and save Sam, they turn to a certain Pretender for help, one who knows more than they realize.
~Incomplete, last update 1/23/03


Finding Yourself - Liz's dad sent her to Vermont not long after Utah. Six months later she disappeared. Five years later no one has found her, but did they find someone else...
~Incomplete, last update 3/2/03

Life's Lessons - Alex never died, Tess good. Now on to the story... Begins before graduation, then moves a couple years into the future. Max is smothering Liz, will he listen to everyone, or lose her forever?
Incomplete, last update 3/16/03

She Was - Someone remembers Liz's life as he says goodbye

Song Of The Stars - AU After Liz brings back Max back to life. Max, Liz and Maria come home with a few surprises for their families, including Max and Liz's marriage. Then Kivar and Tess find out, and they aren't very happy about things on earth...
~Incomplete, last update 1/29/03

The End Of The Beginning - The Czechs left during Destiny. Fourteen years later they return to find everything has changed. Michael has a daughter, Liz is keeping a secret, and Kivar is looking for someone on earth, someone who is very close to the aliens.

What If They Failed - Did Liz and Future Max really change the future. After graduation she begins to wonder, what if they failed, what if the end of the world was still coming.
- Pernamently on hiatus, may be pulled into another story nothing is in stone yet.
~Incomplete, last update 3/21/03


Life's Changes - Ever wonder what happened to the most famous group of friends Third Street School ever had? Sometimes things don't turn out like you plan, sometimes they're better...
~ Complete


Harry Potter

Family Secrets - A rewrite of FSAHT...
A new student comes to Hogwarts, Hermione's cousin, and she refuses to take anything from anyone, inc. Draco Malfoy. But what secrets does she have about her family, that can change the course of history.
Rated for language

Family Secrets And Hogwarts Truths - Same as Family Secrets. I left this one here though because I don't want to loose the reviews they're so precious to me...


Miss Congeniality

No Matter What - 1st Movie Universe - Eric looks back on their life near the end...
~ Complete

I made a promise to myself not to put anymore stories up till I have completed all of the ones I already have up. But in the works I have the following stories...


Law & Order SVU

Un-named - Elliot comes home one day to find Kathleen worried about her best friend. By the time the night is over, he and Olivia have a new case on their hands, one that hits too close to home.
And just when they think it is completely over, and their perp is going away for a long time, their vic is kidnapped. Along with the detective who had been escourting her back to the foster house she was staying at.
The question then is, how does Elliot tell his daughter her best friend has been kidnapped, and how do they rescue not only the girl they have all come to care about, but also one of their own? And what changes will happen to the two in the time they are held hostage...

Power Rangers

Holiday Beginnings - When Kim went back to the Old West, they were unable to save her. A few years later how has everyone delt with the loss. And what is it about the new family that has come to Angel Grove...

Return of the Guardians - After Zordon's death, his chosen from the original five to those who fought in Space to rescue him are called to fight an ancient evil. In the process they meet The Order of Meledon, an ancient order of good founded by Zordon, and they also learn about secrets their own have. Secrets about The Guardians, the beings placed in charge of every aspect of the universe.


Harry Potter

Hogwart's Truths the sequal to Family Secrets. How has everyone delt with the loss of Kat... and what are they going to do when Voldemort returns...

"Fan Fiction Writers Q & A 2008"

Designed by Shane30

Hello everyone,

I've toyed with the crazy idea of doing a question and answer session for fanfic writers for a while now. I'm sure readers have wondered about fanfic writers in general and some of their favorites specifically for years. Just how and why do we write fanfic? How can we take so much time, thought, and energy to write stories for years and never, ever make one dollar from our efforts? What inspires us? What drives us crazy? Why write half the night, avoiding sleep, work, food, and other responsibilities to pen the perfect scene? And what insight and advice can we offer to new writers?

Those are just a few of the questions that will be answered here. You'll do some laughing, some smiling, and hopefully enjoy these little peeks into the torrid, sultry, dangerous, and often financially strapped world of fanfic writers. Lurk inside the secret society of smut writers, love addicted shippers, detail freaks who live in the true underbelly of society!

BUT BEWARE!!! Once you venture inside the twisted mind of a human who has written almost a thousand pages of text without receiving one nickels worth of payment you might run off screaming in madness!!

Or you might just appreciate our efforts a little more. Who knows. So sit back, relax, and walk inside the mind of a fanfic writer for a while. Just don't forget your way out. Its kinda scary in there.

(the previous was written by Shane30)

(Stage One)

What is your first real name?


What name do you write under?


Why did you choose that name?

Was raised on carebears, my favorite was daydreambear (which everyone said was so perfect for me because I daydream so much) and at the time I made the account, I was 19

What was your first thought upon discovering fan fiction existed?

Oh My God! And began screeching like an idiot out of happiness

When and why did you start writing?

Writing fanfics? 2001, I had a thought for a reworking of Roswell after the second season finale and it was a distraction from life.

Did you tell anyone outside the Internet that you were about to start writing? If so, who and what was their reaction?

They were wondering what the fuck I kept doing rewriting the same thing over and over again and then proceeded to, after reading it, mistake it for Roswell cannon when watching the show later and I had to sit and explain, no, that was my creation, not the actual series. Now though, they want to find a way to tie me up and make me work on something original and are quite annoying to be around.

What fandoms do you write for?

Roswell, Power Rangers, Harry Potter – mainly. Pretender, Profiler, 7th Heaven, So Weird, Miss Congeniality, Recess – occasionally or once in the case of the last two. – and not available anywhere yet, Law and Order SVU

Describe your writing area in detail?

My computer is on a large brown desk, there’s a drawer on the right side that’s full of papers for the current stories I’m working on, and there’s one of those desk calendars from 2003 (currently has May showing) where if you look you can find notes for half a dozen different things – calculations for the time difference between two worlds, an explanation about wizarding money, quotes from movies and such, not to mention other little things. A valentine’s day theme cup sits on the desk filled with pencils and pens for easy access and a yellow post-it notepad is around to be used for quick notes. – And on the first is my bird’s area and he runs around all day long trying to help me type so it gets interesting to say the least.

What do you love about writing your fanfic?

The freedom to write whatever you want, and to truly loose yourself in a scene/story. And it quiets the voices in my head when I listen to them lol

Favorite fast food?


Favorite drink?

Coca Cola

What state or country do you live in?

At the moment – Florida, USA. Soon to be New York, USA.

Age, only if you want smile


What sort of stories reach you the most and inspire you to write?

Stories where characters come from exceptionally difficult backgrounds that were possibly kept secret, and they persevere and in the end find happiness in spite of all their fears.

Name five movies that you are sure fan fiction writers could have easily written a better script?

You know, I know there are some – but honestly I can’t think of any – so if I do think of some eventually, I’ll come back and answer

What's in your CD or MP3 player right now?

Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway

If you write erotica/smut and have or will have children someday, how will you deal with your kid if he or she ever discovers you once wrote erotica/smut?

I would probably have a heart attack, but fortunately right now any of my erotica/smut is only on my computer as I don’t have much faith in it – so it’s not seeing the light of day any time soon.

Have you ever read a fanfic that made you truly laugh out loud?

Yes, but I can’t think of the name right now…



Describe the funniest outfit you've ever written fanfic in?

Hmm I suppose my footed jammies - you know those pajamas you typically see little kids in – that have feet and everything? Yeah I’m a 24 year old with a set of those…

Do you have a pet?

Until recently I had a Green Cheek Conure named Cricket

Link me to what you feel is your best chapter or full story that you have written and are the most proud of?
Of all my stories on this account, probably Dark Secrets

What do you snack on?

Whatever is handy, but preferably chocolate

How long have you been a fan of the fandom you write in?

Power Rangers – 93 (I was writing ‘stories’ before I actually thought to put them on paper), Roswell – 2000, Harry Potter – since the first movie came out and I finally got around to reading the books before it came out, So Weird – since 2001, Profiler, Pretender, 7th Heaven, Recess, and Miss Congeniality – since they were on tv or released as a movie as the case applies.

Are there any fandoms you would like you write in but just haven't yet?


Do you use a beta reader?

Typically, no

If you could pay your beta reader, what do you feel would be fair compensation?

$10 an hour? I suck at setting a pay scale – I’m the crazy woman who babysat two girls under the age of 10 for $1 per girl per hour. The only time I got a pay raise was when their baby sister was born and even then it went to like $5 an hour. To this day the older girls still look at their mother going ‘you actually only paid her $2 an hour? We freakin get $15 an hour for two children under the age of ten…’ so yes… never look at me to pick a money amount…

If someone looked under your bed right now what would they see?

Blankets, pillows, purple hair dye (in a bag tyvm), my grand files of story notes, and a ton of shoes

What the latest you have ever stayed up writing fanfic?

36 hours straight…

Tell the readers something interesting about yourself no one would probably imagine?

Hmm, the majority of my story ideas most often then not come to me in dreams, that sometimes I wonder aren’t helped along by my pooka (yes I have an honest to God pooka, his name is Harvey – he saw my grandmother watching the Jimmy Stewart movie and she started blaming things he did on ‘Harvey’ so he just decided what the hell. However, my Harvey is shorter than the Harvey in the movie… (but don’t say that to him, it drives him nuts).

(Thus Ends Stage One)

(Stage Two)

From concept, start to finish how long does it take you to write a chapter?

It varies, sometimes a day, sometimes months

What the longest story you've written so far and why did you take on something like it?

Probably my Roswell – Harry Potter Crossover (which isn’t anywhere to be read yet as it’s not finished). At the moment I believe it’s at something like 300 pages, and includes 100 or so characters, and covers the span of 11 years I think it is – and it’s not even half finished.

Do you do research on things like locations, clothing, technology, etc for your stories? If so please list a couple of links that you use?

I am the Queen of research, just ask my sister.

A couple links would include behindthename (names),height and weight averages (for children),random integer (for picking birthdays (as in month and day), Pregnancy (for figuring out how long in a pregnancy or a due date), Pregnancy (for figuring out the week by week stuff) and there are numerous others that are specific to a genre so won’t list them here

What helps you get past writers block?

Reading over a story, or just talking to my sister

What helps you set the mood to write?

Music. It blocks out the real world to an amazing degree – only my bird can get through to me when I’m truly in the zone (and that’s cause he’ll have enough and either bite through the headphone so I loose all sound in the side next to him, or bite my ear. (I seriously need to get stock in a company that makes headphones if he keeps destroying mine)

Do you write down notes and an outline or just write off the top of your head?

I do a lot of notes – and also off the top of my head, but generally sit and figure out a general outline of what I would like to see happen, then go back later and cross things out or add things in, and usually by the time a story is completely written there are about 20 pages on average of notes that went with the story that were written by hand, and a few dozen files on my computer be they notes, sites, or pictures.

What is your personal style of planning your story? Do you plot things out well in advance or wait for readers output/reactions first?

In the beginning of my writing I tended to write and get reader input, but do to one review that managed to completely destroy my faith in myself, and led to me not working on any of the stories on this account for nearly 5 years really, I’ve come to the point (thanks to writings I did in the mean time for other places) that I write the story first typically. I’ll plan it, write it, and when I’m happy with it, I’ll begin posting it and I adore every time a reader reacts positively and the negative responses, I’ll take into consideration for future stories (if they are actually meant to be taken into consideration) but honestly if I like it, that’s all that matters to me.

Do you run plot ideas past friends or your beta reader before you start writing?

Yes, past Jyn and a few others

What sort of stories do you write?

Typically romance, angst (happy angst), type stories. And I adore a good crossover

Do you enjoy long stories or shorter ones? Why?

Long stories more than short ones, there’s more to really get involved and lost in, and that’s what writing, and reading, mean to me. Something I can get lost in and forget the real world.

Who are your favorite characters to write for?

Kimberly Ann Hart, Elizabeth Parker, Tommy Oliver, Max Evans, and others

In your own words, describe as many of them as you like so that the reader can get an idea of how you personally see them?

Kimberly Ann Hart – Kim is the original pink ranger, the one that started it all, my first heroine that wasn’t a Disney character. The love between her and Tommy was the thing I dreamed of as a child in elementary school. She’s strong willed, stubborn, caring, sweet, loyal to a fault, and always puts everyone else before herself. She’s got a history of being a Valley Girl but she managed to outgrow that fairly quickly, even after a bit of doubt about being a Power Ranger, she jumped in with both feet and became the first female second-in-command (though apparently there is some doubt about this… I still say she was. She was willing to give up her dreams to continue protecting the world, to stand by her friends, and though the writers evily wrote her out of the show in such a horrid manner, to me I always remember her as she was before she left. She’s also an amazing character to be able to use and really mess with, and you can do so much to her and she’ll always bounce back.

Elizabeth Parker – Liz is a lot like Kim I think, stubborn, strong willed, caring, sweet, loyal and puts others before herself. She’s also exceedingly smart, and she accepted Max and the others with little to no thought. The relationship between her and Max has always been complicated but it’s obvious to anyone that they are meant to be, regardless of their differences. She accepts him despite his fault and would do anything for him, as evident when he came back from the future to change the past. She’s another character that you can really have fun with, she bounces back, perhaps not quite as the same person she was, but she still doesn’t let anything truly get her down, she takes her punches and she rolls with them, becoming a better person for it all.

What do you strive for with each of your stories?

To weave a tale that is realistic, where bad things do happen, but so do good, and in the end there is always a happy ending of some sort, even if there has been loss, heartache, pain… to be like real life, we don’t all have perfect lives, but in the end, majority of the time we’re happy with the way our lives were to an extent because without everything that happened, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate anything.

What five absolute DON'T's would you warn a new writer about?

Don’t let a review destroy your faith in yourself, also, don’t demand reviews and do the whole I’ll only post if there are so many review things – you might get the reviews, they could be ugly reviews, and really it kinda ticks readers off I think, because we read a story because we like it – not to be used as forced motivation and if you don’t have motivation for the story except to get reviews, then that gives the readers not so great faith that you’ll A) finish the story B) create a good story

Don’t press yourself for more simply because people are demanding more, you can’t push yourself that you’ll burn out

Don’t be afraid to try something, you can always go back and change it or redo it

Don’t stress about your work as compared to other people’s. You never know how long they’ve been doing it, or how much they look back on their first works going OMG what was I thinking… And you never know that they aren’t looking at your work going OMG that is fantastic.

Don’t be afraid to ask advice

What five absolute DO's would you tell them they need?

Do – Write what you want to write, who cares if it’s out of character, just point that out – because just because the character wasn’t that way in cannon, doesn’t mean it’s not how the character could act from your point of view, or given whatever circumstances that you put the character in.

Do – Have fun, go and actually cast new characters so you have faces you can look at, if you want gather pictures of the characters on your computer (both original and cannon) and then when you’re sitting there going hmm what now – you can go look at the picture and possibly get a little inspiration

Do – Write on your time schedule, the story will come to you when it’s ready, forcing it can produce a story, but sometimes produce a story that you’re not as happy with, or that might not be as good had you waited and let your muses really have fun

Do – Create an outline, even if it’s basic, so you have an idea of what you want to do – if you deviate from it, okay, but at least you can go and say okay, I did this, I added this in, do I still want to do this? So on and so forth…

Do – As annoying as it is – keep an eye out for grammar and spelling mistakes. One here and there is understandable, but an excessive amount really just drives people nuts.

Do you have any helpful links for any aspects of writing you'd like to pass along?

Honestly, none that I can think of

Best writing advice you ever read or heard?

Don’t write for everyone else, write for yourself. If you’re happy with it, that is all that matters. You can’t please the world.

What do you feel are your current strengths and weaknesses as a writer?

My strengths I think are the ability to really get into a character, which can also be my weakness. Weakness wise, I seriously can not write an argument unless I’m writing it with my sister.

How many hours a week do you honestly have to write?

168? No seriously, I’m writing usually about 85 of the time I’m awake, and then I write in my dreams so… I can’t go more than two days without writing something.

If you write erotica, how would you describe your own personal style?

Haven’t quite gotten to that road block just yet

Any tips for those who are considering it? Links?

Nope, sorry…

Details in scenes? What does it mean to you and how deep do you go into them?

Details are necessary 99 of the time. Without details, you’re just reading a conversation, which can be well done, but even then you might not be reading it the way the author envisioned it when they were writing, the tempo and feelings behind the words. Personally, I like to try and at least describe the feelings a character is having at the beginning of the scene, or describe the area or clothing or any number of things and just add to that as it goes through the scene, whether I succeed or not I’m not sure – but it feels like it to me so…

In character and out of character? Your definition?
oh boy… talk about a loaded question. In Character – something that a character can be seen doing in cannon, but can also be classified as something a cannon character might do – given the circumstances you created for them to experience, and how the experiences you gave them might change them from the way they were before your got involved and messed with them. Out Of Character – something that can never be seen as being done in cannon, but to some degree can be said about how you have the character acting in response to situations you put them through over a period of time that would change the character.

Why do you write?

Because I can’t not write

(Thus Ends Stage Two)

(Stage Three)

Will you someday attempt to write something original and get published?

Yes, in fact my sister and I are working on something together

While I'm sure every single fanfic writer on Earth is appreciative of every bit of feedback that we get, there are times when we work really hard on a particular chapter. Perhaps its longer than most and you just feel that the feedback was positive, but too short. How do you as a writer try to explain to a reader that as appreciative as your are for any sort of feedback, you just wish they would go into a bit more detail about that they liked other than a three to five word sentence?

Really, I adore long feedback, but I’ll take short feedback too, just knowing people are reading the story and take the time to comment that they like it, is more than enough for me.

How do you deal with being flamed? Has it ever happened?

Oh it’s happened – in the past a flame ended up killing every muse I had and five years later I’m still fighting to get those muses back. At times I’ve responded to them, especially for really outrageous reviews that I think need to be responded to, but for the most part now I just ignore them. They’re entitled to their opinion, and unless they make a comment saying (for ex. I should be raped because my story is so horrible – and yes, that has happened sadly) I don’t respond.

What do you think about

It is my second home, it’s where I first discovered fanfiction and where I’ll likely stay until the end

What drives you crazy when you read it in a fanfic?

People writing stories that involve rape or abuse of some sort with no real respect or understanding, and it comes across as they’re only using it as a plot device without really thinking of how it would affect the characters.

Link to a story you love and review it here.

Pawns by Vespera

What can I possibly say about Pawns? It is, a simply amazing story. I first read it on another site on her other screename and fell in love. I lost it for years and then proceeded to attempt to hunt it down with no memory of the title for months. It takes you through most every emotion possible, and to this day, even though I have read the most emotional chapter hundreds of times, I still tear up every time I read it again. Her writing style is exquisite, her grasp of the characters is downright scary at times, they come alive in some ways that they never did on the show. And her depiction of Lord Zedd is downright terrifying. And there is not a single thing I would want to see changed in the story.

Talk to the underage fanfic writer attempting to write NC-17 stories?

Eek! Um… don’t do it just because you see others doing it (god that sounds like advice about having sex – oi) really, do what you feel comfortable with and if you feel comfortable with writing NC-17, then no one has the right to stop you even if you are underage.

What do you think of the particular fanfic fandom community you belong too? The whole of all the writers, I mean.

I think that my community(communities) is(are) rather amazing. The writers are always there to support each other, and we really kinda thrive off each other, especially when our fandom in cannon gets messed with or they play with our minds or whatever, it’s to each other we turn.

Do you think you'll still be writing fanfic in 2 years? Five?

Oh yes, on both counts. Even if I were to do something original and get it published, I would so be one of those odd people who goes and writes fanfic about my own books.

What's the craziest fanfic request you've ever received?

Hmm, you know, I honestly can’t think of anything. I don’t typically get requests, I’ve only had two that I can think of – and while I haven’t written them yet, they weren’t ‘crazy’ so… my crazy ideas come entirely from myself or my sister (or Harvey, I blame Harvey)

Do you save your favorite stories on your hard drive?

Yup, I think that’s why I’m one of the few that still has one of my favorite stories since it began disappearing from various sites in recent years

In a crazy world if you had 200 million dollars and creative license to make a movie in the fandom you write in what would be the name of it, what would be the plot, who would star and how would it end?

Oooh the question of the century lol. I would get together with my sister and create a movie based on our Harry Potter series, the Dark Four (which in the long run would include characters from Buffy the Vampires Slayer and Angel, as well as Highlander the Series. The plot would be (for those who don’t know), Ginny learns she is in fact the twin sister of Harry Potter (switched with newborn Ginny Weasley before the Potters went into hiding, and the real Ginny died at Godric’s Hallow so Albus chose not to reveal the truth to the Weasleys until Jamie (Ginny) was older). Though the course of time, she and Harry are adopted by Severus Snape and she begins dating Draco Malfoy and her friend (who happens to be Draco’s Aunt Isáwien) returns to Hogwarts. Through a bunch of twists and turns, Jamie ends up with Lucius Malfoy (who is actually kinda a good guy) and Isáwien ends up with Voldemort (who is also kinda a good guy in a small way), the four becoming known as the Dark Four. Wars are fight, years go by, in the end there is happiness and it truly explores the question of just what is Good and Evil.

It would star of course the majority of those who played the characters from HP in the movies, the Buffy characters from the show (same with Angel, and Highland). Voldemort would be played by Johnny Depp, the rest of the characters (original) I’m not quite sure who they would be played by.

And it would end at the wedding of Tessa, Voldemort’s daughter (adopted by Isáwien) a few years after Isáwien and Voldemort’s deaths, as all of their family and friends are there to watch, the future bright for them all now that their wars have hopefully (forever) gone behind them.

By finishing this long ass question and answer session your name has been entered into a Pakistani lottery worth 100 million dollars. If you win what will be the first thing that you do?

Buy a membership in the Disney Vacation Club, then turn my attention to opening a Bed and Breakfast with my sister.

(Thus Ends Stage Three)

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