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^those are like my favourite words. don't ask why. they just are.

kso, i'm not gonna sit here and write personal shit about myself. well i am but i'm not giving my name. age. where i live and everything else.
because i don't want too. i don't exactly want people to know that.
-but what i AM going to do is tell you about my personality and my life i guess.

to start, what i am going to say is i am a girl. i'm not a boy thankyou very much so yeaaa.
i h8 ppl tht tlk lyke dis.
^ that just pisses me off, so like don't do it.

i'm not the girl you think i am, nor the girl you'd expect. yes, i am different but thats not neccesarily a bad thing. &ihave an obsession with skittles and redbull.
don't act like you know me, cause odds are you have NO idea.

yes, i hate hurting people but if i have to, well thats just tough luck i guess.
i've figured out through time that i have to think about others, but to be happy i also have to think about myself because whats the point of me being here, on this earth, if i'm just going to be unhappy?
life is hard. everybody knows that. so guess what? GET OVER IT.

- thats about it for now. if you think i'm a bitch, then well thats your opinion. if you hate my stories? well thats your opinion as well, and i'm not going to judge you for that.
but i would appreciate is if you didn't write them all over my comments and shizz. i do have feelings, and well it would just be completeley rude if you tried to hurt them.

anyways, thanks for reading this shizz i guess, annnnd bye. (:

I'll keep you my dirty little secret one shot
okay, ignore the category, i had to pick one out. basically this is a completley fictional story that i have made. :
California Dreams - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 527 - Published: 3/1/2011 - Complete