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Hello everybody! My name's Daisy and I enjoy interactive Hetalia stories! If you know of any, please PM me! ^^ I'm super friendly and I try to be polite, so if you send me a PM, I'll gladly reply. I have a deep love for Canada from Hetalia cuz he's fucking adorable, and I can't say I hate Italy, either!

Now here's some FAQs (Some of which might just be Qs) that I'd like to answer for u:

Q: Are you a stereotypical annoying teenager who shouldn't be allowed usage of the internet?

A: I try not to be at all costs...If you find that I do, please alert me

Q: Who is your favorite Hetalia character?

A: let me answer that question with another question. Would you pick a favorite of your children?

Q: How often do you update your stories?

A: wow...that's kinda a toughy. It depends on which story. At the moment, I've only been updating my "Germany and Italy: BFFS" story. I plan on updating my "interactive Hetalia fun" story...I just haven't been much in the mood lately...It really depends on if I'm in the mood to write or not.

Q: Do you normally reply to PMs?

A: I reply to almost every PM that I get, as I try to check my Gmail daily

Q: Do you often review other people's stories?

A: If they're any good

Q: Do you support any Hetalia pairings?

A: absofuckinglutely not ^^