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Heyy guys!! Before i say anything else, i just wanna make sure that you all know that I AM A GIRL. Just thought i'd make that perfectly clear so there were no missunderstandings...

The only things you really need to know about me are;

1 - if there is a way to make a conversation akward or innapropriet i will undoubtably find it. That's just the way it is - the kind of person i am. I can turn a completely innocent conversation into something totally NOT pg with a single well placed word, or several for desired effect.

2 - if there is a situation where it is even slightly possible for me to get into trouble, i will find it. No matter where i am, or what i'm doing, i cannot resist my nature to prank and rebel...

3- I am no longer allowed in the store of Wal-Mart... One SINGLE incident with shopping carts and tamato sauce pyramids and they never let you back...!! honestly, the nerve of those people. Don't even get me started on that one fateful day, it ISNT pretty...

4- I plan to be Prime Minister of Canada someday, or maybe Minister of National Defence, js... good luck guys...

Now, onto the unimportant stuff...

My best friend, Ginnypotter1700 isn't much better with the whole innapropriet comments thingie, though she tends to keep her disgusting remarks within our circle of friends, while i'll blurt them out to a complete stranger if the urge takes me. Most of our friends are a lot more reserved and innocent than Ginnypotter1700 and i. I think we're a bit of a bad influence on them, but the kids haveto learn certain... definitions sometime, eh? Also, im just gonna say hi to lily, pam, shannon, Caroline, amy, brianna, eric, jessica, bailey and hmm, anyone else worth my attention? i think not...

Ginnypotter1700 is the biggest harry potter fan in the entire world. it's actually really creepy sometimes... in the middle of a perfectly NORMAL conversation, she'll randomly start singing, "hermione can't draw" or run up to a complete stranger and exclaim, "daddy, daddy, you came to love me!" don't ask... it's a harry potter thing... She's also one of the best harry potter fanfiction writers out there, so check out her stories!

I like to think of myself as the best trouble maker probably in the history of the small city i live in. I've pulled so many stunts at school for various reasons that every time the phone rings in our room, i simply KNOW its for me. As of yet at this school, i've never been expelled, but i've had some near calls. Apparently teachers dont like my impish nature, and sharp hilarious wit and charm. They've never had to suffer a horror like me before, and for the sakes of all the teacher at the poor poor school of mine, i hope they never have to again! Along with my friends and fellow trouble making cronies, last year was a reign of terror! lucky for them - and the hot guys at n.g - we're going to highschool next year. Due to several incidents with my teacher we have come to a shaky alliance. She understands that no matter where she sits me in class, i'm still gonna talk, so she puts me beside my friends; and i don't make her life hell.

For some stupid reaslon, all my plots keep dragging my friends down with me... I do something bad and THEY get into trouble for it. It's really hilarious and ironic, and it drives them nuts, so its fine by me. Hey, the system is one that works, even if it is a bit corrupt. i get to do the bad things, and they always seem to end up getting blamed. They're everything to me and i'd keep them outa trouble if i could, but they're both too stupid and freakin' noble to let me take the blame and lie/trick/blackmail or charm my way out of it - an art at which i am a pro. No matter how outrageous my plans, or how much trouble it could mean for us; no matter how stupid, or vile - yes i did just say vile - if they can't dissuade me, they're always right there beside me backing me up, because for some reason completely inconsievable to me, they trust me... I could never ask for better friends, and without them i wouldnt even BE who i am today. And i definately wouldnt be on writing harry pottter fanfiction... no, i most certainly would NOT. i'd be on writing STAR WARS fanfiction...

Id love for all of you out there who know me and are reading this to know its me, but i'm not gonna tell you who i am because then some creeper/ stalker could come and get me, and that would just NOT be cool. So let's just say that if you have the misfortune to find yourself suddenly going to a school with me next year, you'll know it! Good luck, if that happens to you! I feel bad for you, but you're in for one UNIQUE and fun year! I have all sorts of plots planned for next year, and if you have any good ones i might not have thought of, could you tell me in reviews?? thanx guyz!

For example, last year we had some issues with a certain french teacher. i, being my natural trouble seeking self, decided to raise a rebellion and deal with him. This was right after our busdrivere rebellion - that one didn't go so well :(... - and after several months of being called stupid, nearly sexually assaulted and just treated unfairly in general, you can imagine we all felt like killing somebody. So, my besties standing with me, a hundred and one successful pranks later, fifty some trips to the office, and more detentions than i can count, we finally accomplished something. some of the pranks were things like setting off water bombs in his office, stealing his cart... u name it, we did it. and let's just leave it at the fact that next year, neither the french teacher nor our repulsively passive principle will be returning to us. Mission accomplished. Beautiful success! Duty done. I'm actually quite proud to say that three months with our class and we drove our french teacher to a mental break down. I am certain of this fact beacause cooincidentally, he peed his pants while teaching us our french verbs... i donno maybe the topic just got him really excited or something, but well thats a bit wierd... talk about premature exjaculation... Literally. Now, normally my concience would be acting up about now, but i have no pity for that man. He made all our lives hell for a whole year, and we returned the favor. We took mercy on him in the last week or so though and let him get his act together, which was so much more than he deserved, and due completely to my concience Ginnypotter1700. Welll, i'm glad to say that his teaching carreer if pretty much over. no one will hire him after all the complaints he got from our school. no kids will be abused, and we had fun. You're welcome... I would like to thank anyone out there who played a part in that, that might someday, possibly, see my profile. We formed a group called FREV at the beginning of the year and FREV are the ones who helped me and Ginnypotter1700 take him down. thanx, mates, couldn't have done it without all my troublemaking cronies... LMAO

Anyways about the books i like, i'll read anything fiction, or action. i love magic of all kinds and while my best friend DESPISES vampires, i have no real dislike for them; depends on the plotline, i guess.

I LOVE star wars. Call it a flaw in my character, but theres something about it that i cant explain that i just LOVE. all the honor, and betrayed friendships. my ultimate celebrity crush is hayden christensen, who plays anakin skywayer, along with Alex Pettifer. my room is covered with star wars stuff... posters, action figures, you name it, i've got it! Ginnypotter1700 mocks me about it all the time, but really she isnt one to mock about obsessions concidering her own rather large one...

Anakin Skywalker - and yes Darth Vader after him (sorry but i just cant seem to lose my sympathy towards him even when he IS evil...) is my favorite character out of ANY book, EVER. no matter how many new books i find, that NEVER changes. He has been since i was like six, and a very good friend showed him to me. He's the one that got me hooked. I guess it's his daring, and loyalty, and cockiness, not to mention that hes EXTREMELY hot. i don't care what anyone says about that, he totally IS.

Some books i like are, harry potter - of course, cuz Ginnypotter1700 would kill me if i didn't mention it -, troy the fall of kings series, eragon (i LOVE murtagh!!), lord of the rings (i prefer the movies), game of thrones (my bff's hate it cuz it has a lot of ... scenes but what can i say??), myrren's gift...

i can't even think of them all right now, but i just love reading in general. anything with a good plotline, killing, betrayals, and strangely court intrigue, and i'll read it. i've read all sorts of fanfictions and i'm working on one right now. i plan on doing a lot of them, but the one i'm working on now, Ginnypotter17000 wrote with me, and kind of forced me into beginning in the first place. It's about harry potter and while it's not my favorite thing, i am really fond of the work i've done. she gives me all the details i dont know and tells me how its supposed to go, i write it, and then she corrects it. Let me just say - cuz she can't stop me muahaha - that she is VERY picky, and hard to work with, but an AWESOME writer. everything has to be EXACTLY right, and when it's not, she hyperventilates and starts to resemble a retarded seal... but the stories are better because of her and i value her opinion above all others, because, as shes fond of telling me she's always right... ;)

I also write original stories but i can't post them on here and i'm kinda stuck on some of them right now, and have no idea how to make them known even when i finish them...

Well, that's all i can write for right now, but i'll add to my profile later. any comments or questions just review and i'll answer...

PS the fanfiction Ginnypotter1700 and i just wrote is about Lily and James. It switches POV's between James, Lily, Snape, and ,aybe Dumbledor (not sure what do you guys think? want an insight into his strange mind??) and spans from the time Lily is six until they die... and for lack of imagination, let's just call it "Lily and James from start to finish". I am extremely proud of it, because it shows several totally different sides of people, along with the part of them you're used to. I'n it you see the muaraders witty, solemn, protective, and supportive. You see a totally vulnerable side of snape along with all the bad death eater stuff, even snape happy, in love, comforting and brokenhearted. And Lily well i didn't know exactly how to portray her so she's a lot of different things in it, witty, smart, strong and loyal, even bloodthirsty when her friends are in danger.

also be warned that when they're about fifteen things WILL start to get a bit icky... if ya know what i mean?? ;)

Some parts of it are just hilarious, and others are so sad it literally made Ginnypotter1700 cry. Humor, and tragedy.I look forward to all your constructive critisisms Please Read It!

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