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Me: We're just kidding! S and I aren't really sociopaths! Or so the voices in our head tell us! :P

S: But we do have what you might call, a 'twisted sense of humour'!

Me: Yes, that we do! We derive our humour from the deaths of our favourite fictional characters! Amongst other things...

S: But that doesn't mean we're bad or anything!

Me: No!

S: I mean, they have a German word for what we're doing in our fic!

Me: Yes, that's- What? Is that true, S?

S: Yes! It's called 'schadenfreude!' It means 'happiness at the misfortune of others!'

Me: That's all right then! Someone of the characters we mention in our fic certainly deserve it!

S: They sure do!

Me: Before you give our fic a read, here's a few likes and dislikes about us!


. Torture...

. Blood... (We kid, we kid..)

. Horror films...

. Anime (If you want to know, S is more than happy to tell you!)

. Manga

. The Bill

. Harry Potter

. The Chronicals of Narnia

. Disney

. Studio Ghibli

. Inside soap

. Writing

. Reading

. Photograhpy

. Translating

. Music

. Snarking!!!

. The Nostalgic Critic

. Emmerdale

. Games (Mario Galaxy, Pokemon, the Sims and Harry Potter for the win!)


. S (We may work together, but I hate her guts).

. Hollie (I really hate her. I will one day suceed in having my revenge against her!)

. Twilight (and it's smug, author too!)

. Racism

. Bigotry

. Abuse of ANY kind

. Sexism

. And... sometimes... university

. TFL (London Underground for those who don't live in England)

. Plagirism

. Murder

. The Disney Channel

. Rap music

. Cheryl Cole (and X-Factor for that matter!)

. Teen Chat (Bad grammer and spelling, drives us both mad!)

. Glee (I will not become a Glee fan!)

. Justin Bieber (Or is it Beaver?)

. Marmite

. War

. Hypocrisy

Our website -

Our msn - disturbedmind666@hotmail.co.uk

Favourite Quotes

. Peter (after Lois tells him he's childish): "If I'm a child that means you're a pedophile, and I'll be damned if i'm going stand here and take this from a pervert." - Family Guy

. Veneziano Italy: "Make Pasta, Not War" - Hetalia: Axis Powers

. Lieutenant Schrank: "All right, wise guys. Now you listen to me. All of ya! You hoodlums don't own these streets. And I've had all the roughhouse I'm gonna put up with around here! You wanna kill each other, kill each other! But you ain't gonna do it on my beat. Are there any questions?"
Bernardo: "Yes sir. Would you mind translating that into Spanish?" - West Side Story

. Ken: "You will bow before me."
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: "Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty." - Digimon, Season Two

. Amara: "Bye, little miss Beethoven."
Serena: "I'm going to look that word up and if it means something mean, I'm going to be mad!" - Sailor Moon

. Abraham Lincoln: "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cords of memory will swell when again touched as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature"

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